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TAGWF Chapter 2.25


I almost passed out the first time I flew in a plane.

It’s similar to seeing a male lead promise to call a private plane for the female lead who is in trouble because her car broke down.

A shadow fell over our heads as soon as Lacius said the word “plane” to the thick, dull ring on his thumb.

I wondered if dark clouds had appeared out of nowhere, but when I looked up, what was this? A massive oval hull appeared out of nowhere and quickly became fully visible.


Juliet was the first to scream and clap her hands together. I had my mouth open as well.

The plane’s door, which had landed gently in front of us, opened on its own. Then a red carpet stairway appeared. Lacius reached out to me without looking surprised.

“Get in.”


Oh my goodness. I can’t believe I’m about to board a plane!

I took Lacius’ hand and carefully ascended the stairs, looking inside and admiring once more. It screamed luxury. The plane’s interior resembled a charter flight, as seen in dramas or in the daily lives of foreign celebrities.

“Is this a private plane?”

“Yes. The wizards open up the space and send the plane after tracking my location with this ring I’m wearing.”

“Wow, how come you haven’t been riding this nice thing until now?”

In the centre, there is an elegant beige leather sofa. A geometric-patterned carpet was laid on the floor, and a mahogany table was placed casually on it. It was topped with champagne and fruits that were cut into bite-sized pieces.

I took a banana and popped it into my mouth while holding the bottle of champagne for no apparent reason. It felt good to watch the bubbles rise up on the bottle.

Lacius, who was staring at me, buried himself on the sofa, as if tired, and replied slowly.

“I rode it at first. The ladies then attempted to fly after purchasing illegal magical items through unusual routes. After two fell and broke a bone while riding a broomstick, I gave up.

“….. Oh.”

Such a method…

What is the limit of crazy fans?

I kept my mouth shut for a moment, glancing at Lacius’ face, which, unlike mine, looked very bad.

‘Be happy……’

Lacius has been riding it frequently, so it may no longer be exciting for him, but it is for me.

‘I heard that just taking off and landing on a charter flight costs a lot of money.’

Because this is a magical world, there are no take-off or landing fees.

‘Ha, that’s fantastic.’

There are no traffic jams or roadblocks, which is what I mean when I say the sky road is the best!

I drank the apple-flavored champagne and ate macadamia-studded cookies while Lacius rested.

But wait a second. My lips opened in an instant as a question entered my mind.

“By the way, what does the first rakum mean? What is the significance of that title?”

“A desert separates the Terran Empire from the other countries. Sand field that is both hot and endless. There, tribes congregate around an oasis, and Khun and Ram represent them.”

Lacius responded sincerely without annoyance, so I decided to ask everything I was curious about.

“What do the Kun and the Ram clan look like?”

“Ah, that. The Kun clan is distinguished by red eyes, so the man appeared to be from the Kun clan.”

“So Kun is the surname in Kun Gaisha? Then, Gaisha is his name.”

“That’s correct. Rakum is their word for warrior, and he is the most powerful of Kun’s Rakums.”

Is a guy like that linked to Villainess No. 4? What kind of bond do they share? Did they travel through the desert together? Or did they meet in the desert and fell in love?

To be honest, based on our earlier conversation, it was safe to assume they’re lovers.

“But I don’t know him at all. I can’t recall anything.”

I was confident because I wasn’t making this up. Lacius’ blue-grey eyes met mine briefly, and he nodded, as if he realised it wasn’t a lie.

“But he recognises you. I believe you two had a close relationship.”

“Eh? Isn’t that impossible? There is no way.”

“What do his words mean then?”

“uh… well?”

In the original story, however, the villainess no. 4 clinged to Lacius. There were no such things as the desert warrior.

I frowned and had a headache.

Kun Gaisha appears to be obsessed at first glance. If he discovered that the real Villainess No. 4 had vanished and I had taken her place, I would not have gotten away so easily.

While I was busy letting my imagination run wild, I asked Lacius, who appeared to be as puzzled as I was.

“How about your relationship with Gaisha?”

“My sole adversary.”

In a low voice, he responded clearly.

“The only warrior who was able to harm me.  But I never imagined he’d forget about me.”

“No way, no how.”

“I didn’t forget, but he did, hmm. I didn’t think our bond was that shallow.”


I struggled inside as I looked at Lacius, who appeared to be heartbroken.

Is this supposed to be the original author’s attempt to write a hidden relationship?

“You have a very suspicious expression on your face.”

“Oh, huh?”

“You have flushed cheeks. What exactly are you thinking?”

Lacius mentioned this as the plane was about to come to a stop in the sky. I looked away from his eyes, slightly pricked, and up at the clear blue sky, with no trace of fine dust.

The clouds are white and the sky is beautiful because there are no harmful chemicals present.

I avoided Lacius’ gaze, focusing on the fresh air, which made me want to stay in this world even more.

I should never be caught on to what I was thinking.

Juicing* should only be done in imagination!

*(Literal term that means to squeeze juice from fruits but now used as a term to describe a fan who forces a coupling, most of the time of characters that are totally unrelated.)

T/N: Finally! End of chapter 2!! That was a long chapter~ Btw we’ll try to update thrice a week starting this week, I hope you enjoy it! Chapter 3 is coming^^

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    1. Thank you for reading! Tbh, I initially thought this novel was a short one with only 19 chapters but surprise I guess lol

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