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TAGWF Chapter 2.21


I felt great the entire walk thanks to the trees moderately obscuring the sunlight above my head.

Every individual we passed on the road looked at me, then nodded goodbye to Lacius before walking away. Even that got me more excited.

“I should have executed them sooner, but I couldn’t get more witnesses.  I apologise for the delay.”

Step step.

Lacius abruptly said in a low voice, as we were both lost in our own thoughts in the somewhat comfortable silence.

I slowly shook my head.

“No, actually I feel like all of my resentments have vanished.”

“Now that I’ve caught one of their gang, they’ll probably be more cautious for the time being.”

“That’s good.”

It warmed my heart to know that Lacius was concerned, even though I had already forgotten about it.

This is a world in a book to me, but it is reality to the people who live here. Slave dealers deserved to be punished severely.

“Oh, I’m happy.”

The languid sunshine brushes against my cheeks. A gentle breeze carries the aroma of flowers past me. A stroll through the beautiful greenery and flowering trees with a handsome man.

Lacius looked perplexed, as if he had overheard my inner monologue.

“Are you truly happy?”

“Yeah, aren’t you too? The weather is wonderful.”

“Hmm, happy. That never occurred to me.”

“What, really?”

I ran forward purposefully, a few steps ahead of him. Then I turned around to face Lacius. The hem of my pale purple dress swayed in the breeze. I grinned, brushing my flying hair lightly.

“Oh, I’m overjoyed. Lacius should express his happiness as well!”

“I’m happy.”

“Don’t say it that way. Again?”

“…I’m happy.”

He tried hard, but Lacius doesn’t seem to be able to utter those words completely. I stopped urging and instead gazed at him before reaching out my hand.

“Happiness will eventually come to you if you keep on claiming that you’re happy. If you find it difficult to say it alone, I’ll do it with you.”

It was a little far-fetched. It sounds like a quote from a self-help book. But today, happiness that reaches my fingertips coursed through my veins.

“I’m telling you. Lacius will be happy.”

He took my hand as if he couldn’t help but grasp for it and followed me. I took his hand in mine and whispered.

“You’ll be happy from now on.”


The wind came in and engulfed both of us. I opened my mouth again, this time wishing him happiness with all my heart.

“You’ll be happy, Lacius.”

I’ll make sure you do.

Those were the words I swallowed and didn’t say aloud since they seemed a little cheesy. But there was a flicker in Lacius’ eyes, as if he was able to read them from me.

“Oh, it’s raining flowers!”

We came to a halt in a perfect time under a pale pink flower tree resembling cherry blossoms. When I looked up, there was a shower of flowers falling from the sky. On a bright spring day. It felt as if the spell I had cast on him had come true that day.

* * *

At Terran Hours.

It is not a major newspaper corporation, but it is also not a small one. Young individuals are said to be loyal to it, whereas older ones dislike it. It was because they thought Terran Hour’s reporters were too self-assured.

Terran Hours was thus making a decent living. They focus on numerous opinions and pieces rather than special or significant scoops.

But this afternoon was different.

“Th-this, what is this?”

Bloomberg, the president of Terran Hours, trembled as soon as he received the letter. And the less than ten reporters in the office stuck their heads out in curiosity.

They hadn’t even left the workplace yet. What is this letter that arrived as soon as they arrived at work and made their president react like that?

But Bloomberg didn’t have time to explain.

“My camera! Go fetch my camera right now!”

“H-here it is!”

“My coat? Where has my coat gone?”


“Don’t go to work today, everyone; instead, follow me. We’ve got a scoop! No, it’s a massive scoop!”

Bloomberg exclaimed, his arms held out like a whale hunter. The reporters hurried after him, tossing their sandwiches into the trash. And the location where they arrived was in front of a restaurant.

But it wasn’t just any restaurant; it was a five-star luxury restaurant recommended by ‘Delicious Today!,’ a magazine compiled by self-made gourmets and the empire’s most reliable restaurant information magazine!

And what awaits them inside was even more surprising than the restaurant itself.

* * *

Overall, my and Lacius’ plans were similar.

We’ll go on a date. However, the entire place is rented, and only ‘Terran Hours’ is permitted to enter.

All official reports on us will be published only by ‘Terran Hours,’ and private interviews will only be conducted with ‘Terran Hours’ reporters in the future.

It was only logical for Terran Hours’ president to support such a proposition.

He has nothing to lose and has only gains. Of course, I requested a share in the company in exchange, but that was all.

Their only issue was that losing the princess’s support would make it tough to keep the business going for a long period.

They couldn’t flee even if they tried, but an opportunity to become self-sufficient was suddenly presented to them.

And now I was gladly opening my mouth while sitting on Lacius’ lap.


“… You’re incredibly attractive when you eat well.”

“Right? It’s actually a problem that I look good even when I eat a lot.”

All of the ‘Terran Hours’ reporters were surprised to see my actions.

Who on earth sits on a man’s thigh? That’s something only commoners on the street would do! It wasn’t a noble act.

Despite hearing those quiet cries, I continued to act boldly.

“Honey, this is delicious. Try it for yourself. Eung?”

Take a look at my aegyo, that rules over time and space!

While acting cute, I pointed to the lobster that had been brushed with butter and sizzled on a stone platter. Then I softly smiled and rested my head on the nape of his neck.

Lacius totally hardened, and his reply was a few seconds delayed, but it was still better than predicted. He looked pretty natural as he peeled the lobster flesh, sliced it, and placed it in my mouth.

I cast a glance at the reporters in the distance, leaning on him. Even with an expensive meal called lobster in front of them, the reporters were astounded that they couldn’t eat correctly.

‘Oh no, you cannot do that.’

Why were they made to eat the same menu? Today’s atmosphere, the scent and sight of delectable dishes, and how we eat them must be accurately described in order for everything to appear as genuine as possible. Make a fantastic love story out of facts!

But they haven’t even touched it, sigh.

My tongue clicked.

“I suppose I should depart for a while, Lacius?”


“When the media arrive for an interview, simply respond appropriately. Understand?”

Let us take a step back for a moment.

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