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TAGWF Chapter 3.3


I had given such a cute name to a huge and terrifying black tiger. Everything is presented realistically, from its sharp eyes to its claws, just like the tiger in the picture that was hanging in my grandmother’s house when I was a child.

I paused for a moment, sweeping my hands across the dry painting.

‘Where can we call this guy out?’

Because the garden is so beautifully decorated, the backyard is the better option. It will sleep in my room after being summoned, but it will be stuffy on the inside because it is still a wild animal. I had to make a space outside for this guy to breathe, rest, and roll around.

Maynard’s blood and sweat have filled the garden, so the only option is the backyard…

I quickly went downstairs and out to the backyard after walking around the room.

They may be preparing for something big, as the attacks have become less frequent these days. I couldn’t let my guard down, which is why I decided to summon the black tiger today.

But as I was walking quickly towards the backyard, I came to a halt. I didn’t mean to, but I couldn’t help myself.

Because something deep within me told me to just stand here.

‘It’s blinding!’

In the middle of the backyard.  Lacius, who was in a stance with his shirt off, is currently wielding his sword.

Even from a distance, his hip muscles moved in perfect unison. Not to mention the shape of his arm muscles, which had been honed through practise.


The sight made my mouth almost water. He was very neat when he was dressed, so why does he look rough now? Despite the fact that I prefer mature blonde men, Lacius was simply ideal.

His b-bu, in particular.


“In this harsh world, pull yourself together…!”

I slapped myself on the cheek and realized what had happened. If I look at him like this, it’s clear that Lacius will be upset.

So the fact that I’ve just licked his body with my eyes must remain a secret.


Lacius put down his sword in response to my calm call. I smiled broadly and waved my hand towards him, as if I hadn’t just thought about something evil a minute before.

Fortunately, it worked. Lacius was aware that he was half-naked, but he didn’t cover up or feel self-conscious.

“I finally finished Cat who will guard me. I’m now looking for a location where I can call him out.”

“Oh, you did say he’d be big.”

“Yeah, I thought calling him out in the garden would ruin all the flowers. I apologize for interfering with your training.”

He’s gentle with me but harsh with everyone else.

Lacius took a bottle and drank water, blinking as if he understood.

Water drips down his sweat-soaked upper body. The manly Adam’s apple that moved up and down, as well as the movement of the muscles I wanted to touch, were both very artistic. He has a beastly body and a very attractive face; he is without a doubt a very attractive man. His body does not appear to have been built through intense training, but rather to have rolled on a real battlefield.


He called me as he drank water, as if perplexed.

A gentle voice heard only by those he believes are on his side. It is a privilege to receive his kindness because you are within the boundaries he has established.

‘Oh, my heart.’ 

I tried to hold it in, but oh God. My heart fell with a thud.


I coughed loudly for no apparent reason, and before Lacius noticed anything out of the ordinary, I quickly changed the subject.

“Is it okay to be that naked?”

“Ah. I believe everything will be fine today. There are no signs of danger for some reason.”


“Our “living together” strategy appears to be working.”

Lacius’ face was slightly relieved as he said this. Not long ago, despite living in his own home, he always kept the door closed.

When I think about it, the attacks have definitely subsided in recent days, and even minor attacks have slowed. And now I realize I never had a fracture or a bruise while I was here, let alone died.

Inside, it was not at all dangerous because I could fully utilize my power as a painting wizard, and when going out, it is mandatory to always go out with Lacius. So, who can cause me harm?

At this point, they (attackers) may have paused to catch their breath.

“Do you enjoy working out at home?”

“Of course, it’s much better without those sickening stares.”

“Aside from the assassin, are there also no wizards nearby?”

Lacius simply nodded when I asked him a question.

“I’m not sure what the principle is, but they say wizards let the ladies watch me while I’m training. No, to be precise, even my light strolls or anything.”

“Things like that…”

Is that what a live broadcast in this world entails?

The author is truly evil. Lacius, who is already ascetic, would surely go insane with all those unusual settings.

I nodded and clicked my tongue inwardly. It’s a relief that he didn’t notice that I had just looked at his body with dark thoughts.

“Anyway, I need someone to bring down the painting. A strong person to not drop it.”

“I’ll call Maynard.”

“All right.”

Lacius took the neatly placed towel on the rock, wiped his brow, and draped it over his shoulder.

I looked up at the sky, then back at the swaying branches in the distance, rolling my eyes back and forth.

It’s wonderful that Lacius has such faith in me, but…. I’m not sure where to look.

Lacius then looked down at his body with an ‘ah’ expression, as if he had only just realized that fact.

“I apologize. I was impolite to the lady.”

“No, what rudeness are you referring to?”

“Could you please wait a moment? I’ll just change my clothes.”

“Uh, yes. Go right ahead.”

My heart must be insane?

The pulsation that spreads from my chest tingles my entire body. I just saw a handsome man half-naked, so it’s a natural reaction of my body as a young woman, but it’s not something I should do.


Keep yourself together!

Lacius’ broad shoulders and solid waistline are visible beneath his long blond hair. not to mention his protruding hip bone— I turned my head, trying not to think about Lacius’ body.

‘Good thoughts…… good thoughts…’

However, no matter how hard I try, the afterimage remains in my mind, as if a lewd demon were living in my head.

Please, God, save me.

I only saw it once, but I’ll never forget his body. It truly was something to die for.

Finally, I had no choice but to look up at the clear sky and lament my immorality. What a heinous thing to do to such a helpless man…

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