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TAGWF Chapter 1.9


“That’s a good answer.”

“But give me half in advance.”

“As you wish.”


Money is one of the most important survival items at any time period, anywhere. I was actually worried about where I would find a job to make a living if I couldn’t go back to reality, but he’s giving me 10 billion!!!

With that money, I will be able to do anything. Whether it is inside a book or in reality, billions is a lot of money.

‘If the heroine appears, I’ll be gone.’

What’s the problem with that? I won’t even try to kill the female lead, but rather I’d clap and push her to do well.

I will support her with open arms and leave the scene quietly. 

It would probably be impossible to get married anyway, and it will surely end with the engagement. Autumn will arrive in a blink of an eye. 

‘First, I’ll sign this contract and get the money, and when the original female lead shows up the two of them can get together, and I’ll just pretend I didn’t exist in the first place…’

Isn’t it immensely profitable on my part?

People’s hearts can be fickle*, so I made up my mind fast, while hitting the table donning a bright face. 

*(A korean expression that means that the human heart changes so easily. It also means that even if you are looking for righteousness, you still can easily be destroyed by the gains in front of you.)

Then I saw Lacius flinch. I exclaimed confidently,

“I’m going to show you a soulful performance, dear customer!”

A subtle light glinted within his blue-grey eyes. When I became convinced that he was going to agree to my bargain, I lifted two fingers. 

“In exchange, let’s add two more conditions.”

“What is it?”

“First, no matter what happens, you’ll always take my side.”


“Second, if you find someone you truly love, I’ll gladly leave and just make sure no one will follow me until I die.

The villains in this novel were no joke. Personal protection is an incredibly important issue just in case they are persistent enough to chase me whenever I go and retaliate. Besides, I’m a painting wizard. It is essential for someone powerful to look after me if I want to keep my life until old age.

The reason why Shay died in the original was because she was eventually falsely accused and no one helped her. 

Lacius didn’t know what she was trying to do, but he felt attracted to her forthright tone and eventually showed a subtle expression of interest.

Anyway, based on what I just said, he seemed to expect that I would do something unimaginable in the future.

“Anything is good, as long as I can lead a normal life.”

“Don’t worry. Let’s get married on the premise of divorce! I’m going to get rid of all the women who will come near you!”

I boasted in a loud voice. 

If I discourage the crazy fans now, he will surely get along with the heroine more comfortably in the future. Then receiving the 10 billion would be fair now. 

Ten billion? Wow. How many buildings can I buy with that?

My dear mother, your dream for your daughter to become a building owner will be achieved here. 

I sat down somewhat modestly and my eyes twinkled excessively. To be honest, I had more focus now than the day I took the CSAT*.  

*(College Scholastic Ability Test- a standardised test which is recognized by South Korean universities)

“Theobalt. “

“Yes, my lord.”

“Bring the contract. “

Lacius ordered in a low but gentle manner.  Yes, as the old saying goes, strike while the iron is hot, so it’s time for us to stamp our seal. Based on our conversation, if I sign the contract with the additional conditions, the advance payment of 5 billion gautes will be mine.

The contract was very detailed, and everything like the new identity and name I was going to assume were already listed in it.

Plus, what the hell. When did he open another bank account?

“I guess you prepared this while I was asleep?”

“That’s right.”

“Hmm, my name… Titania Oberon is quite fairy-like, it sounds good on me. I like it.”

Anyone would be able to tell that it’s fake. It’s absolutely a fake name. But that will make it more mysterious. 

Licking my lips in satisfaction, I recited my name a few more times to memorise it.

“You’re from a poor Viscount family in the countryside. You became an orphan at an early age and decided to find a job as a maid in the capital but was caught in bad luck.

“Aha, a Cinderella story?” 

Lacius looked puzzled because he didn’t know who Cinderella was. I smiled softly, waving my hands. 

“It means it’s a romance story that everyone’s crazy about.”

A story that everyone wanted to see.

Cliché among clichés.

I immediately fell in love with the name of Titania Oberon. Somehow excited, I asked the contractor to shake hands.

“Let’s do well. “

“Yeah, let’s d— “

But the moment he and I were about to hold hands, Lacius jumped across the table, hugged me tightly and rolled on the floor.


Ting. My ears were ringing. I was so overwhelmed that it took me a while to figure out what was going on.  

“A-An attack—hmp! “

“Quiet, be quiet. The enemy is still outside.”

I almost screamed, but Lacius covered my mouth with his hand. I felt my pounding heart and realised that I was still alive. 

M-My arms and legs are still properly intact, right?

“Just now. What was it just now? “

After checking the safety of my limbs, I whispered sharply. Then Lacius replied with a frown.

“Sleep and poison needles. “


When Lacius lifted his left forearm that protected my face, there were thin needles embedded in it.

‘Wh-What the hell is that?’

If anyone saw it, they’ll think he rolled on a cactus!

I’m getting goosebumps. That means someone aimed for my face just now. If I had been hit, I would have been a pufferfish by now.

‘If it’s someone trying to get rid of her rival by using such a vicious trick…’

It must be villainess no.1.

No, whoever it is. It doesn’t matter.

Falling into a rage, I reached over the table and grabbed the quill. It was soaked in the ink bottle so I was able to use it as it was.

“Turn your back, customer-nim.”


“And take off your jacket. “

When I told him to take off his clothes, even though we were still hiding from danger, Lacius looked at me in confusion.

However, I was born with a fighting rooster* personality, and the only way to get rid of my rage was to get revenge.

*(It is a typical breed of chicken that has been bred for cockfights. It is often compared to a person who is hot-tempered or has frequent friction with other people.)

I didn’t know that I would do my second evil deed, inside a book.

I waved my hand calmly. Using Lacius’s broad back as a shield, I began drawing on it.

The effect is certain when the medium is paper, but there’s no harm in trying.

“The enemy is still out there, right? “

“Yeah. “

“Then take it off. “

I tugged his shirt. It was a shirt that had scribbles on the back anyway and can’t be worn anymore.

Lacius did not look fine, but he clenched his teeth and tore off his shirt. I grasped it in my hand and crept toward the window. 

With a rough idea of what I was going to do, Lacius unlocked the window for me. Then I quickly reached out my hand and threw the shirt out of the window.

“Eat this! “

It took about three seconds for the shirt to fall on the floor and spread out. 

After that a satisfying scream, ‘Argh!’ rang out somewhere.

Then we heard ‘Argh’, ‘Ahhh!’, ‘Keug’: Chuimsae* that was followed by accompaniment. It was greatly melodious.

*(Chuimsae is a form of exclamation during Korean traditional music performances. The gosu drummer and the audience make exclamations such as Eolsigu! or Jalhanda!, which mean Yippee! and Good! in Korean. She adds it to emphasise the screams are music to her ears.)

I stood up with a pretty proud face. Lacius listened to the sounds outside and soon nodded his head.

“It’s gone. “

“Right? “

“What did you draw? “

I’m sure he’s curious, but I only blinked without honestly answering.

“It’s a trade secret. “

I can’t say that it’s a drawing of a small fiery arrow that pierces one’s butt. That would be ungraceful.

I gently flipped my hair back and placed my hands on my waist

“Well, 10 billion. Don’t forget, dear customer.”

“I won’t forget, so don’t worry. And about the title you’ll call me outside …”

Lacius’s blue-grey eyes finally came to life. He looked as if he had grabbed a great rope of hope just by the fact that he finally found a way to escape from this terrible situation.

I shrugged and replied with pomposity,

“Sweetheart, sweetie. Honey, darling. Pick one out of four.”

Hearing the cringe-worthy pet names… Lacius’ expression rotted away all of a sudden.

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