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TAGWF Chapter 3.13


A half-broken tombstone lay beneath the blazing mass-like force.

One day, the worthy will appear, seize control of the power, and defeat evil.

The imperial family was understandably excited about what sounded like a pretty romantic heroic story.

However, no one has been able to seize power since that time. Even the Archmage intervened, but power did not transfer, and the result is the same for members of the imperial family as well as members of the Scwheiden family.

It all failed.

As a result, the ancient temple of Evershal was sealed around 80 years ago. Along with the arrogant assertion that anyone who truly deserves it will be able to break through the seal.

The imperial family now only knows the location of the temple, and even the means of getting to the location where that ‘power’ exists has vanished. The unique ancient compass was also lost.

The previous emperor worked hard to conceal his own errors. He chose the nobleman he despised the most and entrusted Evershal to him, but the nobleman was a man of integrity.

It also meant that his mouth was powerful enough to safeguard the ancient temple’s survival.

“That’s correct. They would never have asked him about it.”

Dioles’ face had become expressionless. If the imperial family’s top secret information is leaked, countless people must be apprehended and killed. But what if it’s just a coincidence?

‘It’s fun to play dice sometimes.’

What is the probability that the place she will pick after asking her charmingly for a land was Evershal?

Again, it is 0.

So Dioles decided to watch rather than take action. She wonders what cute things that naughty lady will do there.

* * *

At the Archduchy of Schweiden.

After meeting Lacius, I mentioned what happened between the princess and I during the dinner. I was out of breath by the time I finished speaking, and the broccoli soup had already cooled.

That is understandable. So much has happened that I can’t help but tell him about it.

I did, however, leave out one detail. That the princess decided to abandon her interest in Lacius and stop bothering him with newspapers.

I’ll wait to see if the princess follows through on her promise before telling him. Because if she doesn’t, Lacius will only be hurt three times more for expecting. 

So I told him about the hunt instead and that I was going to see the Emperor.

“What kind of person  is the Emperor?”

“His Majesty is…….”

Lacius remained silent. It was clear that  he couldn’t reveal the truth about the emperor’s character as a loyal servant.

“Um, okay. Was he ill- tempered?”

“A little, he’s strange.”

“How much more than the Imperial Princess?”

“Approximately three times more.”


There was only one passage about the emperor in the original story.

A playful personality who enjoys playing. A drunkard who does not get drunk easily, even after consuming a crate of alcohol in one sitting. He was said to enjoy new games so much that he invents them or insists on making bets to anyone, making life difficult for his servants.

I inquired to see if it was correct, and based on Lacius’ reaction, it appeared to be correct.

“Your Majesty was unable to tolerate boredom. He’s always looking for a good time.”

“Does he like to gamble?”

“Yeah, he likes to play games at drinking parties, which is why there are competitions every year to create new games.”

Lacius’ voice was monotonous, but his forehead was creased. It must have been difficult for Lacius, a complete introvert, to put up with the emperor. Anyone can see that the emperor is overly active.

“I see.”

If I’m going to meet the Emperor, it’d be a good idea to hook him up to my side as well.

I enjoyed games as well.


How about creating a well-known board game in this world? This is yet another new business item.

Because I can’t do everything at once, I should take it one step at a time, but this idea was also very creative. After congratulating myself, I mentally folded the pages to mark this idea.

His Majesty the Emperor will appreciate gifts as well. Particularly if it’s a game he’s never seen or heard of before.

“You should then practise dancing.”

Lacius finally put down his napkin and broke the silence. I was perplexed as I looked at him.

“Eh? Dance? Why?”

“After the hunt is over, the princess always hosts a banquet. She builds a large bonfire in the center and dances, laughs, and chatters around it. We will have to go there with her.”

Lacius’ displeasure was obvious. Nonetheless, I was grateful that he offered to help avoid getting embarrassed. Because he is the only person I can practise with.

“Thank you very much. Actually, I have no idea how to dance.”

“I assumed so.”

“Wait, really?”

“People who enjoy dancing are usually concerned about missing a banquet.”

Lacius shook his head. His expression indicated a strong dislike for dancing, but he didn’t appear to be unable to dance at all. He had to have learned everything because the aristocracy requires it.

I shouldn’t skip a beat. I’m not sure what kind of social dance this world will have, but I’ll figure it out.

I dropped my fork and called him as I looked at the paprika salad that had finally arrived after a long time.

“Uhm, Lacius.”


“Do you want to dance outside?”

Previously, my suggestion would have sounded ridiculous. However, no one was seen lurking outside the mansion these days, so we can keep the windows open now, which would have been considered extremely dangerous in the past.

Yes, it wasn’t a big deal now. Lacius is even training naked in the backyard!

“If anyone is hiding, I’ll tell Cat to scare them all away so can we?”

I’d already lifted my hips halfway and extended my hands. Lacius stood up, looking conflicted for a moment. Then he approached me, grabbed my outstretched hand, and gently flipped it.

“I’d be delighted. Let’s get started.”

I followed him outside, enjoying the pounding of my heart. And before I knew it, Theobalt was already on the other side of the backyard. 

“I’ll play for the two of you.”

“You know how to play the violin, Theo?”

“I learned a little bit when I was a kid.”

Oh my God, what a charming old gentleman he is.

The image of a white-haired old man noblely holding a violin and placing it under his chin provided a strangely relaxing feeling.

“Will you give me the honor of holding your hand?”

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