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TAGWF Chapter 7.1


7. Titania Brand

I was lying on a sunbed in the backyard under the sun in the morning, reviewing the original work.

This was an extremely important task. Laying the groundwork for my big revenge in the future.

‘Also known as The Great “Make Them Eat Sh*t” Operation.’

To concentrate, I wore a straw hat and held a drink that tastes like Capri Sun in my right hand. Why does my brain function better when I have people to step on than when I do ordinary enjoyable activities? Sigh.

At this rate, I’ll have no idea which side is evil and which is not.

‘I need something that will happen in the future, that only I know yet…’

Oh, there’s one. In the original work, Shay read the contents of a newspaper.

The original work’s author was a well-known set-up geek among fans. The issue is that there are numerous settings that only she is aware of.

The original work’s author does not write a single line in a newspaper or book for nothing. All of them hinted at something, but some were fake rice cakes*, so I had to read them all carefully without skipping a single one.

*(Rice cake is a slang term used to refer to a topic that can be gossip or a topic or situation that others will be interested in.)

‘A plane that crashed and fell into the depths of the sea.’

And this was the one I remembered the most. When I first read about it in the book, I dismissed it as useless information and pushed it to the back of my mind.

‘I believe it was said that an enormous treasure was buried inside it.’

Liang 999.

It was built not long after planes became popular, and it belonged to the legendary tycoon Cyphelion. However, Cyphelion’s life is not like that of other wealthy people.

She enjoyed adventure and challenges. She couldn’t bear being the same as everyone else. She did not hesitate to illegally modify the plane, but it eventually crashed. However, rumors circulated that it was all a hoax.

It was because Cyphelion packed her belongings and fled to the desert  after declaring her dissatisfaction with life in Terran’s Imperial. 

The imperial family was cautious, but the emperor at the time, who couldn’t just stand there and watch, could have shot down Cyphelion’s plane.

Or, perhaps, Cyphelion, sensing a threat to her life, deliberately crashed the plane, faking her own death, and fleeing? Such a story was still told as if it were a legend.

‘As a result, adventurers are still looking for Cyphelion’s plane. That’s how the article ended.’

The real prize in that plane, however, was not the gold bars or jewels.

Investors were blinded by greed and aimed for her wealth in order to get ten times their investment money back, but the truth is that this is not the case. What Cypehelion really wanted to protect… the reason she had to flee the Imperial family… was an old compass she had stolen.

‘It’s a compass used to locate some kind of temple or something, but why was it so important that the imperial family pursued Cyphelion so relentlessly? And why did Cyphelion flee? ‘

I’m not sure because I haven’t finished reading the original work, but one thing is certain. I can’t spend money to salvage the plane just to give away the items inside, no matter how valuable the compass was to the imperial family.

Most importantly, the Imperial family has no idea where the plane is.

“It smells… It smells… It smells like money.”

I hummed while raising my toes. I know exactly where the plane is.

I’m not sure why it hasn’t been discovered sooner.

I concentrated on reading that episode because it piqued my interest as someone who grew up reading Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, and One Piece.

‘All right, shall we go with this one? ‘

Actually, I became a little greedy after starting my own business. A desire to expand my business over money, which any human being would naturally have.

I thought the amusement park was my priority, so I ignored everything else, but if vicious rumors spread like they did at the masquerade ball, it would eventually have a negative impact on everything I do.

Before that happens, we must cut off the source.

Instill fear in their bones so that they never consider attacking me again.

It was only natural for me to protect my employees and my business.

‘To kill or be killed… Well, bring it on.’

First and foremost, what I needed to do was divided into two parts.

First, ruin the Redding and Latrus families’ clothing businesses.

Second. Destroy the Hansen, Genteri, and Fugeriana families’ trading businesses.

They all trusted Peridot and insulted me, so they should approach her and seek help.

But there was no way Peridot would help.

When that happens, they will regard the Crisiona family as their adversary, as they were the ones who instigated the insult to the Archduchy of Schweiden at the masquerade ball.

‘There’s only so much I can do, so I’ll just make them explode in rage.’

If at all possible, avoid fighting; however, if you must fight, you must win unconditionally.

‘I should ask Sir Aragon to help me with my plan about trading.’ 

To deal with the stumbling block known as Crisiona, I planned a massive deception show*.

*( Or swindling scheme (figurative) A phony plan or performance to deceive others in the pursuit of one’s own interests.)

The first thing I did was reorient my clothing company.

* * *

I went to the Titania store that afternoon. Customers were busy choosing clothes, so I went down to the basement fitting room and stood in front of the mirror in my underwear.

“Then, Master… I’ll pull it right now!”

“Yes, tighten it up.”


Juliet, who was standing behind me, yelled and tugged on the waist strap. The boutique staff gathered nervously around me to observe the situation. And after a few moments.


I struggled and made a choking sound.

“M-Master! Are you okay?! “


No, I’m not okay at all.

I felt like I was going to die.

I want to bend, but I’m surrounded by a very hard upper garment, so all I can do is wiggle my arms.

“Heuk, heuk, heuk. This—”

“How should we proceed? You must remove it immediately! ”

“Are you all right, Miss Nia?”

The staff at the boutique approached me with worried expressions.

I signaled that I was fine with a gesture and gasped for air.

‘Damn it!’

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