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TAGWF Chapter 2.20

After saying that, Lacius hurriedly opened the door on the opposite side. I poked my head out to see what was inside, but it was only a small conference room, like the other courts.

I sat on the waiting couch, dangling my feet, and waited patiently. It was getting a little boring, but perhaps knowing that, there were newspapers and magazines on the table, where you could pick up whatever suit your interest.

“Oh, the rate of rumours has decreased.”

The press, which was full of rumours about Archduke Schweiden when I arrived at Lacius’ mansion, is now full of stories about me.

There were even novel-like articles that wrote an entire chapter of our love affair, which I had never heard of. The majority of them were merely speculative.

‘All right, this will do.’

Even if there is only one official publication that will represent our position, it’s already enough to make the rest be entirely muted. I put the newspaper down and picked up a magazine. The previous employee came in again as I was killing time reading the part titled “The 38 charms of Lacius.”

“Witness, you can put this on your face and walk out this door.”


I stood up and put down what I was holding. Unlike where Lacius had been, the entrance opened by the servants appeared to be a direct route to the judge.

I stepped in with a straight back and a white mask on my face.

‘Let’s see.’

The honorable judge—

‘Eh? Lacius?!’

Heavens. This is incredible. With my mouth slightly open, I stood at the witness stand.

The trial here differs slightly from reality. There were people kneeling in the centre of the room which were obviously the ‘slave dealers.’

“I have the next witness.”

Right next to the testimony seat I was in was probably the prosecutor’s seat in modern terms. Criminals seem to have no human rights here, but it appears credible in its own way.

“Witnesses, take a good look at the accused’s faces.”

When the prosecutor called, I looked around frantically, my attention fixated on the slave dealers.

They seem to be desperately trying to avoid my gaze.

I only knew two of the twelve slave dealers. The faces I saw when I was taken out of the box.

“The third from the front.  Second from the back. I remember their faces.”

“Are you sure?”

“I am sure.”

The prosecutor appeared to be a lady in her late 30s. She gives the impression of being sharp and cold, which helps her appear more trustworthy.

The prosecutor promptly made a request to Lacius after hearing my testimony.

“Because there are three duplicate testimonies, I request the death penalty for prisoners 982 and 989.”


Just like that?

I looked at Lacius in surprise. He seemed more like a deity now with his frigid face.

He looked like a fair judge who made decisions based simply on facts and sins. 

“Article 8 of the Special Act Prohibiting Slavery. Based on the three testimony, the death penalty is sentenced to prisoners numbers 982 and 989.”

Wow. I have to admit, the greatest thing I’ve ever seen till now was Lacius in a black robe. I was fascinated by his resoluteness without a trace of hesitancy.

He looked very attractive when he announced the punishment by reciting the law in a firm voice.

‘Oh, this is insane. A man with a sexy brain.’

It was just right for me. Had there been a scene like this in the original world, I would have fallen for Lacius as well. I returned to the waiting area and sat on the sofa. Something flew by, and it felt like it hit me in the chest. My soul will be unable to return to my body if this continues.

‘Doesn’t the court robe look great on him?’

Contrasting with his dazzling blonde hair, it made his appearance look even more lively. Contrasting with his dazzling blonde hair, it made his appearance look even more lively. I replayed what I had seen earlier, then I took the cushion from the other side of the couch and cradled it in my arms.

Oh, I was hit*? Did I get hit? Oh my, Am I going to die? 

*(Hit by cupid’s arrow /struck by love.)

My heart was racing like crazy. It was a natural reaction when you saw someone incredibly cool.

“Oh, my goodness!”

I’d like to watch Lacius’ sentencing, but I can’t. Isn’t there a mechanism similar to a jury here? Was it all court business when he claimed he was busy these days and was looking at certain documents?

I stamped my feet repeatedly, confused at what to do with the sudden hit of mulberry*.

*(Slang term for all drugs. It’s also the state of enjoying something pleasantly like a drunk.)

At that time

“Nia? Are you all right?”

The door to the room Lacius had entered earlier opened, and he looked at me before coming to a halt in front of me. I exhaled and swiftly adjusted my position after gasping and inhaling.

“I’m fine.”

Lacius raised his chin softly and tilted his head, as if puzzled.

“I’m finished with my work for today, so we can go out now. It must have been tedious, but thank you for your patience.”

“No. I wasn’t bored in the least. I actually liked it here?”

“Did you?”


That’s unusual.

Lacius muttered something like that.

I looked at him as we went out of the courthouse, a little disappointed because he had already removed his robe.

“By the way, Lacius, when did you become a judge?”

“Oh, you didn’t know?”

“How would I know if you didn’t tell me?”

“It was my mistake. Everyone knows that, so I assumed you knew as well.”

The walkway around the courthouse.

Lacius, who was walking down the well-kept road, gave a little apologetic expression.

No, he has nothing to apologise for. I was just a little surprised.

“So you’re Archduke Schweiden, Rentus Knights commander, and even a judge?”

“To be precise, the presiding judge.”

Lacius corrected my guess.

“Wow. That’s a qualification that will never make someone unpopular.”

This was not included in the original! No, if I had read more, it might have come out. In any case, I was taken aback by this massive concentration of power.

“By national legislation, only the Schweiden family can serve as presiding judge.”


“Because Schweiden possessed the blood of the God of the sun, they are fair and are not misled by perjury.”

When he said that, I could see pride in Lacius’ eyes.

Well, it’s a fantasy worldview, so anything is basically possible. Looking at Lacius, it appears to be just right.

“Will three children get one title each if three children get born in the family?”

“Yes. Originally, all three authorities were supposed to be separated, but… I don’t have any brothers or sisters.”

“I see.”

I feel like I learned a little more about Lacius now.

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  1. Why she gotta say “A man with a sexy brain”? My stupid brain instantly thought of a literal sexy brain with long lashes, red lips and high heels inside a hollowed out Lacius’s brain… That was kinda cursed tbh.

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