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TAGWF Chapter 6.15


After finishing one sandwich, I checked out for the next menu with eagle eyes. Buttery Beef Cheese Sandwich. Perhaps it is the food of this world that is most similar to a hamburger.

Without delay, I picked it up and put it into my mouth, and then searched all over the place.

‘Not there, not that guy. He’s blonde isn’t he?’

Lacius had beautiful blonde hair that was difficult to go unnoticed. Not a dull color you will have confused with blonde when in reality it is not, but a beautiful golden color like the sunlight or pure gold. So I thought there was no way I couldn’t find him, but it seems that I miscalculated.

‘He didn’t come to the magic workshop, did he?’

I even ordered Cat to stand guard in front of the workshop, in case Lacius came.

However, Lacius didn’t even appear near the workshop, as if he was sure of finding me first, or confident that I wouldn’t find him.

“Alright. Now it’s time for a group dance!”

Ringing. The main character of the party got up from the table and shook the bell.

The masquerade has one characteristic: the instructions given by the host as the bell rings must be followed unconditionally. It was the host’s right that she can exercise only three times during the party.

The atmosphere was already terribly sticky, so I wondered what to do if a strange instruction emerged. However, the party’s host, Lady Yuriel, was rather naïve since she was only 20 years old.

“Dance with me…!”

“No, come with me!”

“Please dance with me!”

As soon as the instructions were finished, men swarmed around me.The lower part exposed under their masks was not bad, but that was it.

I already know three of the best-looking men in this world. There was no way anything below that level could get my attention. So I didn’t spare them a glance. Salmon canapés in front of me are much more important than useless, uninteresting and even unappealing men in front of me.

The canape was a menu that needed to be eaten as soon as possible because the bread or cracker on the bottom became soggy over time.

When they got completely ignored, some gave up, and the only ones left are the clingy type* which you should never get involved with.

*(People who keep on talking, asking or whatever unilaterally.)

I swallowed a couple of canapés and thought about how to avoid them.

I’m not interested in dancing unless it’s Lacius.

It was then. A long shadow fell over my head.

Just as I was about to get a little annoyed at the thought of it being one of those young lords, I realised something.

That only Lacius was capable of casting such a shadow.

“Oh, you found me already?”

I grumbled and turned my head towards him. And I was a bit perplexed.


Similar height, similar body size. Three men wearing different masks are looking at me.

They all spoke at the same time, so I couldn’t hear them properly because their voices got all mixed up. But when I saw their outstretched hand, it seemed like they were asking me to be their dance partner.

But there is a problem.

‘Which one of the three?’

I was unable to recognise Lacius.

“Give me a chance. I shall make you spend your day in ecstasy.

The first man had a slight sense of playfulness and lightness in his tone. He’s probably not him, but he’s wearing a full-face mask, so I can’t be sure.

‘He’s got black hair, so it can’t be him, can it? ‘

I sighed and turned my eyes towards the man beside him.

“I am sure it is I who you are looking for. How about dancing with me?”

That’s a much more polite way of talking than the guy #1 with the cat mask. A white mask and flowing blond hair. From every angle, he resembled Lacius.

The tone of voice was also similar. But I can’t say for sure.

Only the third man remains now.

“May I have the honor of holding the lady’s hand?”

He approached carefully and held out his hand. He had the same blonde hair as the guy #2, but it wasn’t long. Rather, it was very short. So it was not the same as the image of Lacius that I normally imagine.

‘If one is real, who are the other two?’

All eyes are focused here thanks to the three men surrounding me. I already lost the bet so let’s just see which of the three is real.

I asked a question to find out who the real Lacius was.

It was an elegant tone, as if asking a riddle.

“What’s the black tiger’s name?”

The black tiger that I always take with me.

But there were only a few times when I called Cat by his name in front of people. So this is a pretty good question.

If he couldn’t answer within three seconds, he wasn’t Lacius.

“It’s a cat.”


The first man wearing a cat mask and the third man with short blond hair responded at the same time. The Lacius in the middle didn’t answer.

“My goodness, I had no idea you would ask questions. It’s my fault for not expecting many competitors.”

The second man that caught my eye raised his hand in surrender. He seemed disappointed that he failed to trick me. If it’s a person that flirts like this, I surely know one.

“Sir Aragon, why are you dress like Archduke Schweiden?”

I can’t help but ask. You’re free to change your appearance, but you shouldn’t imitate someone who actually exists.

However, he gave me an absurd response.

“I got caught. I thought you’d be easily tricked by this.

“Nice try, but didn’t I tell you not to show up unless you find ‘laptop’?”

“You want me to find something that doesn’t exist in this world. You’re pretty mean.”

Uh, how did he know it wasn’t from this world?

I opened my eyes thinly and glared at Sir Aragon. However, Sir Aragon simply removed his mask and smiled without adding another word.

“The loser who was not chosen will step down now. Please enjoy the rest of the night.”

Sir Aragon gestured as if he was about to kiss the back of my hand, but I didn’t allow it. After staring at his suspicious retreating back, who seemed not disappointed at the sightest by my impregnable wall, I soon turned my attention back to the other two candidates.

One of them must be Lacius.

“When I fell unconscious this time and woke up, what was my first meal?”

I was taking a risk.

No matter how attentive a man is, he won’t remember everything I ate.

However, the man in question was not an ordinary man, but Lacius. And if it was him, he would surely remember.

The name of the soup I, who was a picky eater, ordered again.

“To remember all of them—”

“Broccoli soup.”

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