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TAGWF Chapter 2.19


“Juliet! Oh my goodness, it’s a lovely name. Thank you master, for giving me such a lovely name!”

Even though her voice sounds like a real person, her speech could sound unnatural, as if she’s reading words from a book. Similar to Siri or Bixby.

“It’s truly incredible. She appears to look like a real person.”

That was said by Lacius, who was silently glancing at Juliet from the side. Theobalt then quickly added.

“This old man gets to see a rare sight before he dies.”

Maynard didn’t say anything, but his mouth was left open.

Juliet, who was following me about like a cute beautiful puppy, got a firm hug from me. I felt Juliet’s tight muscles under my palm.

She has a cute appearance, yet she’s also a martial arts master. It was perfect. I grabbed Juliet’s arm and pulled her away from me, I then gave an order, pointing at Lacius.

“From now on, you will serve Lacius just as you will serve me. Understand?”

“Yes, Master!”

“Look here if you need something or don’t know something.  You can inquire with Mr. Theobalt.”

“All right!”

“Maynard is your coworker who will accompany you, so don’t fight and get along nicely.”

Juliet smiled and said hello to everyone after I explained to her.

“Thank you very much, Master’s friends!”

It was adorable to see her place both hands on her belly and bow. Everyone’s lips curved into a faint smile. Then I explained the most crucial code of conduct to Juliet, who had recently joined the family.

“But Juliet, don’t put your trust in anyone other than the four of us here. Always stay alert and watch out.”

“Yes, I will protect you!”

“Thank you, that is very assuring to hear.”

It took a long time and was really difficult to draw, but it was well worth the effort. I locked my gaze on Juliet as she followed Theobalt to numerous explanations.

“Will never betray, will only look on for her creator and obey her orders without question…”

Lacius’ blue-grey eyes became more intense. He presumably feels it’s very beneficial to use. Even I, who had no idea I could make such things, was taken aback, and I’m sure others would be even more so.

I approached the window and opened the drawn curtains, allowing him time to be silent. Lacius did not open his mouth until the curtains were completely opened.



“Be cautious. You’re far too valuable.”

Oh my goodness.

Lacius spoke like the heroic male protagonist that he is, so I responded like the villainess that I am.

“It’s all right, I’ll make sure to kill them before I die.”

Lacius is fine. Because he is not greedy, comes from a good family, and is also noble. But if someone else discovers that I’m a painting wizard, I’ll have to be prepared. The slave traders had no idea if Shay was a painting wizard or not. They merely saw her face and assumed she was a slave to be sold. However, it would be an issue if someone powerful and evil discovered this power.

“What you just did, Shay…”

Lacius, on the other hand, had a serious expression, unlike me, who didn’t take it seriously.

I looked at him quietly, who looked as if he had already foreseen all the awful things that could happen to me in the future.

“It’s called creation. God’s domain.”

“…… Is that so?”

“Of course, even if you are born a painting wizard, you may not be able to draw. There are people who have the potential in their blood but aren’t a threat because they don’t have the needed abilities.”

That makes perfect sense. I don’t know much about other painting wizards, but Lacius must have seen and heard a lot about them.

‘But ‘I’ is a good artist… What about the original “Shay”?’

I rolled my head quickly*, but I can’t remember anything. Villainess number 4 is particularly attractive! Fatally beautiful! However, it appeared that those were the only words that were used to describe her. 

*(Think hard, try to remember something.)

Lacius continued as I recalled my memories.

“But you’re different, Shay. Your drawing abilities are excellent enough that you might establish your own private exhibit right now. If you are ever revealed, you will become everyone’s target right away.”

Lacius’ eyes were filled with genuine concern. I averted my gaze since my heart started tickling for some reason.

What exactly is he concerned about? Of course, if Lacius dies unexpectedly or is kidnapped somewhere, I’ll have a terrible time protecting myself.

‘That’s why I also have to defend my own life… I’ll also have to sketch a giant bird for an emergency escape.’

In fact, I’ve actually already come up with a title for that work.

Fly away, Vermillion bird!

“Of course, you’ll be fine by yourself.”

He went out of the dining room, possibly thinking I wasn’t interested. I followed him right away.

I have one more question.

“When are you going to ‘Terran Hours,’ Lacius?”

“I already have a plan.”

“What exactly is that?”

“Well, you’ll find out soon enough.”

Lacius responded calmly to my question. Well, it would be more convenient for me if I didn’t have to prepare a plan anymore.

“I also had something to say.”


“All of the slave dealers were arrested in one big raid. You will just have to testify in court in two days.”

“Oh, alright.”

I completely forgot about it. I tried to remember the slave dealers who had long ago vanished from my memory. I’m glad I made the statement at the time.


“After that, we may go on a walk together. There is a well-kept promenade near the courthouse that is a fantastic way to clear your mind.”

“Wait, really? That would be fantastic!”

But what about Lacius?

‘It’s all right because he’s the one who recommended it, right?’

It’s always exciting to see new places. I went to the painting room, anticipating that day.

There were only a couple of things that had to be completed before that.

* * *

How do trials work in this world?

In fact, it’s far better not to go near the courthouse at all. Having an uncle you’ve never met before die unexpectedly and leaving behind a billion-dollar fortune is an impossible scenario. Going to a courthouse is all about bad things nine times out of ten.

My first impression of the court was grey when I stepped off the carriage. It has neither white nor black. Why does this make it seem even more intimidating? Furthermore, a statue near the entryway can make visitors shiver. The muscular, dreadful-looking statue was clutching a scale and a longsword in each hand.

If somebody committed perjury or an actual crime, it appeared as if the statue would immediately behead them with that sword.

“I’ve come to give testimony in case number 8920.”

“Come this way, please.”

We were led by an employee clad in grey, precisely like the building. Even when I entered the waiting area, I didn’t say anything since I felt I shouldn’t be speaking out loud for anything.

“I need to get dressed, so I can’t stay much longer, Shay. When it’s time for you to come in, the staff will inform you.”


“You don’t have to worry. No magic could be used within the courthouse.”

Oh, that’s why he told me not to carry my painting magic papers earlier.

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