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TAGWF Chapter 7.3


“It’s a chest cover, but it’s just for covering, so it’s not too tight. It will complement our outfit.”

Actually, I’m not sure why I should wear this either.

I tapped on the image. The ink bleeds from the quill’s tip, forming a series of circles. I drew a connecting line between the large and small circles by going back and forth between them.

“However, there is one critical point. It should not be too small.”

“I understand, but the breasts will sag if you just wrap it up without putting whalebone under it.”

“Wasn’t it natural for the chest to droop as it grew in size?”

I gave a dubious response to Madam’s query. However, pushing your breasts up to make them appear plump is more dubious. M adame’s face lit up with a ‘Ah’ light.

I emphasized my intention once more.

“I want it to be comfortable. It’s best if they don’t wear them, but if they can’t help themselves, they should wear the underwear we make. Sizes should be made according to body type, ranging from very large to very small. Of course, customers who pay an additional fee will have their measurements taken and the best fit will be made for them.”

“Something comfortable… Until now, I had only considered making it pretty; I had never considered making it comfortable.”

Madame nodded as she rubbed her chin. I explained by drawing various types of bralettes that I am familiar with.

“It would be nice if this was made of silk, and this one would look nice if it was made of lace.”

“I’m sure it will!”

The response was positive, so I drew the shape of the dress I was envisioning on the next sheet of parchment.

Then I set down the two sheets and pointed at them with the tip of the quill one after the other.

“Titania, dress brand. Oberon the underwear brand.  They only have one thing in common, Madame.”


“No one has to starve themselves in order to wear our clothes. You could even call it our principle.”

Clothes that do not necessitate losing weight. A design that falls down perfectly according to the shape of each person’s body. That is our marketing strategy. It also represented the worth of out brand.

“Since clothes exist for people, isn’t it only natural that clothes be tailored to people?”

I smiled and looked around, but everyone was quiet.

I was taken aback and wondered if I had simply made a slip of the tongue, but I can’t find any errors in what I said.

I was simply voicing out my thoughts.

“Miss Nia… … .”

“Sob… … .”

It was then.

Whimpering sounds erupted from everywhere, and I felt even more embarrassed than before.

“What’s the matter, why are you crying?”

“Because it’s such a novel concept…”

“I never considered it in that light. But after some consideration, it appears to be correct, so…”

The inexplicable emotional waves spread quietly.

I hugged those who were crying, despite my embarrassment.

Terran is thus a country where women’s rights are somewhere in the middle. It wasn’t so bad because of the princess and the female knights she chose. Ordinary noble ladies and ordinary women, on the other hand, did not stray far from the values associated with the Medieval era.

When I realized this, I gave everyone a pat on the back and slammed the table where the design was placed.

“Let’s get started. Project  Oberon and the New Titania Dress! ”



In the basement, prideful voices could be heard.

* * *

I left Madame and the others and went upstairs to prepare for my next destination.

But there was one issue.

“I left the ripped business card here…”

As I rummaged through my handbag, I found a business card that had been ripped in half.

I was confident that I wouldn’t contact him first, but the world is full of surprises. I sighed and reassembled the torn business cards. It was probably the address of a business somewhere in town.

“I need to get here. Come on, Juliet, Cat.”

-Master. Why are you going there?

“Oh, to ask about a doomed investment.”

– Are you going to make a bad investment?

“Strictly speaking, I’m going there to ask if it will fail, not if it will cost me a lot of money if it fails.”

First and foremost, they are those with extensive trade knowledge, so they must have known what the doomed items were. However, there was something in the world that was clearly desired but extremely risky.

High risk, high return.

If the God of the Storm blows up the ship like a balloon in a darts game, it is doomed, but if it returns safely, it is a route and goods that can win a large sum of money.

We need an expert to predict what will happen.

-What will you do when you find out?

Cat, who was lying on its back on the wagon’s roof, was a little more chatty than usual, possibly curious.

I spoke in a wicked tone, almost like a villain.

“Of course, I have to tempt them to mess up.”

– Tempt?

“I’m going to start a rumor and spread it.” Blatantly.”

People will be suspicious if it is kept secret, but what if it is shouted out loud?

Will they bite the?

If they don’t, I’ll acknowledge and applaud their insight.

‘However, they won’t be able to resist it.’

Because I will also invest in it.

But my money must be returned to me in its entirety, with no losses.

‘When doing business, you should not have conscience. Right, Peridot? ‘

Peridot will never be able to remain still if I step on all the families beneath them, given her personality.

She won’t be able to assist, but she will become enraged and eventually come out herself.

This is my strategy for luring the queen ant out of the ant nest.

Only then will it be a fair fight.

* * *

The address on Sir Aragon’s business card was very strange. After a long walk along the road, I then turned to four alleys… At this point, I was suspicious that they had built this place specifically for human trafficking.

‘Despite the fact that he was suspicious…  I’m not going to be on a shrimp boat, am I? ‘

*(In Korea, people who work on shrimp boat is somewhat perceive before as people who are trafficked and was forced to labor) 

I’m not going on it by myself..but  w hat if I drank a cup of tea and then opened my eyes to find myself on a boat?

I’m probably thinking too much.

I finally climbed the stairs, a little nervously, deliberately making my footsteps louder. I wasn’t afraid because Juliet was next to me and Cat was behind me.

I coughed loudly and knocked on the old brown door not long after standing in front of it.

There was a rustle inside after a while, and the door swung open.

Sir Aragon was dressed in disheveled clothes, as if he had just awoken from a nap.

“What an unexpected visitor.”

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