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TAGWF Chapter 1.2


I heard a surprised cry from behind, but I didn’t look back. It’s the ‘outside’ that I’ve been longing for. The air without the smell of sleeping candles was tremendously refreshing. 

‘Yeah, I’ll fly like this and run! I refuse to live as the time-limited villainess no.4. 

“My lady, it’s dangerous…” 

Maynard and the butler, who saw me, widened their eyes. It must have been a shocking sight. I’m now riding a bird that emerged from the piece of paper I drew on. However, the bird quickly lost its strength, and I fell to the ground. 

‘Wow, this works.’ 

In the midst of everything, I was impressed with myself. Although I thought it wouldn’t work, I still risked my life with the stunt. I guess this is really not the same world I used to know. 


My knees hurt as soon as I ran after landing abruptly. Since I had been held captive for a long time, my joints failed to function properly. 

‘I need to draw a vehicle before I get caught.’ 

Fortunately, there was still some paper left. But before I could even move my hand, I ended up bumping into someone standing in front of me. 



Is it a rock? A tree? 

Either way, I felt my head ache. I held onto my red forehead and barely raised my head. 

This person.

“Huh, were you a painting wizard?” 

The voice that touched my ears was cold, but his resonating deep voice sounded great. The light shining behind him shaded his face;  however, I could recognize him  from his angular chin and firm mouth. Some time later, blue-grey eyes bearing coldness entered my line of sight.

Light blonde hair and a high nose bridge. Sun-kissed skin, unique to those who wield a sword.

‘That’ man, who was as terribly handsome as the chariot-driving God of the Sun, was…… the male lead. 

The man who wrapped his hand around my waist to prevent me from escaping soon grinned.

“I guess 100 million was a really cheap price.” 

Yeah, that’s right. 

I’m f*cked. 

* * * 

It was while I was in that filthy, shabby wooden chest that I vaguely realised I possessed the body of a character from a novel. I was stuck in a chest and was being carried away like cargo. 

How should I explain the fear that I felt at that time? I wanted to scream, but every part of my body was paralysed. The same with my vocal cords. All I was able to do was inhale and exhale, like being in a coma.

Fortunately, my hearing was fine. Even though I couldn’t see well, I was able to grasp my situation after two days

“Hey, be careful. This has the finest slave in it.” 

“What? Then you should have marked it correctly!” 

“It says top-class slave here! You fool!” 

“What?! How many of them did we kidnap? Did you check them all out?” 

I picked up the sounds from outside through the small holes drilled for breathing. They seemed to be human traffickers. But I just fell asleep after reading a popular novel. Why did this happen to me? 

It was so horrifying and ridiculous that my mind slowly cleared. However, no matter how hard I thought about it, the worst thing I had ever done in my life was shave off all of my ex-boyfriend’s hair. 

Oh, of course without using shaving cream. 

My ex-boyfriend woke up and went home crying, while I laughed rolling around on the floor from joy when I saw him.

‘Ah, is that it? Is this karma..?’

Tears welled up in fury as my thoughts reached that point. Fortunately, my mother raised her child to be strong, and I also knew how to say ‘Spare me. My family has a lot of money’ in 17 languages. 

To be honest, I was…  just a normal citizen, but my mom still promised that if I got kidnapped, she would prepare a ransom. Of course, she would pay them back in instalments over 80 years worth of time after I’m released. In any case, my mom would never give up on me. I am sure she will come to save me. So I just have to survive until then. 

That’s what I thought until I heard their next line. 

“It’s such a waste to sell them. Girls found over in the desert are usually hot.” 

“Don’t touch her. There’s a rumour that the prince will attend this auction in person. And if we can sell her, we’ll make a fortune.” 

Desert, auction, prince. 

Is it a code? 


I’ve heard of it or should I say, I have seen it somewhere before. 

Let’s think. If that’s a clue, I have to think about it. Where the hell did I see it?

“And not just the prince, but also the God of the Sun’s descendant. He might come too, so let’s keep the goods safe.” 

With my eyes wide open, I filtered out their uselessly disparaging words and tried to focus only on key information. 

God of the Sun’s… descendant?

God of the Sun’s descendant! 

‘Damn it! No way!’

That’s it!

The title of the book I was reading before I went to bed was <The Blood Descendant of the God of the Sun and the Wedding’s Main Character>  and the God of the Sun’s descendant was the male lead.

I preferred the villain’s side more than the female lead’s side, which was portrayed with fierceness. Especially villainess no. 4 with a deep and tragic backstory who was my favourite.

‘But no, wait.’

I never said I wanted to be her!

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