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TAGWF Chapter 3.19


The forest was damp and cold. This is because tall trees covering the sun and huge fern plants resembling bracken are scattered everywhere.

Soldiers in the front slashed the tangled branches with a massive sickle. After hearing a loud snapping sound, nobles would then follow.

I tried to guess our location by looking up at the leaves that were blocking all of the sunlight. If I ever got lost, I had to come back here.

“Keep your eyes straight ahead.”

Dame Ziontin spoke harshly and suddenly stretched her arms out in front of me. It kept me from hitting my head on the twigs I failed to see.

Ziontin has been nagging me to ‘wander around with your eyes wide open’ or ‘be careful’ ever since.

‘She’s a tsundere, a total tsundere.’

I simply opened my eyes and nodded to indicate that I understood. It was the first time I’d felt someone protecting me in this way, and it didn’t feel bad honestly.

‘Is Lacius here?’

The forest appears to be quite large, so I’m curious as to where he was to hear me blow the whistle. The whistle was in a leather bag attached to Cat’s nape. My talismans too. It was the most secure location because Cat would never leave me.

I listened to Ziontin’s words as I looked around the forest, which felt suddenly relaxing. It’s very peaceful and pleasant. A walk in the woods in the middle of the day would be a lot of fun.

‘I’d like to come here with Lacius.’

Wouldn’t Lacius be safe from everyone’s gaze if there was no one in the forest? And no, not to hunt; I simply wanted to walk alongside him here.

At that time.

Channg! Klang-ang!

A sharp metal sound tore through the air, breaking my peaceful thoughts. It sounded like a massive engine was moving and eating something living. Of course, at the end of that creepy sound came a desperate scream.

“Ah, it caught one.”

“Caught? What?”

“… It is better for the Lady to not to see it.”

Ziontin seemed to recognise the sound. The cat also licked its nose. I suppose I’m the only one who doesn’t know what it was, but how can I ignore something that piques my interest?

“Oh, My lady! It would be best not to go— Ha…”

Ziontin tried to stop me, but all she could do was to let out a deep sigh at the end. She was well aware that I would not listen to her.

I tapped Cat on the nape to let it lead me to the source of the roaring sound.

‘Oh, the smell of blood.’

I finally identified the source of the noise after turning around a large tree and passing through the bushes. It was a massive mousetrap.

“S-Save me, please…”

A bloodied man with his legs severed stretched out his hand. It was an unsettling sight, but no one, not even Ziontin, turned their heads away.

The princess stood in front of the criminal about to be executed. Her expressionless face was very scary.

“I’m sure you’ve also heard that before.”

“Save me……”

“Yes, please save me. She asked you to spare her life. But you had fun and eventually killed her, right? Oh, that poor girl.”

With her foot, the princess crushed the rapist’s head. The princess, whose foot moved like it was putting out a cigarette fire, took a step back and lifted her hand. Then, through the crowd, came some women who had been following slowly from the back. Tears streamed down their cheeks.

“You bastard! You’re a devil!”

“Your ugly soul will fall into hell!”

The women found stones nearby and threw them at the rapist.

Puck. The sound of the head cracking is audible. Justice. This was justice for wounds that the law could not heal.

Shortly after, the rapist passed out, bleeding from the head. He is bleeding profusely and is unlikely to survive.

The princess sobbed as she approached the helpless women and hugged them directly. It was a very powerful move.


…… From now on, I’ll refer to her as unnie*. I clasped my hands and watched the scene from beginning to end.

*(In case some of you are confused, Unnie or literally older sister is also used to call pretty or cool females (mostly celebrities). If someone is really pretty or cool, girls call them “unnie” as a sign of respect.)

she’s so cool, how could she not be an unnie? I get goosebumps just thinking about her. I promised myself that in the future, I would address the princess as Unnie.

-That’s an Alpha, and it’s terrifying.

“Right? She clearly was. No matter how hard I think about it, she’s the ultimate alpha among alphas. It was very clear.”

Alpha female. It is a reference to the female boss.

The party went deeper into the forest after the first criminal was killed. I looked at the princess’ back as I talked with Cat. 

Three more criminals were apprehended and summarily executed. The shivering men all faced a miserable end in front of the victim, or the victim’s family. It was possible because all of the women were in the princess-unnie’s group.

“Thank you thank you… … .”

“I will serve you for the rest of my life. I will be the princess’ hands and feet. Please accept me as your servant…”

Those who were able to exact revenge thanks to the princess, which they could never have imagined, bowed and wept. They all cried out, pleading with the princess to accept them as her people and promising to go to any length.

Perhaps if the princess becomes emperor, a powerful female cartel* that has never been seen before will emerge.

*(a coalition or cooperative arrangement between political parties intended to promote a mutual interest.)

The knights belong to the princess, the maids and ladies-in-waiting belong to the princess, even the noble ladies belong to the princess. Half of the world is in the princess’s hands, so how can her imperial power be weak?

Protect the weak, cherish the people, and listen to the victims. I’ve never seen an emperor as great as the princess.

“Her Highness… is truly amazing.”

I was so amazed that my inner thoughts flowed out. Then Dame Ziontin raised her eyebrows.

“She is someone who will become the Great* emperor and conqueror in the future. Of course she is amazing.”

*(Original word: Daeje (大帝): A title that refers to an emperor who has a posthumous title , respected or achievements.)

“I don’t believe she has anything to improve on. It’s an honor to be close to someone like Her Highness.”

“That’s correct. Being invited to the princess’ ‘hunting’ is a tremendous honor. It’s a treasure that should be passed down.”

As expected, being a fan of the same person is the best way to quickly make friends. The important thing here, however, is to be genuine. Pretending to be a fan will quickly get you caught.

But, because I’m currently in love with the princess, I was able to get along with Ziontin.

‘That’s too bad. If I had finished the book, I would have seen Princess Unnie become Emperor.’

It’s always better to be prepared. Knowing facts about my unnie that others did not know would make me extremely proud. What a pity.

“Let’s split up again here.”

The birds chirped, oblivious to the atrocities taking place in the forest.

The princess paused for a moment before ordering the group to regroup. Then, one by one, the people moved, and before I knew it, I, Ziontin, and a few knights were standing next to the princess.

As the other group went far away, I sat down and rested for a while. The princess then approached me and held out a water container.

“Would you like to drink?”

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