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TAGWF Chapter 2.22


After making that decision, I pressed my lips against Lacius’s ear and whispered hurriedly. Then, still smiling, I took my pouch and went to the restroom.


“Yes, Master!”

When you go to a high-end restaurant, the servants usually stand against the wall near your table.

I extended my hand to Juliet, who was standing nearby. I can’t use the restroom without an escort.

And when I deliberately passed the reporters’ group table, their gazes gathered at my back.

I’m looking forward to reading the stories that will be published tomorrow.

“Hehehe, good. pretty well.”

The bathroom was excellent, as one would expect from a top-tier restaurant. It’s stunning enough that the floor is a tile with gold marbling on a white background. There was also a hand cream next to the round mirror covered with lovely flowers.

It smelled like my favourite lemon scent when I opened the lid.

I started by washing my hands and looking in the mirror. Then I was taken aback.

“Ah, so lovely…”

I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t feel like it’s my face, despite the fact that I see it every day.

I delicately wiped away the already smeared lipstick, reapplied it, and puffed out my lips. I grinned and moved my head around, like I had done earlier with Lacius.

Eung, that’s it.

Simply put, it’s time for a crazy show.

Hearing from Juliet who’s watching me that I looked good, I feel more ready to put on a good show in front of our audience. But it was then…



Dduk Dduk.

Something taps on the window near the sink. If that had only happened once, I would have dismissed it, but it happened four times in a succession.

I took a paper from my pouch as soon as I stopped swinging my lipstick like a sword.

‘How should I proceed?’

Option 1: Ignore it, turn around, and go on my way. 

Option number two: Go see what it is.

Of course, after some consideration, I chose #1. It had to be one of those people who despised me, right?

But as soon as I turned my back, the window rang again, this time with a sense of urgency


Ddu ddu ddu dduk! Ddu dduk!

Small pebbles pelted the window repeatedly. Despite this, it never broke.

With a frown, I chose the latter. I don’t believe they’re attempting to harm me.

“Master, it’s dangerous. I’ll see it first!”

“Will you do that?”

“Yes, please wait a moment!”

Juliet pushed open the window and poked her head out. I could see someone peering up from below as I stood one foot behind her.

‘Oh, it seems like it’s Mr. ‘I’m Fishy.’

He was dressed in a black robe and wore a hood. It is a pretty weird appearance and appears to be the type of person you should avoid.

So I shut the window… I mean, I made an attempt.

But then he addressed me as “Shay.”


Why is he calling that name?

But Juliet slammed the window shut before I could ask who he was. This structure must have been poorly constructed, as seen by the windows quivering as if they were about to break. Hmm perhaps… Juliet’s strength is simply so strong, but whatever.

“I recognised him as a dangerous individual, master.  It would be best not to engage him in conversation. This window is also hazardous.”

Juliet frowned and firmly closed the window. I was desperate to find out who he was, but curiosity can be hazardous. I decided to let it go after slightly biting my lower lip.

Okay, let’s go to Lacius. Today, that is our top priority.

“All right, Juliet, let’s go.”

“Yes, I will protect you!”

Juliet and I hurried back to the hall.


Lacius stared at me with anxiety when I appeared. Is it possible that I’ve been gone for too long?

I began speaking after a gentle laugh.

“Heung, sweetheart. Did I spend too much time on my makeup? Oh, I didn’t mean to make you wait. The supper must have gone cold by now.”

‘That lovely woman must have been constipated,’ one reporter speculated. We can use that to publish an essay titled, ‘As expected, the world remains fair.’

But Lacius wasn’t going down without a fight. He looked me in the eyes and gently opened his mouth.

“Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.”

“You look as if you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Am I that pale?”


This will not do. I should have put on some blush before going out. But, of course, after what happened, it entirely slipped my memory.

“Let’s discuss it on the carriage. I believe it is best for us to leave now.”

Lacius rose from his seat without hesitation in response to my whisper. The process of putting his arm around my shoulder was so natural that I was taken aback.

Since when has our skinship gotten this natural?

“The bill was already paid. I hope you enjoy the rest of the course.”

Juliet approached the reporters and bid them farewell. Meanwhile, I was already on the carriage, attempting to catch my breath.

Who in the world is that man?

‘From his voice, he appears to be very young.’

But I’m not sure. I’d never heard of it. Then he may be a part of a story that occurred long before the original story started.

“Shay,  I think it is time for you to explain what happened.”

But before I could finish my thoughts, Lacius asked quietly.

“Yes, that was…”

“It was?”


What am I supposed to say? I’m not sure who it was, but someone familiar to me appeared? He also summoned me by throwing stones into the women’s restroom?

‘Wow, that does sound strange, doesn’t it?’

There was also another issue.

I’m in big trouble if a man chases after me like that. I intend to play the role of a perfect match for Lacius, but even if I had the best of intentions, it would be extremely difficult if another man’ got involved. People will undoubtedly talk about it.

‘I don’t have much of a choice.’

The only solution is amnesia.

I took a deep breath and turned to face Lacius. Two eyes set in a lovely face stare at me.

I swallowed saliva without realising it as I was reminded of his tight thighs, so I immediately took my chances before he misinterpreted me.

“Earlier, I was in the bathroom when a man hurled a stone at me from outside.”

“A stone?”

“Yes, it appears that he is attempting to contact me. I didn’t have to confront him because Juliet was present.”

Lacius quickly narrowed his brow.

“I’m relieved Juliet was there.”

“That’s correct. Because that man… He addressed me by my real name.”

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