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TAGWF Chapter 2.16


* * *

“You’ve arrived, my lord.”

The sky had already turned red.

As Theobalt opened the carriage door, Lacius raised his index finger and placed it over his lips. Theobalt’s gaze then shifted to the person on the other side. The woman snored lightly, her hair which looked like the hue of a sunset that joins day and night were tousled.

She is a person who moves around, despite the fact that she may not be feeling well and is simply unaware of it.

Lacius stared at Shay with a deep gaze.

“I’ll bring Maynard.”

Theobald spoke hurriedly in a low voice. Lacius opened his mouth to agree, but then closed it. It was because he suddenly remembered the servant they encountered today at the Imperial Palace and how he looked at Shay with his mouth wide open.

‘Maynard, like that guy, has a face that was looking for death.’

There’s just something about them that irritates him.

Of course, Shay was stunning even in his eyes, and she was attractive not just in beauty but also in personality.

Anyone can’t help but stare at this woman since she exudes confidence even when she’s merely standing there with her chin lifted.

Even if she had an ordinary face rather than a stunning beauty, she would still draw attention. The feeling of vitality flowing through her entire body made it impossible to take your eyes away from her.

Shay could be quite addictive, especially for someone like him who was immersed in invisible helplessness.

Her sparkling eyes, the way she jumps out of bed and moves around when she wakes up in the morning, the movement of her hair that flutters when she twists her head forcefully, or her look that was boasting and seeking for praise when showing him the paintings she created.

In less than a month, those things had infected him. The energy she exudes is so intense that he is taking it in blindly, like a small child seeing the sun for the first time.

He wants to skip forward to the next chapter, but he’s scared he’ll regret it because it will bring the book closer to its ending.


But Lacius knew he couldn’t keep acting that way.

Shay’s mind will collapse if she continues to endure for 10 or 20 years, no matter how strong she is.

The same thing will happen to her.

He didn’t stay single because of misogyny.

He is terrified of seeing the woman who will be with him suffer from bullying and agony, only to give up on herself. He can’t stop what can happen between women, no matter how hard he tries to protect her.

Even a person with the mental strength of a strong weed that cannot be pulled out can eventually become helpless if she is trapped in a cycle of sorrow with no way out except death.

“…….. I’m going to move her myself.”

Lacius, on the other hand, did not want another man to move the sleeping Shay.

‘I’m going insane.’

Shay was as light as her paintings. He’s not sure if he’s holding a piece of paper or a human. Furthermore, it is uncertain if such a person is fit to survive in this world.

Lacius brought her into the bedroom with great care.

He narrowed his brows as he delicately placed Shay on the plush bed. He’s certain that the meals she was given were all designed to help her gain weight, so why is she still so thin?

To be honest, he escorted her to the princess’ tea party today because he was afraid that if somebody hit Shay there, she might collapse. Shay appeared much skinnier than the other ladies to him.

He may be mistaken, but given how light she is while he’s carrying her, he can’t help but wonder.

‘This isn’t going to work.’

Perhaps Maynard’s food isn’t to her liking.

In his head, Lacius made a list of restaurants where he could dine with her. Although he had never been to any of them, he remembered some of them after seeing several times the recommendations on where they could possibly eat together from the ladies who sent him letters.

‘They can only call ‘Terran Hours’ and reserve the entire restaurant…..’

It’ll be ideal for Shay’s plan.

Lacius, after deciding what to do within the next few days, finally straightened his bent upper body.

But just as he was about to leave the bedroom.

“……. Don’t.”

Shay reached for the hem of his robe. Lacius immediately stiffened. He’s not sure if he heard correctly, but she’s asking him not to leave.

‘When a woman tells him not to leave her bedroom….’

Is she asking him to massage her feet? But he’s afraid of waking her up if he does.

Lacius lowered his brow and stared down at Shay.

He was seriously contemplating whether there was a way to massage her feet without disturbing her sleep.


But before he could finish worrying, Shay’s hand slowly loosened. Then with a tuk, fell back to the bed.

Lacius’ heart likewise dropped in an instant.

If Shay hadn’t snored a little harder, it was evident that he would have remained in that posture for an hour or two.

‘… she’s still alive.’

Lacius tightened his hands and sighed deeply, releasing the stress from his body. What an absurd reason to be nervous, haha.

The moment her hand fell, he immediately thought that she might have been poisoned by a late-appearing poison.

“Is the lady sleeping well?”

When he went outside, Theobalt was waiting for him. Lacius shook his head with a hardened face.

Seeing that he’s a bit out of sorts, Theobalt shut the door quietly and followed after. Lacius wasn’t irritated or upset. Rather, he was too puzzled to open his mouth. In  a brief while, several feelings passed through his mind, all of them were horrifying.


Lacius sighed deeply and calmed his heart as he walked to his office. Lacius remained silent as he stood in front of the window, his face reflected in the darkness. Theobalt prepared the tea with a strange smile on his face, thinking about what he guessed was his lord’s thoughts. Lacius feels better after hearing the familiar clattering sounds.

Lacius called Theobalt when his heartbeat had cooled down somewhat.


“Yes, My lord.”

“Come to think of it, there haven’t been any wizards in a long time. It’s unusually clean.”

The wizard’s presence always worried him. But these days, he never senses the presence of any wizards.

That’s probably why he’s more relaxed these days.

“That is correct.”

“Was it because of Shay that the ladies gave up?”

“That could be the case. It’s been a long time since you’ve been together.”

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