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TAGWF Chapter 7.7


His expression shifted as well.

The kindness he had always shown me had vanished.

My forearms get covered in goosebumps.

“Keep the windows shut.”

Before opening the carriage door, Lacius stroked my hair once.

“Your Highness, uke!

“Your Highness!”

“Please answer our questions!”

Reporters who didn’t understand the situation approached rashly.

They appeared to be oblivious to the situation because their noses were buried in their journals.

It was then. A reporter screamed and raised his head.

“… Hiiiik!

Blue-gray eyes flashed a murderous glint.

The reporter, who was just grinning, took a step back in fear.

Lacius remained silent. He just stood there staring at them.

That alone had the power to overwhelm the audience.

Everyone seemed to have forgotten, but he was a knight who had been fighting since he was young.

Normally, you would only be able to pray in front of him.

“A pierced mouth wouldn’t be able to say anything out of line.”

However, things have changed. Shay almost got hurt.

That alone was enough to irritate Lacius.

“I’m curious if those necks will regrow if I pull them out.”

The forceful voice had an eerie aura to it.

The languid deep voice seemed to be luring them into the afterlife.

“Are you threatening us?”

“If that is the case, you won’t be standing… there… unharmed.”

A few reporters who had gone insane from fear looked up.

Although they were able to raise their heads, their voices became increasingly quiet.

That is truly pitiful.


Lacius twisted the corner of his mouth, as if he found them amusing.

The cold aura he was emitting caused the surroundings to freeze.

He moved forward one step.

The reporter, who was taking a step back, stumbled and fell.

“A-Ahh…! ”

“I don’t need to threaten people like you.”

Blue-gray eyes growled ferociously.

He now resembled the young God of the sun, who was said to enjoy waging war.

A stare that appears to tear you apart.

The reporter who was crawling on the floor peed in his pants.

“If anyone is interested in my fiancée, crawl in.”

Lacius looked down at him and opened his mouth slowly.

His cold eyes were devoid of any hint of frivolity.

This is the same Archduke of Schweden who didn’t care if they spread countless false dating rumours about him.

The majority of the reporters had no idea who Lacius de Schweden was.

They only did it because the newspaper would sell well with his name on it.

As a result, Archduke Schweden became increasingly ridiculous to the reporters.

To the point where they believed they could do anything for the sake of a scoop.

Lacius was aware of it, but he didn’t give it much thought until now.

Now the issue is different.

“Get lost.”

Lacius gave the order in a low voice.

He intends to put pressure on all newspapers tomorrow.

He was considering making certain that they never did this again.

“Wait a second, Lashin.”

However, when the reporters stumbled and took a step back.

An elegant voice came from within the carriage.

“I’d like to say something to them before you send them off.”

‘Is it over now? ‘

I kept an eye on the situation and waited for the right moment to intervene. And when the reporters finally staggered back, I flung open the window and stared at them.

“It appears that everyone is dissatisfied. Should I provide you with an interesting article to report on? ”




The reporters all gasped at the same time.

They’ve never seen my face properly, come to think of it.

After drawing everyone’s attention to myself with my face, I whispered in a sweet tone, as if gently enticing a child with a candy.

“I’m sure you had a reason for rolling a log and blocking our carriage.”


“If we can’t write a news article, we’ll all go hungry.”

“We make money by writing articles.  Please give us a story! ”

Those who were keeping a close eye on me attempted to approach me.

However, they didn’t dare to approach because Lacius was standing there.

I gladly shouted loudly for them.

“Make certain that everyone is paying attention. A ship from the ‘Arachne’ company will arrive in a few days to salvage sea dragon eggs. I invested 5 billion gaute into it.”

“… … ?”

“The Sea Dragon’s Eggs are said to be located in the Dersdaden Kingdom’s volcanic area beneath the sea. It was said to be well-known among collectors because it resembled an ancient relic.”

With a few words, I transformed the situation into a press conference.

It sounds ridiculous, but one thing is certain.

An exclusive.

5 billion gautes.

Squinting reporters from all over the place raised their hands.

“When does the ship set sail?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t know the specifics; I just invested.”

“Are you certain the information about sea dragon eggs is correct?” ”

“Yes, I have heard that a single sea dragon egg is worth 10 billion gaute.”

“If it’s something you heard, who did you hear it from?”

This is a trap.

If the investment does not work out.

Now, if I tell them where I got this information, that person will be held accountable; if I don’t, I’ll be asked for the source and held accountable.

I gestured and smiled gracefully.

“Oh, it’s almost time for the opera; I’ve got to get going; wouldn’t being late be rude to the singer?”

Please, one more word!

Can the eggs of a sea dragon hatch?

Such cries followed the end of the carriage, but all of them were ignored.

* * *

The Opera House was a one-of-a-kind structure constructed from an old temple.

It is said that on this site in ancient times, there was an enormous temple dedicated to the sun god.

However, as time passed, both the outside and the inside corroded, and when it became unsightly, the 10th emperor ordered its demolition.

According to legend, the skeleton and pillars were preserved and reconstructed to form the current antique shape.

This place is fantastic.’

I’ve been debating where to show off the new dresses.

And this seemed to be the ideal location for it.

The interior is adequate, and it would be cool to utilize the outdoor space directly in front of the entrance.

With hawk eyes, I scanned the brightly lit exterior.

I had already imagined the showroom’s appearance in front of my eyes.

“I’m sorry, Lacius. Are we not going in there? “

“Since it’s a box seat, this is the right place.”

As if it was natural, Lacius led me to a box seat.

This location provides a good view of the stage.

However, because our seat was the very first among the box seats, there were many eyes on us.

Even if they only looked up from their seats, they would notice Lacius and me.

Five minutes after the start of the opera.

After a brief pause, I quietly whispered into his ear.

“Hey, Lashin.  Can I lean on you? ”

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