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TAGWF Chapter 3.10


‘Oh my God.’

Looking around the large dome-shaped structure, I noticed a young lady who was about to open the second of the three glass doors. The issue is that she discovered us as well.

She removed her glasses and folded them, revealing her enigmatic green eyes. It appeared as if her eyes were smiling, which I’m not sure if it was due to her eyes being thin, as they usually are in animation, but the description of her was spot on.

Villainess number one, with her lovely blonde hair falling to one side. Peridot Crisiona, the daughter of a Duke, resembled a traditional beauty.

She came out of the last door and looked me in the eyes. It’s a fierce stare that instantly makes your hair stand on its end.

Her hostile stare at me was evident.

“Hello, Lady Peridot.”

“Your majesty.”

“I saw this rose on my way here and I’d like to rename it.”

But it vanished in the blink of an eye. When the princess opens her mouth without hesitation and points to the rose in my ear, her hostility vanishes as if it were all in my head. I looked at Villainess No. 1 in front of me, feeling a little nervous.

“I understand. How should I alter it?”

“Titania shell rose,” It fits it much better.”

What? Wasn’t that a joke?

I was already getting a death stare from Villainess No. 1, but the princess swung one more dead flag for me. Putting it in with force! It’s admirable that the princess is being gracious, but please at least look at her(Peridot) smile.

‘What kind of enemy making day is today?’

I’m in big trouble. All villains are villains, but villainess no. 1 is no laughing matter. In comparison to what she can do, Ziontin’s disapproval of me would appear to be a cute joke. My entire body trembled, and I paid a silent tribute to the coming march of hardship.

“Tita… nia. Is that the name of the lady beside you, your highness?”

“You don’t have to know. Anyway, that’s all. Please report the change to the conference tomorrow and put the report on my desk.”

“I understand, your highness.”

It’s even scarier not to express your displeasure, even though she probably despises me.

Peridot must have been the one who sent the assassin that threw a spear at me and the wizard that attacked me on my first day. Except for the princess, only Peridot possessed such intelligence and power.

Peridot didn’t like Lacius, but she saw him as a keyring* to make her shine, which was scarier to be honest. No normal person would obsess over a keyring she hadn’t yet acquired.

*(Keyring man is said to have the same meaning as trophy wife who is regarded as a status symbol for the husband.)

Lady Peridot left, and this time we finally managed to find the right path to the Imperial Palace.

I was debating whether I should be happy that I blew the first attack* after my first meeting with Peridot when I asked the princess a question.

*(Original word is Fresh bread- A slang term for attacking the opponent first in a fight.)

“Your Highness, I have a question.”

“What is it?”

“What does Lady Peridot, whom we just met, have to do with the roses?”

Please state that she has no connection to the roses. I must have been hallucinating, right? However, the princess’s candour shattered my hope.

“Ah, Lady Peridot is the Imperial Plant Research Department’s head. I happened to run into her while thinking about renaming the rose and was able to deal with it quickly.”

“Oh… … .”

So, villainess no. 1 is in charge of developing this rose, and the princess has just ordered the same villainess to change the name of her rose to my name…

‘Isn’t this the quickest way to get killed?’

Peridot Crisiona, the Duke Crisiona’s youngest daughter, has a very high self-esteem. As a result, she would rather break things she can’t have than share them.

This is also why she is friendly with the princess, who helps her bully what she cannot have.

She was obsessed with perfection and couldn’t stand any flaws in her own work, which pushed both herself and her subordinates. Well, if Peridot was a flexible person, she would not have become the number one villain.

‘I did well in drawing my escort(Cat) early.’

It just tingles my spine. Those eyes were already filled with hatred when they looked at me.

But it was extremely unjust. I’m not Lacius’s true fiancée. I’m just a contractor.

“Is that greenhouse not open to the public?”

“Why? Are you curious?”

“Very much. I love plants.”

That’s a lie.

I never liked them because flowers and plants were constantly entangled by insects. The princess, who was walking quickly, came to a halt and looked back at the path we had taken.

“Because Lady Peridot is in charge of the greenhouse, you must obtain her permission to enter it. There are hazardous plants inside.”

“… Hazardous plants?”

“Yeah. Some are poisonous so you must enter with the permission of the person in charge.”

… Oh, I should be careful with poisoning as well.

It’s no surprise that poison needles were commonly used in the original.

Actually, I want to support Peridot as much as I can because there aren’t many noble ladies with jobs here, and she even has a high position.

But my life was on the line, so it wasn’t easy.

‘Oh, I see. Perhaps Charles Bauce speaks in that manner because he fears that men will be pushed out as a result of women taking on important positions here and there?’

My tongue immediately clicked.

Pitiful. Should we then hire more men simply to match the male to female talent ratio?

‘Sigh, he should kick his butt out and replace himself with a powerful family member.’

That would be far better for the development of the country.

‘No, perhaps the princess’s first action after ascending the throne will be to rid the kingdom of people like him?’

Just thinking about it makes me feel good. Princess Unnie will, of course, create a new world.


Step by step. The sound of footsteps on soft grass is lovely. It’s been a while since each of us walked silently, lost in our own thoughts. As if she had suddenly remembered something, the princess opened her mouth.

“I had a query.”

“What exactly is it, Your Highness?”

“When are you going to get engaged to Lacius?”

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