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TAGWF Chapter 3.6


“Shay? Have you finally come to your senses…?”

It does not appear so.

The silver-blue eyes that stared back at him were dreamy. Step by step. She approached him silently, as if she were a fairy. Lacius fixed his gaze on her.

One more step closer to him.

Shay, who moved in closer and touched his body, smiled sweetly, raising the corners of her lips.

It was a different kind of smile than her usual. He’s never seen Shay smile like this before. She also does not approach him in this manner, as if to seduce him.

“Are you all right, Shay?”

Lacius waited to see what she was going to do before calling her name again.

Shay didn’t respond, instead smiled and hugged him with delight.

Lacius was unable to push Shay away, knowing that her body was sick, chivalry intervened. Furthermore, the current Shay….


Then, with a sweet, beautiful voice, her well-shaped lips whispered his name. Then, the next thing he knew…


Shay, who had crept up to him, kissed his lips. A kiss that was completely against his will, but Lacius couldn’t push Shay away again this time.


His heart begins to beat quickly. Her lips were soft, and her body was as light as a feather.

Above all else.

‘Heat is seeping out.’

He could clearly feel a large amount of heat that had accumulated in his body flowing out. Through lip-to-lip contact, she was absorbing the warm energy.

Her pale, tired complexion gradually improved, and her closed eyelids trembled. Shay’s head bent back and she fainted again the moment he felt enough heat was transferred to her.


Lacius, who had instinctively catched her, examined Shay’s condition. Her previously cold forehead and nape of her neck have warmed up, and both cheeks have returned to their natural rosy color.


He had no idea there would be such a link between the God of the Sun’s descendant and painting wizards.

Lacius lifted Shay up, puzzled, and placed her on the bed. Shay was breathing lightly and deep asleep, as if everything had just happened in a dream. Even if someone abducted her, she would surely not wake up.

‘I should investigate it.’

However, it was something he was still unsure about.

Is it just a coincidence?

‘A woman with a lot of moon energy….’

Lacius’ gaze on Shay became solemn.

How can they be so helpful to one another?

‘I still can’t believe it.’

For the time being, Lacius denies it. But how could he explain the softness and warmth that remained on his lips? He might be able to figure it out properly if they kiss each other again. What had just occurred was so brief that he wondered if it had actually occurred.

Lacius left the room after staring at Shay, who was sleeping.

He can’t kiss her first without permission.

Lacius headed straight to the training hall to calm his heart.

* * *

“Oh my God, Master! You have dark circles under your eyes!”

It was the following day. I opened my eyes as soon as the sun came up. My body feels a little heavy, but there’s nothing out of the ordinary about it.

‘It’s better than I expected.’

Juliet, on the other hand, burst into tears when she saw my face. Perhaps summoning Cat used up too much power all at once.

“It’s all my fault! I should have paid more attention to my master’s sleep! ”

“No, it’s fine.”

“However, your skin was damaged. Who made you look like this?! ”

Juliet grabbed my cheeks and pushed them up into a puffy shape.

As Juliet held me, I mumbled.

“Iwts still pweety, Ewbwuin if the skin is druay (It’s still pretty, even if the skin is dry).”

“Of course it is but… … !”

To appear as if the world has fallen apart with just a little shade under your eyes. She is a very loveable maid. I stroked Juliet’s hair and crept out of her grasp.

“I’d like to eat breakfast. Where’s Lacius? ”

“He’s drinking coffee and eating bagels.”

“Is that so? Bagels will be delectable.”

“I am so upset; having such dark shadows in my master’s eyes is a global problem. If newspapers—”

That seems a little far-fetched, but it doesn’t bother me; isn’t it nice to know that at least one person in the world likes me this much?

“Now that I think about it, Cat wasn’t in the room; do you know where it is?”

“Yeah, it’s lazing around in the backyard. Maynard provided it with catnip.”

“Oh my goodness, he’ll love it.”

I stretched out and headed towards the dining room after asking for everyone’s well-being; the sky is dazzling today, but my steps were slower than usual, possibly due to the effects of summoning Cat.

‘My head is still a little dazed too but…’

It wouldn’t be a big deal. I just couldn’t remember if I fell asleep right away upon reaching the bed yesterday and what happened after that.

“I was waiting for you, glad you finally woke up.”

Lacius looked at me and folded the newspaper he was reading as the smell of coffee wafted through the dining room.

I picked up some of the newspapers piled up on the table and sat down.

“Any special news?”

“None. Thankfully.”

“… … ?”

The morning was calm. I’ll be going to the imperial palace later and may witness a bloodbath, but for the time being, I’m feeling peaceful.

A life in which you look around the table and wonder what to put on your bagel. Isn’t it fantastic?


“Blueberry jam and cream cheese.”

“How did you know?”

“I noticed that you only ate that.”

I’m touched, to say the least.

The sound of cream cheese spreading all over the crispy edges of a freshly baked bagel was heavenly. I hummed a tune while lifting my chin and wiggling my feet.

Lacius gave me a light glance, as if he thought my actions were unusual, but I continued to hum.

But this lovely peace was short-lived.

A dark figure swung in through the open window just as I was about to bite into the savory bagel Lacius had given me, and the savory bagel in my hand vanished.

Outside, I heard a grunt of dissatisfaction as I opened my mouth wide in shock.

-Eck, pweh, pweh What exactly is this?

The jam was applied by Lacius himself! It’s a rare act of kindness from a handsome man!

“You glutton!”

Due to the sense of injustice, I heard the sound of my angry yell reverberating. He was truly a vile individual. And that’s also why I only noticed it now… That Lacius was looking at me intently.

His stare was unnervingly deep, and I had no idea what it meant.

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