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TAGWF Chapter 2.24


Oh God. If being beautiful is a sin, I’d be charged with high treason!

I looked up once at the clear sky, then at the hooded man. Look at the sky, then at the hooded man, then back at the sky. But no matter how I looked at it…

‘He might be a stalker….’

What if he’s a crazy obsessive man? I took a step back slowly. I’m not sure who you are, but you remind me of Jeong-sin*. I swallowed those words.

* (Protagonist of a well-known Naver Webtoon whose only characteristic is having a loose screw.)

“It’s been a long time since we’ve met… But you don’t seem pleased to see me?”

Sullenly, the hood man spoke up again. It had a very depressing tone to it. At this point, I was wondering if this was a play created by Lacius’s fan club.

Of course, him knowing the name ‘Shay,’ which I have never revealed to anyone except Archduke Schweden, is proof that he isn’t acting at all. But who will benefit from such a sympathetic performance on a public street? Of course, there are those who want to bring me down, but…

“Shay, come on. Let us return to our paradise.

The man then extended his hand.

He had very attractive brown skin. Of course, I prefer Middle Eastern handsome men second only to handsome blondes, but this is not the time for me to pass judgement.

“My fiancee doesn’t know you.”

Above all, Lacius was enraged. When I saw Lacius’ side profile, my blood ran cold.

I have to admit that I didn’t recognise him until the very end. The situation will be resolved only if I say I don’t remember who this man is.

Realizing this, I tilted my head to avoid the gaze of the hooded man, whose identity I still don’t know. Then I denied the name ‘Shay’ in a very innocent voice.

“I believe you mistook me for someone who resembles me. Titania is my name.”


Hood Man, on the other hand, smashed my entire performance in a single second. I kept speaking patiently, forcing my brows to contort.

“My name is Titania Oberon. I am Viscount Oberon’s only daughter. And I don’t know any Shay.”Lacius’ brows arched at my lie.

Well, I have no idea who that hooded man is.

In my frustration, I almost hit my chest. I wouldn’t be so frustrated if I knew who he was. How would I know since he was never mentioned in the original?

“Why do you keep pretending you don’t know who I am? Who knows me if you don’t?”

The Hood man sadly whispered, as if he had read my mind. It was a depressing tone, as if I had just broken his heart and thrown it away.

“Show me your face, then.”

I raised my voice, my face flushed with a strange sense of guilt.

“How can I tell who you are if you don’t show your face?”

My argument was bold and imposing.

It wasn’t because I was curious about the hooded man’s appearance. At the very least, I need to know who is torturing me. That’s why I told him to remove his hood.

With such self-justification, I lifted my chin. Then Hood Man sighed deeply.

“Did you truly lose your memory? If it’s a joke, it’s not funny.”

The hooded man, who was softly muttering, gently pulled the hem of the fabric that covered his face. The dusty cloth fell behind his head, exposing his dark hair. I was dazzled as I watched the scene unfold slowly, as if it were being played in slow motion.

He’s quite good looking.

If Lacius had the appearance of the mythical sun god, he was the warrior himself.

His short black hair and brown skin made him stand out. His red eyes drew people in, and the scorpion tattoo on one side of his face was very sophisticated. He doesn’t appear to be that old, maybe twenty? Twenty-two? Lacius appears to be around 28 years old, so he was quite young in comparison.

“It’s my face that you like. Do you still remember?”


Well you can say that but…

I quickly noticed the ladies around me sharply inhaling and gasping for breath. Should I just pretend to remember him, take him in, and make him an idol in this world? I believe his beauty would suffice.

‘Won’t that reduce the number of Lacius’ stalkers?’

But it happened just as I was about to hatch a sinister scheme…

“I recognise you.”


As I hurriedly turned my head towards Lacius, my neck made a popping sound. Lacius was staring intently at the man who had just removed his hood, and my eyes almost popped out of his sudden words.

“Kun Gaisha. The Kun clan’s first Rakum. Wasn’t it you?”


“That tattoo on your face.  Black hair and red eyes. It’s a face I’ve seen before, but nothing has changed. It’s unmistakably you. The only person who managed to touch me with his sword.”


The original story clearly stated that Lacius was seriously injured during the war. There was even a scene in which the female lead spent a hot night with Lacius, kissing and touching the scar.

But the person that caused that wound appeared out of nowhere? Furthermore, he was addressing Villainess No. 4 by her full name…?

“I didn’t see you during the war caused by the gathering of desert clans, so why did you appear here so suddenly?”

“No, wait a minute.”

What on earth is going on here?

I widened my eyes and alternately looked at Lacius, Hood Man—no, Kun Gaisha after I stopped talking in surprise.

How does Lacius know someone I don’t know?

Furthermore, the man known as Kun Gaisha appeared unconcerned by Lacius’ inquiry.

“I’m not sure what you’re saying.  Shut up.”

“You don’t remember me?”

“I know you’re the guy next to my Shay. I’ve even heard some amusing jokes about you being her fiance.”

Sparks, sparks, sparks.

Hearing their conversation alone, it’s safe to say it was Lacius’ one-sided and passionate confession. I’d like to bite into a chili cheese hot dog and watch it with glee, but it’s not the right situation.

“Shay. You are welcome to stay here for an extended period of time. But don’t keep me waiting for too long.”

“Wait, that—”

“I am always here for you. So don’t forget about me, who can’t live without you.”

Is this some kind of love triangle?

Kun Gaisha, unlike when he was dealing with Lacius,  called me in a warm voice.

“Goodbye, my Shay.”

Gaisha bid goodbye and then vanished. At this point, I felt like I had turned into a bad person for failing to recognise Gaisha.

What the hell was his connection to Villainess No. 4? If I could read the original novel again, I would not read it sparingly this time and would read it all the way through. It was unfortunate that I did not get to read the whole book.

“uh… Should we go now?”

Gaisha vanished, but the atmosphere became awkward for those who remained. Lacius’ expression was surprising. Was he upset that Gaisha couldn’t recall him? Is it because he has been forgotten by someone for the first time in his life?

I stroked Juliet’s head, who gave me a worried look, and then checked the carriage’s condition.

“Wow, but the carriage is completely shattered. Should we get a new carriage somewhere nearby?”



When I asked him a question, he barely looked away from the empty air. Then he replied in a dry tone.

“I’ll call a plane.”


We’re not riding a horse?

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