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TAGWF Chapter 7.5


Sir Aragon was far more engaged than anticipated.

In other words, he has a lot less conscience than I thought.

In any case, all he had to do was assist me with my plan, so I named six families.

“Hansen, Gentery, Gloucester, Redding, Fugeriana, and Latrus.”

“Got that.”

“I don’t want to write it down because I don’t want to leave any evidence.”

“Of course,” 

“Oh, and I have another condition.”

While it’s great that things are going well, I do have one more concern.

In a firm tone, I mentioned the most important condition.

“Investors will flock to you, but refuse money from those who want to invest money they don’t have.”

“Are you saying that you want no civilian victims at all?”

“With Sir Aragon, anything is possible, right?  Make them invest in things other than sea dragon eggs to make money. Other than the targets, there should be no victims.”

Money is no laughing matter. Money loss in an instant can lead to disappointment and extreme decisions. I had no intention of igniting such a social uproar.

“Then let’s get this sorted out.  You  invested 5 billion Gaute into me. We will appear to be investing in rescuing sea dragon eggs, but in reality, we will be focusing on rescuing Liang 999.”

“Right, you have to pretend you found it by chance.”

“What is my profit share if I get Liang 999?”

“I have four, and you can have six. In exchange, all the compasses in the plane must be given to me, I want to keep them as souvenirs.”

The treasures contained therein would be worth ten billion gaute.

The money invested would not be squandered.

In addition, I’m already making enough money from the Titania dress.

‘Well. To be honest, I think I have a lot of business talent? ‘

I was getting to know a new side of myself more and more these days.

I’ve known for a long time that I have a bad personality, but I never imagined I’d have the guts to spend this much money on vengeance.

After completing my mission of reuniting the original female protagonist and Lacius, I might return to the social world and launch a business.

It would be a waste of my abilities and guts to simply vanish into the countryside.

“Lady Titania, by the way.”


“How did you learn this skill?”

Sir Aragorn inquired, as if genuinely interested. I didn’t say anything, just grinned. You’ll understand if you once lived in South Korea.

“Why, do you want it? Don’t be greedy. I have no intention of working with you.”

“Well, I’m afraid I can’t say no. Because, despite my honorary title of a knight, I am a businessman on the inside.”

Sir Aragorn stared at me, slightly lifting his monocle. I couldn’t stop laughing at the gaze that seemed to try to see through me.

“Balance is something I value in all of my trades.”

Sir Aragon eventually smiled with his eyes, as if he was left with no choice.

“I can’t be the only one reaping such huge profits. That is not a fair trade.”

“Even if I insist I don’t care?”

“This is my aesthetic. Consider it an unbreakable rule. It’s something I won’t budge on.”

His tongue is smooth, but it contains deeper meaning.

I guess he won’t budge now that the word “aesthetic” has been mentioned.

‘That’s great.’

In my heart, I cried for joy.

“If that’s the case, there’s another place to spend the stolen investment funds.”

Sir Aragon was the one who refused to have everything. I had planned to use only the dividends that would be returned to me, but if Sir Aragon took a little less money, I would be able to share it with a lot more people.

“Those families must have exploited many people over the years.”

I locked my gaze on Sir Aragon’s. And then spoke again.

“I’ll give those people money so they can escape their clutches and start a new life.”

“Hoo. Then they surely wouldn’t sit still.”

Without a doubt. And, in the absence of a countermeasure, this would simply be an immature pity of a noble lady.

“That won’t matter because I’ll hire them all.”

Evershal’s amusement park still requires a large number of employees. Like a lot.

“I’ll pay them in the form of remuneration, but who knows?”

All you have to do is stop talking. I fired those words with my eyes.

Sir Aragon, who had been silent, burst out laughing after a while.

“Ha! You’re a magnate; I apologize for not recognizing you.”

He laughed to himself for a while, making me wonder what he was laughing about, then wiped his eyes.

I raised my eyebrows and asked him to clarify.

“So, do we have an agreement or not?”

“Deal, I will completely trust and follow you.”

“With this, our verbal contract comes to an end, and I hope to see you again soon with the written contract.”

I stood up and asked Sir Aragon for a handshake after receiving a definitive answer.

Deals are usually concluded by shaking each other’s hands.

Following Shay’s departure.

Aragon covered the corners of his mouth as he gazed out the window at her figure.

It was because he was afraid of laughing too much like before.

“Indeed, she can bring even Satan to his knees.”

How dare you force me to do good?

Anyone who knew him would have laughed at the contract.

‘To play with the wicked, eat them, and give to the good.’

It was such a recognizable and nostalgic personality.

The sunlight catches her coveted hair color, which was as lovely as rose petals.

Living under the sun god’s protection suited her perfectly, but Aragon saw another talent in her.

Devil. Being a devil and living in darkness would be a much better fit for her.

“The more I look at it, the more I like it.”

Although she is human, she is too similar to ‘her,’ who was not at all human from the start.

If she became a devil, she would undoubtedly work hard to collect souls right away, and she might even be a sprout capable of taking over a dukedom.

Also, the haughtiness and not blinking an eye, despite the fact that he purposefully greeted her in such a disheveled state. Everything about her was fascinating.

Most women and men are easily bewitched when his shirt is undone like this.

‘Should I then get along with her?

Aragorn was born indolent, instinctive and greedy.

He was born with three of the seven deadly sins, so it was natural.

‘It won’t be too difficult to experiment a little.’

Knock. Knock. He tapped his finger on the window sill and smiled as he disappeared.

Was it magic or another kind of power?

Only the falling dust remained in the spot where he had been standing until now.

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