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TAGWF Chapter 2.18


After praising myself, I quickly removed my clothing and went into the room’s small bathroom.Fortunately, hot water comes out through the water pipe because the author has set it as a very modern chinese-style world.

I took a shower neatly after removing my makeup and cleaned my teeth meticulously. The soft skin emits a pleasant body scent.

I opened the closet, my nose stuck in my arm, sniffing, and smiling blissfully as I glanced at the dozens of indoor clothes that filled it. The wardrobe appears to be updated every time I open it, implying that the entire dress shop was working hard.

‘Well, the easiest thing to wear…’

The one that required the waistband to be tied behind the back is not it because it requires a maid to wear.

Fortunately, Madame, who is quite sensible and has a good understanding of my personality, has created a type that can be easily worn.

I chose a purple dress embroidered with violets from among them and went out, lightly wiping my hair.

When I got to the painting room, the cute girl I’d created was still on the canvas. I carried the child down to the dining room, taking care not to get water on it.

“Good morning!”

I walked in with a big smile on my face.

Lacius is having coffee and reading the newspaper as usual. He frowned as he looked at my damp hair.

So a handsome face is still handsome even with wrinkles.

“You’re going to catch a cold.”

“I won’t because it’s spring.”

“Spring is the finest time of year to catch a cold.”

“It’s fine, I’m fine.”

Lacius can be a bit nagging at times. I listened to his concerns with one ear and let them out with the other while laying the canvas on the table.

Then I put my hands on my waist and shouted.


“…Well done.”

“Right? Right?”

Lacius didn’t seem to like the way I listened to his concerns, but when he saw the maid on the canvas, he instantly said something to express his impression. I asked quickly so as not to miss it.

“Isn’t it adorable?”


“I mean, give me some more compliments. What do you think of the way I drew her?”

At his dry reaction, I groaned and pursed my lips. Meanwhile, Maynard and Theobalt both arrived with food.

“You got up early, miss.”

“You’re awake, my lady.”

I turned to face them and waved.

“Did you get enough sleep?”

“Yes, and I’ll show you something interesting. Gather here and close the door. Close all of the window curtains as well.”

We must be cautious since someone may be watching this scene from the outside.

Theobalt and Maynard moved separately at my request. Then I raised my chin toward Lacius and clapped my hands to myself.

“Look at this body’s power.”

A thick cloth curtain entirely separates the inside of the room from the outside, and only the candle that Theobalt had lit before, flickers.

With the canvas in front of me, I extended out my hands. And spoke the spell I had remembered very carefully.

“Surisuri Masuri, Yap!”*

*(Korean version of Abracadabra.) 

To be honest, I simply spit out the first spell that came to mind. What matters is my determination to bring the picture to life on the canvas, it doesn’t really matter what I say. I said it just because I wanted to.

A light shone from the artwork and filled the canvas shortly after the spell was cast.


I expected it to be different from my earlier drawings because it was painted in such depth, but this is amazing.

Unconsciously, I extended my hand to the warm light that filled my eyes. Then, like a sparkling waterfall, a swarm of lights crept across the back of my hand. The waterfall, which swishes here and there like water droplets bouncing on their own, began to take a form.


For a brief moment, I forgot about my character and let out a small exclamation. Then Lacius gave me an odd look.

Realizing my mistake, I quickly made myself expressionless and returned my attention to the small girl who resembled the image I had sketched. She looked like a tiny doll with her eyes closed.

“Oh, but it’s so small? How would it be able to hear and obey orders?”

Maynard then snorted from behind. He seemed to be expecting a maid. I smiled and placed the girl on the table. Then I touched her hair tenderly and whispered my wish.

“Come on, open your eyes.”

Then a miracle occurred. In the blink of an eye, the girl who was small enough to be held with both hands becomes bigger.

Soon after, the girl appeared, exactly as I had hoped. Then she opened her bright eyes…

“It’s masterrrr!”

And she hugged me.


For a moment, time seemed to have paused. Juliet’s warmth as she fluttered her parted hair shocked me, and her charming voice surprised me once more because it sounded as if she’s actually a human.

I read that it was described as something similar to a familiar, but I didn’t think it would be this accurate.

“Hello, Master! Please give me a name. I was created solely to serve my master. I want my master to give me my name!

The girl appeared to be overjoyed. The way she flushed her cheeks and screamed was just how I imagined ‘Juliet’ to be.

I provided the name to the girl who was staring at me eagerly without looking around.

“Your name is Juliet. Let’s work well together in the future.”

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