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TAGWF Chapter 3.17



Oh right. This unnie was originally a villain!

I clapped my hands as if I were a newly enlightened man. Because she was so nice to me, I forgot that her original role was as a villain.

‘But I doubt she’d bring innocent civilians and treat them this way…’

It was a personal belief of mine. The belief that the princess is logical, rational, and reasonable. Because the princess I got to know was like that.

Furthermore, when I saw people exiting the convoy wagon, they were all dressed the same.

Pajamas with gray stripes.

“Are they sinners?”

Perhaps my guess was correct, the princess elegantly raised the corners of her mouth.

“That’s correct. Their crimes, however, are all the same. What do you think they did wrong?”

Dioles’, the princess’s voice was so gentle. I was about to say, ‘I love your voice,’ but I stopped myself.

“Um, well…. High treason?”

“Quite similar.”

“They don’t appear to be thugs or robbers.”

They don’t even resemble gangsters.

They were simply plain. It’s a face you will see everywhere as you walk down the street. You won’t even think of them as someone who’s committed a heinous crime.

“I can’t blame you, they’re plain pigs after all.”

The princess spoke in a soft tone. However, her fingers twitched around her thighs, as if she found something unpleasant.

They were dragged out one by one like sausages and forced to kneel. Then the princess who approached me raised her hand and gently covered my eyes.

“You shouldn’t be fooled by their appearance. They are the worst of the worst, rapists.”


“Aside from that, murder after rape. A person who only kidnapped and sold women. Those who took pleasure in cutting off their victims’ bodies while they were still alive. They are all the most heinous criminals.”

Without hiding their disgust, the princess’ knights kicked the prisoners’ knees and hit the back of their heads. The prisoners then staggered and pretended to cry.

I nodded involuntarily, watching the entire scene through the gap between the princess’s fragrant fingers. These pigs almost made me feel sorry for them.

As she looked down at them, the princess lowered her hand and twisted her lips.

“It’s interesting that they all react the same way.”

“Have you ever done any ‘hunting’ like this before?”

“Yes, but they do not reflect. They’ll eventually kill and kill some more. It’s because I haven’t yet ascended to the throne.”

Criminals across the country would have had all their bones broken by now if Dioles had been an emperor rather than a princess.

Of course, she will ascend to the throne in the future, but the sinners are not afraid of the princess right now. Such a sign could be seen in their eyes rolling quickly.

The princess drew her long hair back and draped the knight’s cloak over her shoulders.

“This is why people like me are required. They should be punished by being pressed with strength because they pressed others with strength, right?”

Ha, that’s cool

She’s smiling but there’s murder in her eyes.

An eye for an eye. That is not an appropriate choice for a country’s leader. Knowing this, she decided to go hunting in this manner in secret.

She hasn’t yet taken the gleaming crown. There’s no reason to give her political opponents a reason to criticize her.

‘I had no idea the hunting she was referring to was like this.’

My heart pounded and my excitement surged. To inflict the same amount of suffering to the guilty.

Suddenly, I remembered the group of women I saw earlier who were neither knights nor maids. Perhaps they are victims of these heinous criminals. For a brief moment, that thought crossed my mind.

“Preparations are complete, Your Highness.”

It was then. A knight in light armor approached the princess and respectfully bowed her head. But why does the back of its head look so familiar?

I opened my eyes wide as I looked at the knight.

“Uh? Dame Ziontin?”

I had no idea we’d run into each other here!

I waved my hand to the knight with short blue hair. Dame Ziontin, on the other hand, frowned as soon as she saw me. The princess asked, looking at us with great interest.

“Are you acquainted with Dame Ziontin?”

“Yes, Your Highness. We’ve already met once before.”

“Really? Then since you’re already acquainted, Dame Ziontine should accompany Lady Oberon today.”

The princess devised a simple plan and attached Dame Ziontin to me. I smiled broadly as soon as I met Dame Ziontin’s gaze, hoping in my heart for this exact scene to happen.

Of course, Dame Ziontin, who had suddenly taken command of me, objected.

“Pardon? But, Your Highness—!”

“When did I allow you to speak back, Dame Ziontin?”

“… … I apologize. I will rectify my mistake.”

Oh my goodness, how do you get Ziontin to stop talking with just one sentence? Our princess is truly amazing. I’ll be the princess’s boot licker from now on…!

I was a little excited to see Ziontin, whom I hadn’t expected to meet here.

‘This rope was, as expected, a gold one. Nice!’

Peridot, the Villainess #1, is under the princess’ command, and now even Ziontin! 

In the original, wasn’t the princess the one who founded the first Lacius fan club? Then the fan club president, who also happens to be Villainess #3 was also under her. 

‘Oh, and me too, right?’

The princess has taken all of the villains under her wing. The princess is, without a doubt, the best.

“The rapists are in position.”

When the princess spoke, everyone moved in unison. Now that the murmurs and noise have died down, it appears that the hunt will begin in earnest.

“I’ll give you one more chance to choose.”

The princess proudly opened her mouth in front of the bound criminals.

“There was a forest in front of you. You might not be punished if you run away well.”


“Of course, you’ll die if you don’t flee.”

A chance to avoid punishment. The princess who spoke that sweet temptation with her mouth was truly devil-like.

“But I had to inquire. Is there anyone here who regrets what they did?”


“The question is whether anyone wishes to seek forgiveness from the victims and receive proper punishment.”

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