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TAGWF Chapter 6.18


Let me take a look at what they’ve got. Instead of spouting nonsense, why don’t we engage in a corporate brawl.

I will undoubtedly make them regret thejr decision.

“I don’t want you to bother with Gloucester.”


“Because it is a place rife with corruption, I was prepared to strike it sooner or later. It’s fine to advance the timing slightly, so let me take care of it.”


Lacius did not stop me with my plans.

He doesn’t use negative commands like ‘don’t do it’ or ‘no.’ He is the leader of the knights, the presiding judge, and even the Archduke. He has all of these powers so he can suppress people however he wants, but he doesn’t do that.

This must be the considerateness of the man named Lacius.

“It appears that I will not be able to get your day right now; I’ll take it when you are available.”


“No, don’t be. I’m willing to wait. Because it is well worth the effort.”

Lacius gently took my hair in his hands and kissed it.

My heart felt certain when I saw him like that.

A boyfriend, lover, or even husband. This man is not the type of person who would end up with a title like that.

Lacius was someone with whom you could develop a much deeper relationship. A life companion. Someone I can rely on and even entrust my life to.

Perhaps this feeling is trust. One side of my heart turns tender.

I didn’t even drink the champagne, but a sweet aftertaste was left in my mouth.

* * *

The day following the masquerade ball. When everyone is still stretched out and unable to get out of bed. Lacius had already entered the princess’s palace while still dressed in his uniform.

It may not be pleasant to meet your cousin so early in the morning, but the princess also awoke at dawn. After hearing that Lacius was waiting for her, Dioles, who had gone horseback riding shortly after dawn, went straight to the drawing room.

“Lacius, what brings you here? You should have informed me about your visit in advance.”

The maids quickly brought Dioles cold juice and a towel. She would normally have been attended to, but Dioles was quick to notice. Her blue eyes are drawn to the stack of documents on the table.

An obscure teapot has broken.

Dioles raised her brows as soon as she read a few words on the top page. At first glance, it appears ridiculous, but it was actually a court code.

“Everyone, leave.”

The princess raised her hand when she realized it was an important topic. Not only did those who served her flee, but so did the escort knights.

Before opening his mouth, Lacius checked to see if anyone was listening in the hallway.

“I request that Gloucester be investigated for tax evasion.”

“Seeing that you brought so many documents, is it safe to assume that you intended to kill them completely?”

“Gloucester hasn’t used real clay in three years. The compositional analysis has been completed so the evidence is flawless.”

Dioles took out the papers and turned them over. Her pupils move quickly and scan the contents.

Dioles, who had only highlighted the most important parts of the lengthy document, turned it over and inquired.

“I’m curious why you’re doing this now. Is it an archduke’s political intention? ”

You hated that. The royal princess’s question had a clear meaning.

Lacius had never used the authority of the ‘Schweiden family’ until now. However, words have been spreading for quite some time. Didn’t he make a formal request to His Majesty as Archduke of Schweiden?

She was curious as to what it was for.

“You didn’t even listen when I asked you to do politics with me. What prompted you to change your mind? ”

“Well, let’s just say I’m doing it because I want to.”

“Stop feigning ignorance. I heard Titania was publicly humiliated at the masquerade ball?”

“It’s imprudent of you to keep asking, even though you know it.”

“Such vulgar and low jokes are nothing new to you, so the reason you wanted to step on them had to be because the target wasn’t you.”

Lacius nodded slightly in response to Dioles’ point.

A face that appeared to be devoid of emotion.

His eyes, which could not be more dull than this, look at Dioles.

This was the Lacius she knew.

Someone who does not react to anything. A man who couldn’t even have emotional agitation to begin with. It was all because of Titania that he went to such lengths.

Dioles patted the papers and relaxed her posture after observing him for a while.

“However, the tea set that Gloucester releases every year is quite popular. It would be a shame to lose them. What will you use in its place? ”

“I have some good clay on my property. If you kill Gloucester, we’ll take their craftsmen to open a shop and launch a new tea set. We’ll be releasing one new set every month, and we’ll be putting gems on it and experimenting with fancy designs. I guarantee that if we gradually add a modest and elegant set, there will be no trace of Gloucester left in half a year.”

There is no need for them to have lengthy conversations as cousins.

That was something neither of them liked.

Only the essential information is needed.

Dioles readily accepted after looking into Lacius’ eyes, which were also blue like hers but had a completely different tone.

“Alright, I’ll grant your request.”

“I appreciate it.”

“No, Peridot’s been a little cocky lately, so it’s fine to give her a warning this time.”

“That means…”

“Tell Titania that she can run wild. I will tolerate whatever she does to Crisiona this time.”

Her words were simple, but her intent was profound.

There is one Archduke and two Dukes in Terran.

Since ancient times, 3 has been referred to as the most perfect number.

As a result, Terran’s first emperor chose three families to lead the nobles in the future.

The Archduke of Schweiden, the Duke of Crisiona and the Duke of Yulpe.

These three families’ power sustains and leads the entire nobility.

Schweiden is an emperor’s relative and, according to his bloodline, has a clean and fair disposition. The other two dukes, on the other hand, had no choice but to be faithful to their own interests.

Because they had been in power for three generations, it was time for the Duchy of Crisiona to become arrogant. From the Imperial family’s perspective, it was necessary at this point to shake the deck and stir up power.

“By the way, please forward this message as well.”

Dioles spoke to Lacius, who stood up after leaving the document.

“I really like Titania. It’s so lovely that she knows exactly when and how to move.”

Dioles was fond of arrogant people but she was merciless to those who bare their teeth* to her.

*(To react angrily, violently, and/or threateningly to or against someone, as a dog or wolf does when threatened.)

The Emperor has no ally*. He only has two vassals.

*( It has a similar meaning to friend, but whereas a friend is someone close to you personally, an ally is someone with whom you work together/have unity/share the same goal.)

And the vassals were nothing more than beings who could be replaced at any time.

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