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TAGWF Chapter 3.1


3. The Princess’s Hunt

Various newspapers greatly exaggerated the incident in which Lacius was attacked in broad daylight. It was impossible to conceal the case because so many people had seen Kun Gaisha. Fortunately, the atmosphere was so chaotic that outsiders did not dare to approach, and as a result, no one properly heard the conversation that occurred.

After the incident, I immediately called ‘Terran Hours.’ This was done so that they could provide an exclusive report on the carriage attack by interviewing Lacius.

Q. Does your majesty know who the assailant is?

A. No.

Q. It appears to be a desert warrior; is Terran in danger again?

A. No. Even if that’s the case, I promise to protect Terran.

Q. What an excellent response! This is a question that all women will be interested in. When do you intend to get married?

A. Soon.

Despite the fact that it was only a three to four-line question and answer session, it is important to note that this content does not appear in other newspapers. In addition, confirmations of his ‘marriage’ were made public. If you’re a fan, you won’t know about it unless you buy the newspaper.

“How many newspapers did you sell yesterday?”

“Sold out! It was sold out!”

And the following day. Mr. Bloomberg, the president of ‘Terran Hours,’ jumped into the Grand Duke’s residence, looking as if he was about to faint.

“For the very first time! For the first time since ‘Terran Hours’ was established! We’ve sold out!”

Yes, I knew it.

As I watched Mr. Bloomberg speak quickly and without pausing to breathe, I gently moved my hands. Juliet and Maynard then came in from behind with the mountain of pastries that I had told them to prepare ahead of time.

It’s a variety of pastries. Lemon financier and strawberry madeleine Dacquoise sanded with 100% real butter cream. Chocolate chip muffins and even meringue cookies are available.

I’m going to give a basket of baked goods to ‘Terran Hours.’ Of course, what we’re eating right now is a different set.

“Now, bring this to your hardworking employees.”

“What exactly is all of this?”

Mr. Bloomberg’s eyes widened as he saw the baked goods placed in a lovely box.

“It’s a gift. Didn’t you say it was sold out?”

“Sold out is good for us… But how did you know in advance…?”

How did I find out? For those who are tired of life, entertainment gossip is usually the most interesting. Furthermore, Lacius, the empire’s idol, was attacked, so it would be strange if it is not sold out.

“It’s good for me if ‘Terran Hours’ does well. After all, the newspaper chose to support me rather than the princess.”

I laughed out loud and directed that the heavy boxes be placed next to Mr. Bloomberg. It’s not just one or two, and it’s quite large, so it’s almost as if someone gave him boxes of apples instead, but I was pleased with it.

I didn’t give him any money or jewelry, did I?

This can not be considered a bribe. There’s no way our Maynard’s bread and cookies could be a bribe.

It’s just a little gift to soften people’s hearts. Besides, those desserts are absolutely delectable.

I sipped my tea while Mr. Bloomberg indulged in the desserts to his heart’s content. Peppermint tea with a strong bitter flavor was ideal for my taste buds. I’m not sure what the original villainess no. 4 likes.

“As well as that.”

I said something quietly as the plate was nearly empty.

“I have a question for you.”


Mr. Bloomberg then rolled his eyes around, as if puzzled.

I whispered to him.

“Do you have any knowledge about land?”

I know very little about this world. If someone lives in the countryside with this much beauty, they will always be the subject of gossip. But I also can’t stay in the capital. In that case, I had to travel far away, but I detested foreign countries. In the end, it’s still better to be in Terran because it’ll be easier to get help if I get into trouble.


“Yes. Like a fertile land.”

“Don’t nobles know better about that?”

Mr. Bloomberg appeared surprised. Hey, it had to be the first time he’d ever heard a noble lady mention the word “land.”

However, I was dead serious.

I’m not familiar with it, which is why I inquired! Why would I bother asking if I already knew? When I locked my gaze on Mr. Bloomberg, he pulled out his handkerchief and wiped his sweat before opening his mouth.

“Things commonly referred to as fertile lands are concentrated in Terran’s south, but… They all have owners. It is the nobles’ responsibility to manage the territories granted by His Majesty, the Emperor…?”

“What about a vast and useless land that is not fertile and is ignored? Do you know any?”

“I’m not sure about that, but…… Can’t the lady just look it up in the Imperial Palace’s land ledger?”

Mr. Bloomberg stuttered as a result of my intense interest. I asked quickly, blinking my eyes.

“Land ledger?”

“Yes. With my limited knowledge, the Evershal in the southeast appears to be the ideal land based on your description.”

“Evershal of Southeast.”

“Because its border is close to the desert, there is always disruption. The lord of that land vanished ten years ago, and it was returned to the imperial family.”

Mr. Bloomberg’s explanation was lengthy. My eyes twinkled, and I shook Mr. Bloomberg’s hand violently.

“Thank you very much! That is exactly what I need!”

I know who to ask about the land now. That’s correct, the princess!

Actually, I don’t just have a penny or two in my account, but 5 billion gautes, and it would be a waste not to use them. When I sneakily asked Theobalt yesterday, it seemed like the interest rate would be low if the land was nothing special…

‘Land it is if that’s the case!’

The Creator is above the landowner, and the landowner is above the building owner. It is the same everywhere. To be considered powerful, you must have a large and good territory. While everyone is perplexed by my existence, I need to buy land quickly.

It’s unfortunate that there isn’t much of an understanding of rising land prices here, but so what?

As long as I have land, I can achieve a creative economy with my own strength.

“What will you use that land for … ?”

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