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TAGWF Chapter 3.7


A dark navy dress with a softly blown-by-the-wind hem was paired with white shoes. I wore a ribbon around my waist and held a book in my hand. I’m not actually reading it. It’s just a prop that I came up with. Ladies from noble families are known to behave in this manner, so I decided to give it a shot just once.

Lacius left me in the waiting room of the central palace and went through the large door to their morning assembly.

Real gold was used to cover the door, which was embossed with a huge sun and a chariot.

However, because it was made a long time ago, it appeared more antique than flashy.

-What are you reading?

“It’s called ‘The Beggar Prince. They have it here too.”

-Beggar prince? That’s an odd title.

“It’s about a beggar and a prince who look alike, and the story revolves around what happens when they switch positions as a joke. It’s a lot of fun.”

It’s significant because it’s similar to my situation.

I waited patiently by turning the pages of the book. I didn’t need to read any more of the book because I had already finished it.

Cat sat quietly on the carpet and yawned, but the look on the attendant’s face as soon as he saw Cat was still fresh in my mind.

But then…

“You just have to wait and see!”


Someone screamed and shut the door. All the way to the waiting room, the sound of rapid breathing and footsteps can be heard. I laughed and put the book down.

“With that kind of threat, he’s scaring no one.”

Because everyone who got beaten up by me said the same thing while fleeing. I poked my head out into the hallway, my face filled with curiosity.

“Tsk tsk, tsk. What does a bitch know about politics? ”


Cat raised its head as if about to follow me, but I motioned for him to remain still. I wondered what kind of bastard this was, to be able to run around like that in a place where the princess was watching.

How many lives does he have?

Or was this a new method of suicide?

“All you have to do for a subject who only knows how to apply powder to their face is quietly wait at home to be married. What is His Majesty thinking by letting the princess do whatever she wants? Obviously, His Highness, the Prince, was present! ”

Scream, scream, scream. The old fogey* kept shouting his head off.

*(Original word: Kkondae, a South Korean expression for a condescending person. In English dictionary, it is a person, typically an old one, who is considered to be old-fashioned or conservative in attitude or tastes. )

Even if men and women were treated equally in this world, such a person would inevitably exist.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman; it’s a position that will rule this vast country, so shouldn’t the person with the best qualifications be crowned Emperor

It is more irrational to hand over the throne unconditionally to a son. What if his son is a moron?

“That’s correct. Who does she think she is to do such a thing to a member of one of the founding families? ”

“It’s completely ridiculous! To evict Sir Charles Bauce in this manner! ”

There are usually flies by the side of that kind of old fogey, rubbing their palms and waiting for some kind of reward to fall upon them. I was staring at a man named Charles Bauce, whose temper made the entire corridor shake.

He appears to be in his early 30s based on his face.

He doesn’t appear to be much older than that, but he’s already balding. His grumpy demeanor was reflected in his face, which had bulging eyes and yellow teeth. He walked very condescendingly, raising his height with his fastidious men’s shoes. He was also wearing a very strong perfume, which irritated my nose.

“What happened to our world, tsk tsk? Even a lowly bitch can now enter and exit the Central Palace?!”

When Charles Bauce passed by and found me, he abruptly came to a halt and raised his voice. Of course, I can’t help but pay attention. The two flies next to him laugh, as if they find the situation amusing. Charles Bauce then bolstered his shoulders, imitating a proud stance. It was as if he had raised his status even higher after calling me ‘lowly’.

‘Look, I don’t think I’m a better opponent than the princess, who is more sassy and has a higher status.’

He must be venting his rage on any woman he sees outside. It was truly despicable behavior.

“Ha, uneducated.”

So I opened my mouth and said something loud enough for them to hear. In a fight like this, usually the person with the loudest voice wins.


The response follows immediately. I smiled as I gazed at Charles Bauce and his flies.

“What? Is there anything else you’d like to say? ”

“Do you know who I am!?”

“No, and I’m not interested in finding out.”

“This is the great Count of Bau-“

“Enough of that, you jerk. You’re only a count, so why are you making such a fuss? Is the Bauce family lacking in basic manners? “


“Ah, that’s probably why I’ve never heard of it.”

That is correct. It was not mentioned in the original work, whether it was Bauce or rock*. That was how insignificant this character was.

*(Bauce and rock sound/written almost the same in Korean.)

“Are you out of your mind?”

“I’m not sure which family the lady came from, but if you continue to ignore Count Bauce, we will file a formal complaint with your family!”

Oh fine. Go ahead.

They may not recognise me because I have not yet participated in any official activities as Lacius’ fiancée. I won’t be referred to as the Archduchess until we marry. That’s why he treats me like this, as if I’m just a nameless lady.

“Or do you not have a family name?”

Sure enough, he said exactly what I was thinking.

“That makes sense because how could a noble lady wear such a vulgar dress!”

Charles sarcastically scanned my body from head to toe. My patience had run out.

“Cat. Come on out.”

Cat popped out of the open window at my command and stood quietly behind Charles and his gang, staring at them.

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