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TAGWF Chapter 8.1


8. An Overwhelming Victory is Like This

“H-How could this happen!”

“Miss, what should we do?”

The day the article came out, of course, the store was turned upside down.

From the disappointed madame to the dumbfounded assistants.

Even the staff who are nervous about the backlash. Everyone is frustrated. 

This was the first time an emergency like this happened… 

“Someone must have stolen the information, but none of us would. What the hell…”

Madame spoke vaguely.

I hate to doubt my family. Neither do I want to do that.

But we just couldn’t rule that out.

‘I failed to take the lead.’

The article preemption was taken away.

We planned to have all the articles cover our show, but the competitor went one step ahead.

More than that.

“L-L-Lingerie show. Trying to attract attention with something stimulating and sensational like this… !”

The assistants trembled as they held different newspapers in their hands.

“Models will walk the stage wearing luxurious corsets developed by the Latrus family. In addition to the original designs that have been loved for a long time, many new designs will be added this year.”

“What does design have to do with a corset that won’t be visible outside!”

“That’s right!”

After that, all the staff stamped their feet in anger.

Two shows on the same day. Even a ‘fashion show’ that has never existed before will be held at the same time.

No matter how one side features dress and the other is underwear, the idea of the fashion show itself could have been someone else’s idea but why did they publish articles just like my plan?

No matter how you look at it, the intention to kill this side was quite strong. Coexistence could not exist in the first place. I brought the newspaper on my lips and fell into a deep thought, then I calmly opened my mouth.

“The show goes on. Let’s face it.”


“Will we be able to do it.. ? Redding and Latrus have been famous brands for a long time, so everyone will want to go there.”

At my declaration, the assistants looked at each other and cautiously offered their opinions. It was something I’m not sure about either.

“Anyway, the size of the showroom is fixed. It only matters what kind of guests come to which show.”

“It means quality over quantity.”

Madame took my words calmly.

“That’s right.”

I nodded and looked back at the hanging clothes.

“Our clothes are thin, light and well ventilated.”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Then it’s simple. I have something else to ask of Madame.”

A delegation from the desert country is coming to Terran.

I’m not going to ignore or treat the people from that remote desert awfully, and I’ll make sure the people from Terran will see that. That same envoy just needs to come to our fashion show.

Since they were state guests, not VIPs. If that was to happen, important members of the imperial palace would have no choice but to step on our side.

‘And this is the biggest advantage we have compared to the lingerie show.’

I’m not sure about this, but it’s unlikely that people living in the desert will wear corsets.

If they share the same mindset as mine, then they would want to wear something that can lessen the heat.

So, if Redding and Latrus were to present a corset, it would be something for us to cheer for, since it was stupid enough to get them applauded.

I’d be more grateful if the desert delegation could compare it to the gift I’d give them.

“Madame, I need to talk to you alone for a minute.”

I separated Madame from the others and moved to the entrance.

“I have a design in mind, but you must make it alone.”

“If you’re asking me to work alone…”

“Don’t show it to anyone. You must work alone at home.”

I lowered my voice a lot and spoke to madame.

The madame had a slightly confused face, but she agreed nonetheless.

“I’ll ask a maid to give the design to you later, so stay up tonight and wait.”

“All right.”

“I’m going to give it to the highest person among the delegation coming from the desert country, so be sure to pay attention 3 or 4 times more.”

Our secret conversation ends here.

After a while, I straightened my body and continued to speak as usual.

“I will go to the imperial palace right now. Don’t worry Madame and keep making the dresses.”

“Miss… … I must not have been properly controlling them.”


The madame grabbed me with a gloomy face.

I cut off Madame’s words in the middle, looked straight into her face, and hammered nails in a clear tone.

It was a loud voice, as if to tell everyone to listen.

“I don’t think any of us sold information. I believe so.”

“Miss… … .”

“And one more thing. If we lose this time, doesn’t that mean it’s only the beginning?”

I confidently pulled the corners of my lips.

“Don’t worry about anything. It’s my job to solve this. Just trust me and you guys do what you have to do.”

* * *

Although I reassured and told them loudly to just trust me, it wasn’t that I wasn’t angry either.

On the contrary, as soon as I got into the carriage, my stomach was boiling in anger so much that I wanted to scream.

Juliet fanned me beside me.


With my eyes blazing, it is not enough just to find out who sold the information, but I can’t be so emotional.

As the representative, I had to be rational and cool-headed.

‘There’s something I haven’t told anyone yet.’

The location of the show. I kept that much a secret.

‘Let’s find out who the traitor is.’

Whether it’s for money or for any other reason, I will never forgive them. They tried to ruin a show that everyone is working hard to make.

With my eyes light on, I put the letter paper on the table inside the carriage.

I quickly scribbled something with the fountain pen Lacius gave me as a gift, put it into two envelopes, and sealed them with wax.

“Juliet, I have something for you to do.”

“Yes, master. Just say it!”

“Please pass this on to Raziana and Cynthia, respectively. I have something I need help with today.”

The letter listed ten new places that could be used as fashion show venues. Of course, the real place, the ‘Opera House’, was not included.

“Tell them to go to their respective places immediately and secretly negotiate a price, as if it was the real venue.”

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