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TAGWF Chapter 5.9


“Today? At the Knights of Rentus.”

“Did you change your soap?”

“Well, I used the one provided by the Knights’ quarters.”

“It has a different smell than usual. It’s quite different…”

I circled him, sniffing like a puppy. This wasn’t just an act to hide my embarrassment, something strange was going on.. I felt like a wife searching for proof of a cheating husband, but my woman’s intuition was telling me something.

This is weird.

‘He hadn’t previously smelled like this soap.’

Lacius emitted a variety of odours.

He usually smelled deep and fragrant, like a forest, when he washed at home.

While he smelled like regular soap after washing up at the Knights’ Residence.

I’m sure my memory was accurate because it wasn’t just once or twice.

“Your neck is a little red, Lashin.”


“Your ears are also red. I believe you have a fever. Are you feeling sick?”

He took a half step back every time I moved closer.

I cornered Lacius and knit my brows for no apparent reason.

“I’m certain it isn’t someone else’s scent. Has the soap really been changed?”

It’s not worth arguing about, but my voice becomes louder as I try to conceal my embarrassment.

I cleared my throat, ‘Kuehum!’ and looked at Lacius. Lacius, on the other hand, was avoiding my gaze.

“Because you continue to smell me like that.”


“… You seem to be forgetting, but I’m a man too, so if you do that, it’ll make things hard for me.”


Huh? What exactly does he—


I opened my mouth slightly after realising Lacius’ words a beat late.

Does this imply that he is sexually attracted to me?

Perhaps serious, Lacius gave me a sidelong glance before turning away.

“Anyway, if it smells bad, I’ll wash up again.”

“No, you don’t have to. I’m also covered in paint.”

“… I’ll wash up and return.”

“You don’t have to…”

Of course, I don’t dislike the smell.

Villain #1 was the reason I reacted so strongly to the smell of body products emanating from him.

I’m curious if Peridot did anything.

And no! I had no reason to suspect or question him about having a relationship with another woman.

“It won’t be too long.”

Lacius, on the other hand, took a firm step back.


It was only then that I realised… I might have gone too far.

‘But he’s already kissed me.’

It makes me sad to see Lacuus dislike it, but overdoing it is overdoing it.

I apologised profusely right away.

“I apologise for coming so close. I was just a little suspicious.”

“No, Shay. That’s not it. I’ve never met another woman except you.”

“No, I was not suspicious of that. I’m afraid something strange was in the cosmetics.”


“Anyway, wash up again. Bring some of the new soap if you go back!”

I’m not sure why so many embarrassing things happen these days only when Lacius is present.

I shoved him out of my drawing room, almost pushing him.

I was so focused at times that I didn’t even notice who was coming in or out of here, which is why I didn’t notice when Lacius arrived.

“I’ve never met another woman other than you.”

Lacius’ words echoed in my ears. I closed my eyes and took up the brush once more.

‘Don’t give it any meaning.’

* * *


Meanwhile, at the same time.

Lacius closed his eyes as he was sprayed with cool water. He wants to forget about it, but why is it replaying in his mind? As he remembered the face staring at him, his heart skipped a beat. When she got close enough to smell him, he had no choice but to back up.

He would have grabbed her and hugged her otherwise.

‘Was it some kind of emotional control training?’

It is one of the requirements for probationary knights. He had no idea why it had been regarded as difficult by many in the past.

But he now seemed incapable of rising above the rank of a trainee knight.

His heart is pounding in his chest. His pulse, which is always at a constant rate except during intense training, was twisted in a mess earlier.

However, that was not the only reason he fled in this manner; there was a more serious issue at hand.

Lacius laughed dejectedly as he looked down at his lower body, where the blood was heavily concentrated. What kind of beastly reaction is this to the person he should be cherishing?

‘Although we’re having an engagement ceremony soon…’

He should remember that this is all fake. Lacius paused for a moment to think about Shay, who would undoubtedly be content with someone other than him. She requires someone who complements her brightness. However, he was tormented by an unwillingness to accept that idea. The pain of that thought was unbearable, adding to his body’s physical reaction.


Blood gathered below and it hardened even more. Lacius exhaled a hot breath and thought of Shay. As the cold water fell on his heated body, it made a gurgling sound before dissolving into steam.

* * *

The day of the engagement ceremony arrived after a stressful period.

Lacius, the most popular person in the empire, was getting married, so every newspaper made a big deal out of it.

This time, however, only ‘Terran Hours’ were permitted to enter the princess’s palace waiting room and conduct an interview.

“I appreciate you always providing me with news to report. Haha!”

“It’s insignificant. Oh, and thank you for recommending Evershal previously.”

“Did you buy Evershal?”

“I received it as a gift. Something wonderful will occur there as a result of your efforts.”

“Could you please tell me a little bit about it…?”

Mr. Bloomberg licked his lips in interest as I smiled slightly. Before we get engaged, let’s spread the rumour-like truth. People here will be curious if you say a large amusement park will be built there. Of course, they will not know what it is.

I explained softly, trying to keep my smugness at bay.

“An amusement facility will be constructed there, allowing ordinary people to experience aristocracy.”

“… Excuse me?”

“You can dress up and enter massive castles. Ride this and that, play, and have a good time.”

“What do you mean by that…”

“Of course, you will have to spend quite a bit of money for it, but unless you are very poor, anyone will be able to visit at least once in their lifetime. You could go on a date or have a family gathering there.”

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