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TAGWF Chapter 3.4


Maynard came down with the painting after sitting on a rock for a while. Following that, Lacius, who was already dressed nicely, appeared, along with Theobalt and Juliet.

“Heh heh, while cleaning out the warehouse, I heard some interesting news.”

Theobalt winked and laughed as he stood next to the easel in the grass. Juliet stood beside me, her hands clasped neatly, and Lacius looked at my work with great interest.

“It appears to be real. Your drawing abilities are exceptional.”

“I appreciate the compliment.”

I’ve been holding an oil painting brush since I was 12 years old. I had never heard that I was particularly gifted at it, but in this world, I was treated as if I were a painting genius.

I examined the black tiger’s gleaming black fur and gracefully curved back.

A child, his amber eyes shining as if he were alive, stares straight ahead.

His fur would undoubtedly be soft, and his breath would be warm.

I can’t wait to give him life and see him come into this world. I wanted this sleeping child in the picture to know about the shining sun, the blowing wind, and the sweet scent of flowers.

“It’s past time for you to get up.”

With that in mind, I murmured as I lightly touched the painting. A bright light shone down on the canvas. There had been no changes up to that point, so there were no problems.

But at the next moment… 


I stumbled and bend my back. My entire body was suddenly depleted of strength.

I felt a tremendous sense of exhaustion that was difficult to compare to when I was making Juliet or the maids. I felt dizzy and had a sudden urge to vomit


As I stumbled, Lacius, who was standing next to me, immediately hugged me. I wanted to enjoy the feeling of being hugged because his arms were so firm, but even thinking about it made my head hurt.

I gasped and frowned, I felt like I was about to spit out everything inside of me.

‘What kind of power……?’

Is it true that the more detailed the image, the more effort it takes to summon it? I was suddenly put in danger, much like a  piece of cake half-gone in one bite. My legs gave out, and sweat began to form on the back of my neck.

Above all, it was freezing.

“Ugh, huh.”

“Shay, don’t do it if it’s too difficult. Your complexion is very pale right now, so you should stop—!”

“No, I can—I can handle it.”


Lacius’ low voice had a slightly angry tone to it. But I can’t give up.

This is all for your and my safety.

Despite the difficulty, the black tiger was already shining and taking shape.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. A little more… …He just needs a little more.”

Hooh. I was having trouble catching my breath. I was panting because it didn’t go as planned.

The black tiger who escaped from the photograph was unusual from the start. Despite his small stature, he is a vicious beast. He roared loudly, his mouth wide open.

I stroked the black tiger’s head, ignoring the trembling of my fingertips.

“Come on, grow up.”

You will grow as big as you want, as much as you can. The tiny black tiger lightly bit my fingertips as I added that to my mind.

There was a gust of wind and after that it gently flailed its tail as if thanking me.

“It’s dangerous.”

Rough swirls appear as if they are about to penetrate the floor and go underground. Gravel, grass, and branches flew everywhere, striking people.

To protect me, Lacius immediately placed my head on his chest.

‘Oh, it’s nice and warm.’

My body is trembling, and I’m afraid I’m going to die. However, with Lacius by my side, things seemed to improve. Because heat was emanating from his body.


As the wind died down, a great howl shook the area, as if it were tearing it apart…

The victor’s roar after defeating all the beasts. Strong teeth that can easily rip the head of any assassin who will try to harm me. A massive body with incredible forelimb strength and muscle mass.

I separated myself from Lacius after recovering my body to some extent. Then I turned to face the black tiger, its amber eyes twinkling at me.

“Do your best. Cat.”

The black tiger, named  ‘Cat,’ lowered its head and slowly bent its front knee.

I was aware that my skin had turned pale, but I don’t want to ask this child to go back to painting. I happily knelt down and hugged Cat.

It was then.

-Everything is fine, but the name ‘Cat’ is unpleasant.


-The name is the beginning of the contract. I can’t change it now, so I have to give it up.


Hey, where’s that grumbling voice coming from?

-Try not to call my name as much as possible.

It has a heavy and calm tone, as if revealing that it’s a male. Such a glum tone of voice, but still considerate.

I looked at Cat and questioned my ears. The others were as well. Cat wrinkled its nose, as if wondering why.

-Why? Can’t I say something?

“Did Cat just speak?”

Maynard, startled, screamed as loud as a plane’s engine. I was astounded as well.

Cat not only talked, but he also spoke very cheekily.

-Hm. I’ll let it slide because you appeared to be Master’s servant.


-I’m hungry. Give me something to eat

The tiger who shook its neck and smacked the floor with its tail appeared to have a bad personality at first glance. In some ways, it’s exactly how I imagined it, so why should I be surprised?

“Do you prefer grilled meat? Or is it better raw?”

In this situation, Lacius was the most composed. He inquired of Cat’s food preferences with a solemn expression.


“Which meat do you prefer: beef, lamb, pork, or duck?”

-Beef. Marbling is acceptable.

“Oh, I see. I’ll get it ready right away.”

……It had to be the knight commander’s adaptability.

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