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TAGWF Chapter 6.14


At first, they doubted their ears, wondering if they had heard it wrong, but the words that followed were clearly directed at them. It was only natural that his rude tone, which clearly has no consideration towards the nobility, provoked the young masters who grew up graciously. Those who had their throats cut and were bleeding gnashed their teeth and screamed loudly.

“Who are you!”

“If I told you, what could you do?”

“W-What? Do you think you’ll be safe after doing this to me? You dare do—!”


One stood alone in front of five people. However, it was definitely a rare sight to see one person overwhelms them all. A young man with a black cat mask covering his entire face. He was morbidly buttoned up to the top of his neck and was even wearing gloves.

If you’re being ascetic in this debauchery, it’s probably because you want to hide burn marks or something like that. But no one was able to pointed that out.

A dangerous aura emanated from the man. The ferocity of being able to crush whatever is in front of his eyes if his mood got twisted; It was a rank that men knew instinctively.

“Ah, by the way.”

The man in the cat mask smirked as he looked down at the young lords’ pale faces.

“All I threw was a fork so who could have thrown this knife?”

The man in the cat mask glanced over his shoulder. There was a tall man wearing a white half mask that covered half of his face.

Short blonde hair and no less ascetic attire. His presence is so strong that it is impossible not to know who he is. Surprisingly, however, the blonde man hasn’t received a single glance since he entered this place.

He was a person who disguised himself with a stealth technique that could never be found unless you are someone with similar skills. Since earlier, he was looking only at one place without wavering.

“Hey, you.”

“Y-Yes sir?”

“Look carefully. Is that bastard better, or am I better?”

The young lords spoked respectfully even without knowing who their opponent was. It forcefully comes out when they recognized someone that was ‘stronger’ than them.

One man, whose blood was still oozing from his throat, looked as if he didn’t know why he had to go through this when he had just turned 20 this year, but in the end he had no choice but to answer.

“O-Of course the cat mask is more—.”

“Right? Am I better?”


How would I judge you without seeing your faces!

He wanted to shout that, but the law is far and the fist is close*.

*(It indicates that although the law is the best means of resolving individual conflicts, in reality the rule of law does not work and violence is often used as a faster and more effective means.)

The man, who was called “Cat Mask,” tilted his head to the side and narrowed his eyes. The blonde man in the half mask didn’t look particularly happy either.

They recognized each other.

They don’t have to see each other faces to know. This displeasure was beyond description.


The cat mask shifted his gaze near the dance floor. Since you have seen dirty things, shouldn’t you wash your eyes with beautiful things? Her usual intense red hair disappeared somewhere and smooth silver hair took its place.

Even the colour of her eyes changed, so most people wouldn’t know that she was the same person, but he was different.

He found out from the beginning. And even now, no one catches his eye except her.

It was worth taking the risk of attacking a passing carriage, knocking it down, and stealing invitations and clothes. The only minor problem was that there is one— no, two flies.

The golden bell rang and dance time returned. A time when all attendees are required to dance.

“Give me a chance. I’ll make you spend the day in an ecstatic mood.”

“I am sure I’m the person you are looking for. Would you like to dance with me?”

“Will you give me the honour of holding the lady’s hand?”

And all three of them talked to her at the same time.

* * *

The chandelier made of thousands of crystals and diamonds was too dazzling.  Bright light reflected on the marble and shone down on the colourful dessert parade. I wanted to sneak up to it and pick up whatever and put it in my mouth.

But somehow, every time I took a step, several people will come forward and block my way.

“This is a specially made drink. I brought it to enjoy with a precious person at this banquet today. Would you like to have the honor of joining me?”

“Not interested.”

“Lady, this side is going to play blackjack. Would you like to participate?”

“Do you have money to pay me back if I go all-in?”

“Please dance with me. I’ll give the lady a necklace that matches her.”

“I have a lot of those jewels.”

Huh, offering a necklace to someone who went to a magic workshop this morning and spent a lot of money there.

I snorted and kicked all the flirting that came my way. Their comments all sound outdated.

I rubbed the goosebumps on my arm and moved vigorously back to the dining table.

Usually, Lacius feeds me so much that I rarely feel hungry, but today I was really hungry.

Going to the magic workshop and changing my appearance took a lot longer than expected. After testing for any side effects, I have undergone a long preparation before going to the party. I was starving because I didn’t know what to eat while getting my skin care, and now my stomach was growling and thundering. 

After defeating all the insignificant things and arriving at the table, I hurriedly picked up a sandwich with my eyes shining. Thick smoked salmon and half-grilled asparagus. A special sandwich with plenty of onions marinated in sauce!

I picked it up and bit it gracefully without haste, and only then I looked around to look for him.

‘I really don’t know who is who.’

Was the masquerade originally such a debauched party? In fact, it was a pretty decent spectacle as long as you don’t get caught up in a mess.

Pak! In one corner, a woman slapped a man on the cheek. On the other side, a woman stepped on a man’s… with her heel . Although it was a sight to see, it was not something nice to watch during a meal.

‘Ah, this is really delicious.’

I came because I was curious about a masquerade ball, but it was worse than I thought.

To be honest, I just want to recruit the person who made this sandwich and bring him to the mansion. How was it possible to smoke salmon so deliciously? I almost wanted to drop on my knees and beg him to tell me his secret.

‘Ah, I feel much better now.’

My voice was not altered, so I didn’t speak as much as I could to avoid being caught. Because right now I’m hiding as much as possible from Lacius.

Since my beauty is amazing, I was able to pull off the silver hair as well. But also because of that, my identity won’t be easily hidden. However, I still had to find him first.

Before Lacius takes a day of my time.

‘I’m not confident that I won’t fall in love more if that happens.’

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