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TAGWF Chapter 7.4


His voice was husky and languid. A different appearance from Lacius and Geisha. A decadent and dangerous odor wafted from the room, possibly from the burning of a cigarette.

“I’m here to make an investment in you.”

I got straight to the point and raised the tip of my chin slightly. I was asking him to get out of the way. Sir Aragon then swept his hair back and moved his body.

“I would have greeted you more properly if you had sent someone first.”

“I didn’t have time for that, so I rushed over.”

I stood in the middle of the room, not knowing where to sit, and motioned to Cat and Juliet to stay by the wall. Sir Aragon gave them a glance before offering me the couch without saying anything.

“Do you want some tea?”

“No, you don’t have to prepare anything for me.”

“I’ll then have a glass of rum. Please wait a moment.”

The inside of the office was quite desolate.

Looking at the falling wallpaper, the torn sofa, and the shabby table, I lightly placed my butt on the edge of the sofa.

Meanwhile, Sir Aragon poured himself a drink from a dark red bottle.

“I am delighted that a noble lady is investing in me, but may I first learn the terms?” ”

Having said that, he drunk his rum. When I first met him, he acted politely, but I know he’s black on the inside, so this was to be expected.

Lord Aragon was a completely different man than Lacius.

“Didn’t you say you were going to the sea?”

“Yes. So?”

“You should then know whether trading with other countries will be profitable or not.”


“Tell me about an investment that is almost certain to fail.”

I spit out my demand.

Then Lord Aragon, who had put down his glass, lightly rubbed his chin.

“A bad investment, instead of a good investment. May I inquire as to why? ”

“I don’t usually believe in people convincing me that if I do this, it will be successful. I want to start by ensuring that it will not work out.”

“So you want to hear the negative first, then avoid it?”

“That’s correct.”

“All right, I’ll tell you. This is the most dangerous, as well as the most absurd.”

Lord Aragon took an old iron box from beneath the table.

When I opened it, there were several pamphlets inside that appeared to have been written by him.

He took out a red pen and scribbled something in front of me.

“Stealing a painting wizard from Edmund kingdom?”

“Isn’t it completely ridiculous?  Painting wizards are difficult to find… They are also human, so you can’t sell them right away.”

Lord Aragrn casually d the exchangeability of people. I frowned because I had experi auctioned off, but I didn’t bring it up.

I pushed the paper back quickly.

“Other than that?

But I suddenly noticed Lord Aragon staring looking at me strangely. It wasn’t just a gaze, but a strange one.

I’m getting goosebumps from the discomfort.

“The rate of return is immeasurable, but the likelihood of success is extremely low.  Of course, I still have a long list of them.”

Red lips draw an arc. I picked up the newly placed paper in front of me, despite my embarrassment.

“Recover sea dragon eggs from Dresden Kingdom’s volcanic zone beneath the sea?”

“It’s already a fossil, so there’s no chance of sea dragons hatching from it, but many people want to collect it as evidence of the ancient golden age.”

“But are you certain you can get it?”

“Well, I know where it is and how to salvage it.  It is, however, extremely difficult.”

Aragon slurred the end of his words.

He can’t tell me anything else because it’s a trade secret.

Still, this alone was great information. However, I have greater and better information.

Now that I’d caught sight of his hand*, it was time to show him mine.

*(In Poker, a ‘Hand’ is a set of five playing cards.)

“Do you enjoy playing poker?”

“I enjoy it; isn’t it exciting to cheat and be cheated on?”

“I agree with you; the rule is that players show one of their cards at the start of the game.”

The sea dragon’s eggs were quite appealing.

I have a sudden feeling that I will be able to entice those families to invest in it.

The question was whether I could avoid losing money.

“If you’ve been sailing for a long time, you should be aware of the crash of Cyphelion’s plane.”

This is my card.

I could see dark purple eyes glinting darkly as soon as I said the word “Cyphelion.”

It would be stranger if he didn’t have an ulterior motive, but seeing it in his eyes makes me uneasy.

Lacius isn’t like that, and I wished his eyes were always spotless.

‘Yes, indeed. Is there any difference between me and him? ‘

I tapped the table and smiled.

“I’ll tell you where the plane is, and you’ll pretend to collect the sea dragon eggs and turn there.”

“Hoo. Is this information exclusive to me? ”

“If you accept my proposal.”

“Let’s hear what the terms of the agreement are.”

Aragon’s eyes were filled with intense interest. His demeanor has shifted significantly from before.

He appeared to have finally recognized me as a legitimate trader.

“First, the sea dragon eggs.”

I leaned back as Aragorn leaned over.

“I’ll pretend I’m putting in 5 billion gautes, so exaggerate it.  Make it appear to be a certain jackpot.”

“No matter how hard I listen, it appears that you’re carrying this out even at the risk of direct harm, is that correct?

“You have a quick wit.”

This is why I don’t like quick-witted people.

Sir Aragon appeared to have noticed my plan to dupe some families into investing in “Sea Dragon’s Eggs” using false information.

In reality, the ship would not be sailing in that direction.

The ‘sea dragon’s eggs’ investment will return without being able to retrieve a single one.

It was to dump all of the investment funds into the sea.

“It’s not bad for you, is it? You will receive all of the investment funds, as well as Cyphelion’s treasure.”

“That’s correct, but with such a detailed plan, I’m sure there will be specific names to fish for.”

“Will you fish them if I tell you?”

“It’s a good deal, so let’s give it a shot.”

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