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TAGWF Chapter 2.2


“What? No, I trust it. I trust you, but what if you’re not here?”

Lacius furrowed his forehead and nodded his head slowly. I guess he realised what I said was right.

I grinned at the thought of a very sleek, huge cat with black fur.

My friend raised a hound called Geumdong, and I always envied him whenever I saw it.

But I had to give up that idea because I wasn’t confident in taming a hound, but why would that matter if I can just draw a giant black tiger here instead? He would be a child who only loves and cares about me and obeys my orders.

‘At first, I was thinking of drawing a knight escort, but I feel uneasy about taking a person outside.’

On the other hand, a dog will attract other people’s desire to pet and touch it, and a cat would be a good substitute.

A black tiger named Cat.

“It will guard the house and will also be faster than a horse. I’m going to draw it with a disciplined mind… It will surely be successful.”

I laughed lightly. Lacius on the other hand displayed an expression that seemed to question how a ‘cat’ would be able to protect the house, but I had no intention of explaining it further.

“It’s going to be a long process.” 

“Yes. I would have to draw it intricately. The strands of fur, its toes, and even the eyes… That’s how it’ll be able to remain with me for my whole life.”

When I was in high school, my art academy teacher once said that if you want to make a work that lasts forever, you need to focus on the details.

In particular, he said that when drawing animals or people, you should imagine being in the  subject’s shoes and pay attention to every little thing.

For example, a tiger who likes to hunt, how large would its front paws be? What kind of fighting style does it use? Is it a male or female? How old is it?

The body shape changes according to those specifications, because the shape of the muscles also change accordingly.

I stretched out my imagination looking at the still empty canvas.

“I would be busy just drawing those two things. So I’ll only be able to go to a ball or a banquet after I’m done with it. The invitations that come in until then, just say that I’m sick and tell them that I’ll reply to them when I recover.”

“I see.”

“Alright, then I’ll do some sketches. Don’t come in for the meantime.”

“I’ll call you at dinner.”

Lacius gently stepped back and looked inside once again before stepping out the door.

He can see the side of her face agonising with the pencil tip in her mouth. Her silver eyes, which focused intensely on ruminating something, had already left for a world where he could not follow.

Lacius moved quietly to not disturb her.

What she had to prepare the most, in case of an unexpected attack, was an escort.


“Princess, are you going to leave it like this?”

“This article … this article doesn’t make sense!”

At that time, at the imperial princess’ palace.

The palace, which the current emperor reconstructed for his beloved daughter, was so magnificent that it could make anyone feel intimidated just by stepping inside it.

There was a garden that had thousands of flowers in full bloom at the princess’ palace, and this garden near the pond was where ‘they’ currently were.

This was the meeting place of the ‘Lacius Fan Club’.

“She’s a woman with unknown origins.”

“How could such a woman become the Archduchess of Schweiden? I can’t accept this.”

“Isn’t a seat supposed to be filled by a royal? I don’t even know who she is.”

If it’s a woman that can be harmful to their Oppa, then they won’t accept it.

The ladies with their axe-like eyes squeaked out their objections.

First of all, the biggest problem was that that gorgeous woman might be the kind who only came to steal money. 

It wouldn’t matter if it was one of them, since everyone here was both rich and well-known.

Their love for Archduke Schweiden was also similarly overflowing with no one having a bigger or lesser amount of affection.

And then! All of a sudden!

They don’t even know where she suddenly came from!

The young ladies were outraged and decided to work together. If Archduke Schweiden really wanted to get married, then it couldn’t be helped. They will call her here and dig up everything about her!

“Yes, we can’t just sit back and watch.”

The woman, who sat in front of the blazing fire and calmly holding her tea, finally opened her mouth.

Long black hair and jewellery that only the royal family could possibly own. Her eyes resembling the beautiful Lapis Lazuli were full of intelligence.

She was the royal princess who had also been mentioned as the next emperor.

“I understand how all of you feel.”

The reason why the princess was able to establish her position was because she was much smarter than her older brothers, and she was able to captivate the young ladies’ hearts.

The princess, who had been in frequent contact with her cousin, Archduke Schweiden, since she was young realised early on that something extremely strange was happening around him.

Women follow him and even men admire him. A man who was in agony because he was loved too much by everyone.

The young princess identified him as the most fun toy in the world.

‘I want to torment him.’

I want to see that indifferent face become distorted. Will he cry like those other men? If I push him to his limit, will he get down on his knees?

The questions that grew and grew every year reached their peak about a few years ago when Archduke Schweiden made a remarkable contribution to the war.

She wants to make that great man kneel.

To do that, She has to completely isolate him.

To do so, the princess gathered young ladies and established a ‘fan club’. Of course, because she was a princess she couldn’t be the chairman herself, so she gave the chairmanship to another lady, the daughter of a count to be precise.

The princess looked around at the young ladies who were staring at her and gave a relaxed answer.

“We’re going to have a tea party. Of course, the attendees are…”

So everyone can see for themselves whether she stole the heart of Archduke Schweiden or whether she is faking it.

The princess ended her speech with a wicked smile.

“Let’s just do it with our fan club members.”

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