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TAGWF Chapter 5.5


“Of course, Perry, I haven’t forgotten. Without Cutie, the entire imperial palace would have been covered in corpses sent by my political opponents by now. Cutie, on the other hand, only listens to you, Sigh.”

The princess sighed heavily.

Peridot did not give up and persevered.

“Your Highness promised me power in exchange for giving up my nobility and cleaning up for you. The title of Archduchess of Schweiden after my name is the most important part of our agreement.”

“How can I deny it if you say it that way? But I thought it was irrelevant because you weren’t particularly interested in Lacius.”

The emperor is undefeated, so he should not be embarrassed. In other words, even if the emperor had committed a crime, it was not a crime. So the princess was also not to blame.

Her teeth gritted for a moment, but Peridot endured it well.

The only time she can defy Princess Dioles is if there is a possibility that prince will ascend to the throne. Peridot set the teacup down, recalling her father’s words. It was a strange gesture with a hint of discomfort.

“The Crisiona family will be the strongest support for Her Highness, the Princess. My brother and I both support the princess. I could give you so much more if I had the name Schweiden on me.”

“Is that so?”

A dangerous aura flashed through the princess’s eyes for a brief moment. Unaware of this, Peridot’s hands tremble slightly.

The princess appeared to be pondering something. She also set down the teacup she was holding.

“Okay, then how about this. I won’t stop you no matter what you do.”

“Whatever… I do.”

“That’s correct. I was also curious whether Lacius had found true love. You know how much he avoids other people’s attention, right?”

“… … .”

“But all of a sudden, my cousin himself bought a woman into his home. It’s interesting.”

The princess’s voice sounded slightly excited. That was a bad sign.

She only heard the princess say that when she was bringing ‘Cutie’ into bloom.

And when she demonstrated the utility of ‘Cutie’ in front of the princess.

She’d only seen it those two times.

“You are aware of it as well, My dear Perry. I just want to have a good time.”

“…Yes. I’m well aware.”

“I really like you and Titania. Of course, I like you better. And those beautiful plants of yours.”

The princess rose from her seat and spoke in a cold tone. Then she deliberately walked around the table, and took a seat behind Peridot. She bent down towards her after touching her shoulder. Peridot bit her lower lip as she looked down at the princess’s black hair that flowed down to her chest.

“… I understand, Your Highness.”

“Please don’t feel bad. You haven’t entertained me in a long time.”

Dioles’ bright blue eyes gleamed as she whispered affectionately. Peridot swallowed dryly at the shadow that covered her completely, stretching across the table. The princess’s patience had worn thin. She made it clear that she didn’t want to hear any more about this subject.

“It appears that I was too inattentive towards the princess. It pains me that you no longer find enjoyment in me.”

Peridot quickly smiled and turned to face the princess.

“What if that child fled on her own from the Archduchy of Schweiden?”

“If that happens, I will personally arrange your marriage to Lacius. Will that suffice?”

“Thank you very much, Your Highness.”

The conversation comes to an end here. The princess appears to be in a foul mood. She needed to get out of here as soon as possible.

“And I believe you are misinterpreting something. Let me tell you this.”

Behind Peridot, who was attempting to leave the tea room, the princess spat out friendly words. She has not yet given permission to go out. Peridot’s shoes froze when she heard that meaningful tone.

“My dear, I don’t need that petty support from your family.” .

A voice from three or four steps away rang in her ear at that precise moment.

Peridot turned around, her hair was standing up.

“I am confident that I will soon become the emperor who will reach even the heavens.”

Because of the bright sunlight, she couldn’t see the princess’s face.

However, chills ran down her spine.

“Your whining is cute today, so I’ll let it go.”


“However, if you try to force me to do what you want by mentioning Crisiona again in the future…”

The white hand of the princess approached and grabbed Peridot’s neck.

On the surface, she may appear to have insignificant strength, but she is capable of holding the bow that only imperial knights could use.

Peridot’s face turned pale as her breath shortened.

“I will abandon Crisiona and replace it with something else.”

Peridot’s breathing became erratic, and her feet struggled in the air. Even at that point, the princess was still smiling, her breath unaffected. A cruel and casual demeanour. However, no one will argue that the princess’ actions were wrong.

It was the same for Peridot, whose life was jeopardised after being apprehended in this manner. She had tried her entire life to be the most useful subordinate and her most cherished aide, but she had never encountered this side of the princess.

“Try to remember that. Don’t let me lose you.”

To the end, it’s a self-centered order. She couldn’t be more conceited.

Peridot, who had just been released, grabbed her burning neck as if she had a laceration.

“Giving my loyalty to the one who will become the Great Emperor. I was impudent.”

“All right, that’s all you need to know. You should get going. It appears that the next visitor is on their way.”

A clear dismissal order. Peridot forced herself to turn away by straightening her back.

Her pride was burned, and she couldn’t take it anymore.

* * *

Inside the greenhouse, sunlight falls in beautiful ripples. Peridot, who had hurriedly returned home, was grunting and wearing an ice pack around her neck.

“On the day of the party, that bitch’s shop made thousands of gold.”

“Yes, Miss. I pretended to be one of the fabric delivery workers and asked her; she didn’t give me any specifics, but she said it was around that.”

“I see. The underlying work had been completed, and all that remained was to purchase the nearby buildings. If she stole that, earning that much is reasonable.”

“I’m very upset. You’ve put in so much time and effort preparing it…”

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