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TAGWF Chapter 7.2


In fact, I had never actually worn a corset before.

The majority of the dresses I wear inside the house are flimsy and lack even a waist strap, and the outdoor clothes I wear are embellished with ribbons attached to the outer layer. No one suggested I wear a corset, and no one suspected I wasn’t.

To be honest, neither the princess nor Ziontin appear to be wearing it, so I was perplexed as to why I should.

However, I was told to purchase it for market research purposes because the Latrus family was in the corset business, but goodness.

I expected it to be just a pair of corrective underwear, but this is insane. I believe I finally understood why medieval women broke their ribs and collapsed at the slightest movement.

‘Because they are wearing something like this! ‘

Heuk, heuk, heuk. My head throbbed as soon as my blood pressure rose due to the lack of oxygen. It’s like getting a cold during the change of seasons and having to breathe through both clogged nostrils. Or should I say that my intestines are twisting every second?

‘Wait, do I have to wear this? Really!? ‘

Nonetheless, I must wear it for a test, so I sit quietly and persevere. After a minute, a curse escaped from my mouth. My suppressed organs began to go crazy after about 3 minutes, and my eyes blurred by the 5th minute.

To be honest, I can’t go to work wearing this.

Even if she didn’t have to or didn’t want to work, putting her body into this devilish thing is too much.

Particularly in terms of health!

“Leave the petticoat. But this has to go away.”

I gritted my teeth and stated as much. Even if you’re used to it because you’ve been wearing it for a long time, humans are naturally drawn to things that are comfortable. Nobody in the world would be comfortable being restrained by whalebone or iron wires!

“Juliet, take off the corset. Also, madame.”

“Yes, miss?”

“The dress you made me wear to the party last time was well received, so hurry up and create a new collection.”

Juliet quickly untied the corset laces. I felt like I was going to live now as my breathing gradually returned to normal.

“Because the princess was said to be the next emperor, I assumed it was a country that respected women’s rights, but I was mistaken.”

After finally removing the hideous object, the madam laughed vaguely at my straightforward grumbling.

“Did you know, my lady?”


“People like Her Highness and Dame Ziontin are somewhat special. Ordinary young ladies cannot wear whatever they want.”


“Because their family, including their mothers, does not permit it. They are terrified of deviating even slightly from traditional modesty norms.”

Oh, that’s right.

I remembered talking to Raziana and Cynthia when they expressed interest in being my ladies-in-waiting. They claimed that the only way to avoid marriage was to work for a lady of higher rank. Cynthia appeared to have a strict father in particular.

Madame spoke softly as she assisted me in putting on the dress.

“Not everyone is as courageous as you, miss.”

“… Hmm.”

Yes, nothing is wrong with what she said.

‘But I’m still irritated.’

You should be able to live a healthy life whether you are brave or not. After I’ve dressed. I proudly placed my hands on my hips and looked at Madame.

“Then it’s even better, Titania, our clothing brand, will make dresses in the future that do not require petticoats or corsets.”

“Pardon? Then the sale—.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle it; isn’t it just a matter of popularizing dresses that don’t require a corset?”

“That’s right.”

At first, Madam had a worried face, but soon showed signs of acceptance. Madame is also aware of it. You must differentiate yourself now in order to compete and win against other clothing brands. It was time to firmly establish the brand’s image.

“Well, I can’t change the world, and people who wear corsets won’t just disappear.”

I maintained my cool.

“Those designs were already created by the madame, and I wore them around. Willn’t someone buy it if we do a lot of publicity for our second collection of ‘Titania’? ”


“Then ‘Ah, it’s comfortable? Even without a corset, it looked lovely. It is best not to wear a corset with this dress.’ Our goal is for them to have this realization.”

Change is gradual.

Because I am not a god or a great person, I cannot turn the world upside down. Still, that corset is way over the top.

‘Only women dress like this.’

To some extent, I believe it is beneficial for people to dress up and put tension on their bodies because you can’t read paperwork while wearing your pyjamas. TPO* is everywhere, just like you shouldn’t wear sweatpants to a wedding.

*(Currently, the general dress code follows the TPO principle, which accounts for t for time, p for position, and o for object. The “tpo” principle is about your clothes matching the season, place, and identity; however, the dress should be based on different associating purposes and objects.)

However, when compared to wearing comfortable clothes, the disadvantages of wearing corsets to accomplish great things with your head are far outweighed.

You can’t even take a breath! How could you possibly think?!

“You have to live before you can think.”

I expressed my inner thoughts once more. It’s because I was too upset to calm down.

Perhaps it was because my waist had been throttled so much earlier that I had almost died.

“Don’t be concerned, miss. For this, we will all work together.”

“That’s right, I’m going to sketch a new design based on the one you wore last time.”

“It’d be nice to come up with a new way to hold the drape…”

The madam and her assistants pushed aside the corsets and began the conversation in this manner. I’m too unyielding that I’m always looking for a new way. And it was unmistakably different from the others; it was an adventure, a new attempt.

There are risks, but if you’re like everyone else, you won’t be very successful. If you’re going to fail, it’s better to fail after giving everything you’ve got.

After a while of watching the scene, I had an epiphany and brought it up.

“There’s one more thing.”

“Yes, miss?”

“Let’s try making underwear as well. Something that is comfortable enough to wear while pregnant.”


“I just had an idea for an underwear shape, so I’ll draw it.”

I’m comfortable drawing, so it would be easier for me to explain.

I took out the parchment and drew the shape of the underwear on it right away.

It’s best not to wear it at all, but that couldn’t be done in the first place. Bras with wires were similar to corsets except for the position; it clamped the breasts.

“What exactly is this, miss?””

The madam, who was looking at my drawing with interest, tilted her head.

“It’s called a bralette.”

“A bralette?”

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1 thought on “TAGWF Chapter 7.2”

  1. Ugh, this again. It makes me upset how far this negative propaganda spread, all because a bunch of men didn’t like women having jobs. (At the time corsetry was only done by women, bras were only made by men.) Corsets and stays are literally the equivalent of bras. Yeah, they can be uncomfortable, just like a bra can. When they get uncomfortable it’s both for the same reasons, being too tight and not fitting correctly. A well fitted corset is surprisingly comfortable and very supportive. Corsets actually work better than a bra for women who are well endowed because the weight isn’t trying to be supported just by straps that dig into your shoulders. Tightlacing isn’t comfortable, but that wasn’t the usual way to wear corsets. Also, I’ve tried tightlacing, it isn’t that bad. If you’ve got a quality corset you just feel a little squished like you might when pregnant. The boning is made to bend (yes, even the metal kind), so you can move any way you want. Definitely not a cage. Also, most people breathe in a way that expands the upper part of the chest, not the gut, so it doesn’t impede your ability to breathe in any way. Corsets are not a torture device! Modern day high heels are FAR worse than what we make corsets out to be. I wish just one of these authors would actually try one on before going on about how awful they are.

    Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox now. Thank you translator, you’ve been doing a wonderful job. This is a cute story, I’m enjoying it a lot. I especially like how we’re getting a sense of friendship between our main pair, and we can tell why they like each other.

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