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TAGWF Chapter 3.9


Cat slowly drew away as I snapped my fingers. Looking down, Count Charles Bauce’s face was almost pale, and he appeared to be dying.

For the time being, I’m sure he’ll be careful with his tongue. It’s unsettling because it feels like I’ve increased the number of my enemies entirely on my own, but what can I do? I can’t just remain silent while someone tries to pick a fight with me.

“The meeting for today concludes here.”

“Pardon? However, your highness, you have yet to inform us of the reorganization of the military base’s budget.”

“Aren’t you going to oppose it anyway? I expected you to object, so I’ll think about it some more until tomorrow.”

“Oh, I see.”

The princess was extremely outspoken. But no one, not even the minister of labor, dared to point out the princess’s words and actions. After all, she bribes and uses the media to bully even the Archduke of Schweiden, and she doesn’t care what anyone says about her.

She allows them to express their opinions at work, but not on anything else. She feels like a true emperor after seeing it so many times.

‘I did a good job by getting on her good side.’

I stroked my chest.

I’m glad I didn’t turn the princess against me. I’m not sure if the princess ever became emperor in the original work, but it didn’t seem impossible.

“All right, let’s go. The perfume smells so strongly that I can’t stand it. You should get rid of that. Also, someone bring this big cute guy some meat to eat.”

*(She’s referring to Count Bauce.)

The princess put her arm around my shoulder after the servants vanished like the tide. Suddenly, as if we’d known each other for a thousand years. I burst into a wide smile that I’m afraid my mouth will tear while shoulder to shoulder with her.

I didn’t like it because it made us seem closer. I mean, who wouldn’t like being this close to a beautiful unnie?

“Oh, you’re too busy these days.”

“I’m not really that busy.”

“Didn’t you completely take ‘Terran Hours’ on your side?  I was truly astounded.”

Dioles Adela Terran, the princess, was not someone who easily admired things.

She was born and raised to be a genius, so there isn’t much that she didn’t know. She anticipated the contents even before the ministers attempted to refute something, and she knew exactly what her opponents would do.

She can have anyone in the palm of her hand because she is extremely intelligent. Well, it’s also because most of the people here aren’t smarter than she is.

So the world was very boring for Dioles. She was increasingly getting bored with each passing day, to the point where she considered catching anyone who would entertain her and put them on the national treasury.

And just as she was about to grow tired of being a doll collector, a mysterious woman who claimed to be a fairy appeared out of nowhere. The princess has already met a lot of attractive people, and the majority of them are also talented. However, it was the first time anyone had boasted about their attractiveness. She also has distinctive eyes and a unique laugh. She has the spirit of a true fairy and a being from another world. Bright.

Dioles was eager to see what the young lady known as ‘Titania Oberon’ would do to surprise her. Because, for the first time in her life, someone did something unexpected.

“I had no idea you’d become involved with the newspaper. That, too, using Lacius.”

“I’m glad I caught the Princess off guard. But there are many more surprises in store, so please save your compliments.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Dioles stated this sincerely. The gorgeous woman, who looked like a field of roses in full bloom, then smiled. An expression brimming with confidence, and the actions of someone who appeared to have never been intimidated in her entire life. People are fascinated by all of this.

Dioles has already fallen in love with Titania after only their second meeting.

“Because it’s spring, there are many flowers in the garden. This rose compliments you.”

They came across a road lined with red roses while walking. Dioles paused for a moment before selecting the most prized flower among them. It has been improved so that no thorns grow on it, ensuring that no one is pricked while plucking it.

Dioles looked at the silver eyes that were staring up at her, then placed a rose in Titania’s ear.

“It suits you.”

(T/N: Are we taking a different route…? I kinda liking it lol)

“Is this the princess’ doll play?”

“No, I’m giving it to you because it suits you. From now on, I’m going to call this red rose ‘Titania.'”

In fact, this rose was already known as the ‘Vriesea Shell Rose.’

It means it was created using rose seeds from the Vriesea region. It is a thornless species developed by the Imperial Plant Research Department this year, and its most notable feature is that it does not wither easily.

But that didn’t seem to bother the princess. This will be ‘Titania Shell Rose’ in the future.

Because that is what she desires.

“It’s a privilege. It’s a rose that looks exactly like me.”

Her delicate fingers caressed the damp rose petals. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

* * *

“Oh, I took the wrong route.”

“Aren’t we getting further away from the palace?”

and after some time.

I was meandering along the palace’s complicated path with a rose in my ear.

I was simply following her around and believing in her, and now we’re lost. I was stunned for a moment because I had no idea the princess was bad with directions.

Who gets lost in her own house?

“However, seeing the greenhouse there, we must not have traveled very far. I believe I came here by mistake last time.”

The princess crossed her arms and fell in a deep thought. I, too, became lost in thought.


I know this place.

A massive greenhouse that was built inside the Imperial Palace. It was owned by villainess No. 1, and was an important spatial setting in the original story!

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