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TAGWF Chapter 2.23


A shiver ran down my spine as I said that. Is he not a stalker of this body? I’ve considered the various explanations for the situation.



“You mentioned your memory being a little hazy the other day.”

“Yeah, that’s right?”

“But you don’t seem to have any intention of regaining your memories back? You don’t appear to be motivated.”

Oh, facts!

Lacius was really keen. I didn’t think I needed to act that far.

‘How should I respond?’

Should I say it’s because the memories of being a slave are so horrible that I don’t want to remember them?

I was silent for a moment as I considered the best response. I know everything that will happen in the future, but I have nothing to say about this character’s past. I just wish the female protagonist appeared sooner. Lacius’ attention will naturally shift away from me in this manner.

He was a pure male protagonist, so even when the sun rises or the moon sets, all he will think about is the female protagonist. When that time comes, there will be no trace of his attention left for me.

I sighed deeply as I looked at Lacius, who was silently waiting for an answer.


“No, just…”

“You just looked at my face and sighed deeply.”

“It’s a mistake, a mistake.”

I waved my hands. Lacius’ brow twitched, but there was nothing I could say to him. I mumbled while pouting my lips.

“It’s just… I’m doing okay now. Finding my memory— Ugh!”

But it was then.

“Master, be careful!”

Juliet screamed and clung to the window, which was next to the coachman. The horse cried out loudly, and the entire carriage shook violently.

Lacius embraced me in an instant, his eyes widening in surprise. The carriage had also overturned in the blink of an eye.


There was no time for me to take out a paper and throw it to the enemy. It all happened so quickly.

However, Lacius’ movements transcended humans, and Juliet was also quick to respond.


The door squeaked and slid open. Even though I wasn’t wearing armour, I escaped the carriage enveloped in a tight embrace.

Yes, the last few days have been very quiet. I assumed that because our night guests hadn’t visited in a long time, they had forgotten about me.

“Who the hell is this jerk?”

Juliet looked at the dusty front and exclaimed dignifiedly after confirming my safety.

I was also curious. Who the hell attacks people on the street in broad daylight? If he had a conscience, he would have shown up on a rather dark night; this is simply too much. The intention of making people nervous before killing them felt as obvious as the spear that flew at me the last time.

“No, he’s not an assassin.”

But then Lacius, who was holding me tightly, murmured loudly. I was startled, as if he had read all my thoughts, but when the dust settled, I couldn’t help but be surprised.

Lacius was correct.

“The man from earlier…?”

“Is that him?”

“That’s correct. Wearing a suspicious hood! That’s the real deal! Juliet!”

A guy who visits once will not visit twice, yeah right.

I called Juliet without hesitation. Then she fired what looked like bullets, as if she was waiting for my signal, and then threw three fast high kicks.

‘Oh… .’

I completely forgot about the situation and opened my mouth wide. Yes, she was spinning in mid-air, but her hair was spinning like propellers as well. I almost applauded because it was so cool.

“Hiyahhh, you bastard!”

Her first attack, however, was in vain.

Juliet was enraged, and she clenched her fists and threw a series of punches. She was punching so fast that it was almost imperceptible to my eyes, but the man dodged everything.

He was quite talented.

Juliet aimed her fist at his face, hoping for a good shot but the man caught Juliet’s fist and cried out to me.

“… Shay.”

It’s a more sorrowful tone than before. Should I say it sounded like a puppy who had been with me or this body for a thousand years and was suddenly betrayed and abandoned?

I had done nothing wrong, but his voice made me feel sorry for nothing.

“Reveal your identity.”

Lacius made his own decision and pushed me behind his back when I didn’t do anything in response. Then he asked sternly, as if his voice had been frosty from the north wind.

“What motivated you to do this? Depending on your response, I have the authority as the commander of the Knights of Rentus to arrest you on the spot.”

The rage was visible on Lacius’ face, which had hardened completely.

After all, it is a main road, and it is only natural for people to congregate after such a major accident. Nothing was more terrifying for Lacius, who didn’t want to be the centre of attention.

Looking at the ladies who appeared to have emerged from the boutiques, I drew my brows in a straight line. Things aren’t looking good.


But that ignorant man continued to call my name.

Shay, Shay, Shay.

If I don’t respond, it appears that he will pursue me even in my dreams, constantly whispering ‘Shay.’ Still, I couldn’t respond to him. Titania is the name that everyone knows. I’m not sure how this case will reach anyone’s ears, so how can I respond hastily?

“Shay, you said you didn’t like carriages because they reminded you of coffins. So I shattered it. I know you’re forced to ride it.”

How long will this strange encounter last? Thinking this, the man abruptly whispered softly in a voice filled with a thousand years of affection.

“Besides, I assumed you’d be happy. It’s so dull here. You were always looking for new thrills.”

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