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TAGWF Chapter 7.10


* * *

The next day.

After being extremely busy for days, I finally lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

I only got up when I was hungry.

I smiled at every servant I came across and greeted the escort knights. I walked into the dining room and immediately saw Lacius.

Lacius handed me the newspaper before I could even said hello.

“Shay, something has happened that will undoubtedly make you feel good.”

“Huh? What?”

“Here, read it.”

Oh My God.

I read the article with my eyes wide open.

“100 billion Gautes worth of investment?”

“Perhaps that’s the maximum amount of assets they can put up.”

“It will be a huge blow if it fails, right?”



Well done, Sir Aragon.

This definitely went above and beyond what I had anticipated, despite the fact that I believed he was very eloquent and could attract as much money as he desired.

“I can’t wait to see them crying after they’ve filed for bankruptcy.”

Ha, I’m so thrilled.

So far, that’s all I can do. All that is left to do is wait patiently. 

So I decided to take a break today and only draw paintings.

I had already finished Cat No. 2, which was supposed to be given to Princess-unnie, but I was unable to call it out.

If I were to fall again and lose three to four days, it would be a serious issue.

“Oh, and there will be a delegation from the Desert Country in a week.”

“A delegation?”

“Before Lakurum, the desert country usually sends envoys to the neighboring nations, consisting of 10 to 12 people, to inform them in advance that Lakurum will be held and ask for their understanding. You can see it as a goodwill message not to be alarmed.”

Well, that changes things.

All of the new dresses will be completed in a week from now.

How about giving it as a gift if a woman is included in the desert country envoy?

If it were to be released after that, wouldn’t it become even more popular?

“Additionally, the models sitting on top of the black tiger and the snow leopard during the show’s finale would be a very mysterious scenery.”

I said to myself as I picked up the bread and butter it.

Cat is a black tiger, while the child I will give to Her Highness has white fur.

I drew it while picturing a brilliant, noble, and exceptional child who appeared to soar into the sky.

So I’m sure she’ll like it.

Then what if in the show’s climax the snow leopard bows its head before the princess?

‘It would be a spectacular sight.’

We can use that as the final impact.

I took a big bite of the bread and chewed.

“Then one should hold a sword and the other one should have a spear.”

“… Hmm?”

“Didn’t you know about that myth about the Sun God having the Knight of Light and the Warrior of Darkness?”

I don’t.

Lacius put down the coffee he was drinking and explained when I put on a bewildered expression about what he was talking about.

“According to the Sun God myth, when the sun god was just born, it was said that he was a tough, belligerent spirit who loved to fight to the point that everyone acknowledged it.”


“The Sun God, who was constantly at war, created Arges, the Knight of Light, as his first aide.”

“That’s amazing. What about the Warrior of Darkness?”

“Erebus, the warrior of darkness. The Sun God was so bright that he stood out everywhere, making it impossible for him to go to the battlefield of darkness.”

“No way…  Is that why he created the Warrior of Darkness?”

“That’s right. If you create someone who opposes the light and send them into the darkness, you can get involved in their fight.”

Wow, he sure was consistent.

A god who likes to fight.

One could easily guess how aggressive the first Terran Emperor was.

“The Sun God was such a being.”

I nodded as I wiped the butter off my hands with a napkin.

After that, I reached out and spread the butter on the round stuffed bread. My head began to function after I took another bite.

Again, to come up with a brilliant idea, you need fuel.

“You have something on your lips.”


After some time, Lasius extended his hand while I was immersed in the thoughts about the show hall.

When he casually wiped the corner of my mouth, I abruptly stopped breathing.


Far too familiar and close. Lacius was already a regular part of my life even without doing anything special. I’m feeling “that” once more.

‘This is a problem.’

I can’t believe he just continued eating like nothing happened after making someone’s heart flutter. I felt unjust.

My mouth stuck out like it was going to fall off.


That is the reason… these words just randomly came out of my mouth.

“I suddenly wondered, will you still live in the capital after I leave?”

Serene blue-gray eyes look at me. Those eyes seem to be hiding something.

As if anticipating my refusal, he didn’t approach any further. He just stood there without moving. He was waiting.

For me to allow myself to accept him.

“Yes. Even… Even if you leave, I will be in the capital.”

I don’t regard Lacius’ feelings as shallow.

Rather, it is too deep. Like a lake without a visible end. That’s why I can’t escape it.

“Once the amusement park is finished, I’m afraid I’ll live there, in Evershal.”

How awesome. Success at a young age! A woman who lives in an amusement park!

I said that and shrugged my shoulders.

Lacius just stared at me without saying anything.

I feigned excitement, but ultimately felt depressed once more and set the bread down.

Lacius opened his mouth and spoke quietly.

“Without you, my daily life would again become a world without any color.”

“… … .”

“I will try to persuade you over and over to stay here.”


“But you don’t have to listen; when the time comes, don’t listen to anything and go where you want to go.”

He was truly mature. He didn’t burden me, even when he was expressing his feelings. He didn’t hold me here against my will or coerce me to stay.

Every decision is mine to make. I just need to approach him with my heart completely open.

By widening the deepest door of my heart, even more so than now.

“However, perhaps I will wait until you visit the capital someday.”

Haa. Lacius let out a breath and laughed bitterly. He certainly didn’t seem to want me to go.

I froze up and became silent.

i just want to love this man.

My heart is stirring with that kind of resolve.

* * *

A week after that. It was the day the delegation from the desert would arrive. News of the state visit dominated every page of the newspapers. And what took up the front page alongside it was the story of a lingerie show, a joint venture between Redding and Latrus.

The date of it was on the same day that I planned to host our dress show.

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