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TAGWF Chapter 7.9


“Yes, that’s right. You have to be recognized for your divine power from birth, graduate from a doctrine school, and you have to be ordained.”

“You cannot become a priest or a priestess and instead will have to become a low-level priest and do chores if it turns out that your divine power is weak in the process.”

On the faces of the staff, envy could be seen. It must be a very honorable job to serve as a priestess.

I guessed that the young ladies wouldn’t be any different from them based on their reactions.

It is something you want to do more of the more noble you are.

“That’s right. Our clothes would make anyone feel like a priestess. Of course, our goal is to make them feel like a priestess of the temple of the sun god.”

Everyone wants to dream of a fantasy.

Depending on your financial situation, whether you had a lot or little money, you might have different fantasies.

“All right, let’s make the showroom look like a temple!”

Oh, how cool it would be if we sent invitations to real priestesses as well.

It would probably be cooler than you can imagine.

I tried to estimate the budget for this show and the revenue it would bring in mentally, but it became too difficult, so I gave up.

It seemed like it was time to hire a professional accountant as well.

* * *

Breaking news! Archduke Lacius’ fiancée made a 5 billion Gaute investment!

What is the dividend’s value?

Do sea dragon eggs really exist?

Let’s listen to the testimony of Mr. Enwu, an ancient research scholar.

All the articles focused solely on the sea dragon’s eggs after I told reporters about them in public. 

It was only natural that Sir Aragon’s business, Arachne, would be inundated with inquiries.

“Thank you for this; a significant amount of money arrived in such a short period of time.”

“You did what I said, right? There should be no other victims.”

“Yes. But there is still no news from the families you mentioned.”

“Wait a bit longer. I invested 5 billion gautes, there’s no way they won’t show up,” 

They’re boundlessly greedy, so they’ll show up even if it’s just to hinder me.

The Sir Aragon I knew was not a pushover. It is safe to assume that he will be able to deal with everyone who shows tyranny regardless of who they are.

Without even touching the teacup that Sir Aragon had offered, I immediately got up.

I just dropped by today to write down the contract. I had to rush over to the store.

“I’ll come back in two days.”

“If a sudden change occurs, I’ll take care of them.”


When I move, Cat follows.

Cat snorted and cast a disapproving glance at Sir Aragon’s way.

“Cat, don’t do that. That’s rude.”

-I don’t know human etiquette.

“But why?”

-I don’t know. I just don’t like that bastard.

Cat turned his head as soon as we descended to the first floor.

I didn’t really have anything to say because I didn’t particularly like Sir Aragon either.

“Still, he’s helping us out.”

Everything is running smoothly. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

By yesterday, Madame had created four more dresses.

Oberon, a line of underwear, has produced enough samples to go into production.

We signed a contract with the Opera House to rent it for two days, so there was no problem from rehearsal to the show.

‘I’m sure everything will work out well this time as well.’

I had faith in it even though it was unfounded.

* * *

“How could you tell us such news this late, Sir Aragon?”

“Exactly. That’s not fair!”

After Shay has left.

The viscounts with visible veins in their necks were the ones who arrived and filled the space.

No, specifically, a few viscounts and one count.

To suppress a laugh, Aragon folded his eyes and opened his mouth widely.

Shay was unaware that Aragon had already met with the heads of Crisiona’s vassal families.

In the first place, he was the one who started the rumor about Shay being sold to a slave auction house, so how could they not act friendly with him?

“So, are you certain?”

“That sea dragon egg or something, is it real?”

Six pairs of eyes glisten with greed.

Even a gluttonous demon who roams the depths of hell with his mouth gaping wouldn’t be that greedy.

Aragon clicked his tongue inwardly.

‘How can humans be as stupid today as they were thousands of years ago?’

Of course, it’s very delicious. There is no greater delicacy than a rotten soul.

‘More money!’

‘Greater power!’

He felt his ears lightly perk up at the prey’s cry.

When they reached out their hands like that and realized they couldn’t hold anything.

The sweetness of that despair will only be apparent to those who have already tasted it before.

‘I haven’t eaten at all since I woke up.’

God’s word that evil can be reformed into greater goodness is wrong.

The evilness that a self-corrupted human being harbors, even without assistance from anyone is deeper and thicker than anything else.

Their only end was to be swallowed by a greater evil.

“The sea dragon eggs are real.”

Aragon’s deep purple eyes twinkled.

A half-truth lie can entice more people than a complete one.

Sea dragon eggs are real, after all. To give it to them or not is entirely up to him.

With his tongue, Aragon subtly started to seduce them.

“One sea dragon egg can be sold for a significant amount of money to collectors all over the world, or if you put it up for auction, it could fetch hundreds of billions of gautes.”

“Wow, are those words really true?”

“By the way, I believe that wench invested 5 billion gautes before us.”

Aragon observes a petty pride waving its tail.

This time, he couldn’t help but smile because he was having so much fun.

“We shouldn’t let that little wench have more than us.”

“Right. It’s definitely worth the investment, right?”

Alas, what foolishness!

He’s sure they want to put their own people on the boat or put spies on them without anyone knowing to prevent damage.

But how will they do that. The ship that will sail will be a ghost ship.

“Yes, if we manage to retrieve them, that much is certain. However, in order to salvage them, we would need to hire a large number of divers and wizards, which would be very expensive.”

But Aragon slickly teased them more.

He values ​​balance. The ratio of the contract must always be 5:5. It must be fair.

She ought to be given that much gold because the souls he will receive weigh heavily.

That way, the scales would be balanced.

“If everyone promises to invest, we won’t accept other people’s investments. After all, sea dragon eggs are not infinite. If you all came here to invest, it will be more than enough to make up for it.”

At Aragon’s words, the viscounts exchanged glances with each other.

Even if everyone has to pay more than expected, it is much preferable to not have a competitor when there is such clear information available.

Just by grabbing a sea dragon egg, they could make the auctioneer pull tricks and make its price soar to the ceiling.

But they didn’t notice at all.

The strange scent that started flowing in as soon as they entered the office.

As soon as they inhaled it, everyone’s vision blurred and their judgment became clouded.

In addition, Aragon’s voice was too gentle.

“Then write the contract now.”

“Hmm, yes. I should.”

“It seems like only good things have happened since Sir Aragon appeared!”

Ha ha ha. There was mingled laughter from the avaricious men who pretended to be generous.

“I will gladly accept your offer then.”

Aragon laughed after holding it in for so long when the final person’s quill was set down on the table.

This foolishness of humans… their egos that will soon crumble… He was unable to contain himself any longer because it was so much fun.

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