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TAGWF Chapter 2.3



Time quickly flew by.

It’s been almost 15 days since I stayed at the Archduchy of Schweiden.

The murder threats that I have received so far were three visits by assassins in the middle of the night, two privately made bombs thrown during a garden walk, and one ‘mixing iron powder in a newly introduced bath cream’ attack.

It was pretty dangerous.

I don’t know if it can be called a relief, but I don’t think they’re planning to touch the groceries. It seems that they’re avoiding it due to the probability that Lacius could eat it too.

In that sense, Lacius and I had every meal together.

“I think the rumours about me would have accumulated enough to go five laps around the Imperial Palace by now… Shall we go out soon?”

The newspaper poured out stories about me day after day and finally calmed down today. It means it’s time to throw out new food.

Recalling the map of the capital that I memorised over 15 days, I started thinking about where to go.

“There is a suitable place.”

At that time, Lacius, who seemed to be hesitating about something, lowered the knife he was holding and opened his mouth.

Welcoming the idea that I don’t have to bother thinking about where to go anymore, I asked in response,


“It’s somewhere dangerous.”

“Yes, it’s even dangerous for me to lie like I’m dead on my bed, so just tell me where it is.”

The paintings of the black tiger and the maids were still far from being completed. Because they are oil paintings, I have to paint them several times.

However, in the meantime, I made dozens of simple sketches to loosen my hands.

Sketches not scribbles.

So I was confident, until I heard the destination.

“The Imperial Palace.”

“Imperial Palace?”

“The knight’s training ground is also there.”


Um, I can hear it.

The soft sound of the death flags rising up.

‘It’s… it’s definitely dangerous.’

I suddenly wanted to change my mind… I think I should just stick to my bed like a barnacle and have a fun time watching the wall.

I think time will go by quickly if I try on sapphire rings and ruby earrings that were bought for me and compliment myself that they were pretty. If I do this and that—


However, looking at this man’s face, I couldn’t dare utter those words out of my mouth.

He was obviously looking forward to going out with me. I was also uncertain about refusing him, because he seemed to want to introduce me to the members of the Rentus Knights.

Agonising, I nodded my head in the end while reaching out for the pile of bread.

“Let’s go.”

“You want to go?”

“Yes. There are people I need to meet anyway.”

If I go there, I’ll meet Dame Ziontin Adles for sure.

My life preservation project!

Number 1. Let’s seduce Ziontin.

With a black heart,* I took a big bite of the bread, because there was a law that one must be full in order to seduce someone well. 

*(흑심을- evil-disposed[-minded])


Ziontin Adles is unique. 

She’s from a good family, so it wasn’t because she wanted to avoid marriage that she became a knight. She didn’t enter the Knights at the top of their list nor did she have enough power to beat her brother.

She acted blindly due to the female lead. She was extremely anxious as if her own child was being hugged by a beast, and she couldn’t do anything about it.

“If someone asks who is the female Otaku* who sells her sister to the world, raise your head and behold Ziontin.”

*(Otaku- a person having an intense or obsessive interest towards something/someone.) 

At that time, readers left such reviews.

Ziontin made every effort to prevent the original female lead from being connected with Lacius. But of course, despite this opportunity Ziontin created, other women still had no chance of standing next to Lacius.

It’s something like “That seat belongs only to the heroine, but not too soon!”

‘Ziontin is a troublesome person, so I’d rather have her on my side…’

Wearing a navy blue dress that clung to my body, I fell into deep thought.

There was still another opportunity. Ziontin met the female protagonist at the ball and became her fan, so I still have a good chance of winning her until then. At least she won’t try to kill me if we become friends.

While desperately remembering the characteristics of Ziontin Adles I knew of, I suddenly remembered that she was weak against cute and small things. I became sad right away.

“Even though I’m pretty, I’m a little big…..”

I can’t reduce my height.

I clicked my tongue and tightened the strings of the dress. With a transparent jewel brooch on my chest and a fan in my hand, I was ready to go out.

I pulled the corners of my mouth as much as I could and looked at myself in the mirror.

Let’s face her first.

We don’t know what’s going to happen until then.


The military system of the Imperial of Terran was divided into four groups.

The first being the Emperor’s Royal Guards, and the second was the Imperial Palace Knights. The third was the Capital Security and the fourth; the Local Garrison.

Among these, the Knights of the Imperial Palace was led by Lacius. And among them was the Rentus Knights, which meant ‘unbending’.

“Today is the official sparring day. It’s a day where the ranks change within the Order.”

“Can a civilian watch?”

“You’re the villainess I’m into. I can’t do anything about it.”

Oh, right. It’s the ‘crazy b*tch’ concept.

I nodded in agreement.

The Imperial Palace was not far from the Great Schweiden Residence. Me and Lacius headed straight for the second training hall. 

This training hall was dedicated to the Rentus Knights, a fairly large and spacious site.

“Captain! “

“The captain is here!”

As soon as I entered the black-bricked building with Lacius, the knights who were sitting jumped to their feet and saluted.

Like a catch a mole game, they began standing here and there. Seeing that, I realised that Lacius was in a great position.

“Hey, that lady…”

After saluting, a man with an incredibly cloudy presence, as if he had an ‘I am an extra’ sign written on his face approached us and asked about me.

Lacius replied quite naturally for it wasn’t his first time doing so.

“She’s lady Oberon, my fiance.”


“What’s with the reaction?”

When Lacius pointed out sharply, the extra knight immediately stood at attention.

“I didn’t mean to sir!”

“Don’t do anything rude to the lady.”

“I’m sorry my lady. I was foolish.”

The Rentus Knights, in a way, were extremely disciplined.

Although they seemed to be able to adapt to situations fast and act at their own pace, their absolute obedience system centred on Lacius, the leader of the knights.

I knew that knights should follow the commander’s order, but it was the first time I saw it in person like this.

I blinked my eyes and said I’m fine to the knight.

“It doesn’t matter. That’s how everyone reacts anyways.”


“It’s okay, Lashin. I’m sorry I followed him so recklessly. You’re all surprised, right? I know it’s going to be a nuisance, but I was so curious.”

When you say something with a smile like this, no one will be able to say, ‘Yes, you’re a nuisance.’

I thought it was that easy, but I forgot that there was one person in the Rentus Knights who could do that.

“This is not a place where civilians can come and go out of curiosity.”

At that time, a cold voice poured ice on the crisis. Then, in the dressing room set up inside the knight grounds, a knight dressed in silver armour pulled the curtains to the side and walked out.

Toned legs and a long neck. She looked young, but no one could deny her skills among her colleagues –the third daughter of Adles, a family with a temper as cold as a blade and integrity that even a needle could not pierce.

It was Dame Ziontin Adles.

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