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TAGWF Chapter 1.15


“I’m a dull man so I don’t know anything about dresses, thus I’m asking you for a favour. I don’t care about the price, as long as it suits her impeccably. The lady told me that this shop makes good dresses.”

He even added more words. I smiled broadly, feeling like a teacher praising a student who had improved his skills.

That’s right! If you say something like that, the reaction will be……

“Gasp, yeah! We’ll take responsibility and make sure to adorn the future Archduchess beautifully!”

“Trust us! We’ll make you the best looking woman in this country.”

“Your highness, you must be very happy!”

The lip service here was also no joke; it must have been the highest paying job among service workers. 

Although the Madame was still a little confused, she didn’t have a choice but to heed the “favour” from the famous Archduke.

“I will do my best as much as you trust me.”

The Madame bowed slightly and greeted me. An unidentified woman came in with the Archduke and was introduced as his wife-to-be.

The shop’s staff were also aware of the abnormal obsession that the noble ladies have toward the Archduke of Schweiden. So what if his secret fiancée chose clothes from their shop? 

‘The sales will definitely go up after today.’

‘Our store will be the talk of the town.’

Meaningful gazes were exchanged among the staff.

In fact, they were thinking about closing the store just now.

Everyone worked because they liked to make clothes, but they couldn’t keep it open any longer if they didn’t get paid. It was because all the young ladies went to their rival’s store, so their dresses were not selling.

“I want a fancy dress.”

Surrounded by employees with perfect service mindsets, I spoke out my criteria without reservation. In the original, this dress shop literally put their souls into making dresses.

There was a scene where Madame with a lively face brought a dress to the female lead in the original work, and it was made of a special lace fabric she developed herself, which later became popular.

What I was after was that fabric. It was also a wise choice for my future to visit here and get acquainted with the Madame, who had yet to become famous.

I raised my chin slightly and opened my mouth.

“From here to there, bring everything.” 

No matter what I wear, my face will bring it to perfection anyway.

* * *

Shay, who had been shopping all day, fell asleep as if she was dead as soon as they returned to the mansion. She ended up in deep slumber on the sofa after falling asleep while having a conversation in the drawing-room.

“I’m going to move the lady to the bedroom.”

Maynard politely put his hands together and opened his mouth. But Lacius shook his head. It’ll wake her up. She might not be able to fall asleep again, so he was planning to move her when he went to sleep.

After Lacius rejected Maynard, he grabbed the wine glass before him. He wanted to quench his throat, but the red colour of the wine only reminded him of the woman in front of him again.

As she tossed and turned, her red hair fell and covered her cheek. Lacius willingly reached out his hand and tucked her hair behind her ear.

‘It… didn’t feel too bad.’

He doesn’t hate touching her like this. Lacius touched his lips. The memories from this morning came back to him, and he felt strange.

Although it was more of a mouth-butt* than a kiss because she initiated it suddenly, Lacius felt like his heart dropped at that moment.

*(Head-butt but with lips/mouth.)

‘Why do I want to try that again?’

He felt a tickling sensation. A fire-like sensation that only lasted for a moment.

Lacius looked down at Shay, who was sleeping soundly. As soon as they got on the carriage, she held out her handkerchief and calmly told him to wipe his lips, knowing he didn’t like it and as if to say that she truly understood him.

“I have to endure it… until all this hell is over.”

Lacius once again whispered to himself. But what’s really strange is, he’s less reluctant than he thought.

‘Where did you really come from?’

During the two days Shay was dead asleep, Lacius conducted a background check on her. However, he couldn’t find any significant information about her.

He knows she was caught by the slave traders in the desert, but he doesn’t know where she was before she came to the desert. All she told him was she’s a painting wizard who came from a kingdom called Edmund.

Although there are about two painting wizards in the Imperial Palace of Terran, they are exceedingly rare around the world. Those in the Imperial Palace were initially on the run from slavers and eventually applied to the emperor for refugee status.

That’s usually what happened to wandering painting wizards…

‘It’s amazing.’

Lacius lowered his head and looked at Shay. An unknown emotion stirred up inside of him.


“Yes, my lord.”

After a brief call, Theobalt quickly appeared, perhaps he was not that far away.

Lacius then gave an order in a low voice, to not wake Shay up.

“Is there any kind of fruit that Shay likes?”

“She usually eats a lot of cherries, apricots, and blueberries.”

“Prepare a box of them with the best quality. Let her eat as much as she wants when she wakes up tomorrow.”

“I understand.”

“Also, give her a room where she could comfortably draw and place the items she bought today.”

Although he knew he could just leave it to Theobalt, Lacius still wanted to partake in preparing it. Because even if she was in a position of getting paid, Shay was working hard with all her heart. 

He was truly grateful and wanted to thank her sincerely.

“Fill the walls with the famous paintings we have in the house.”

Schweiden mansion only contained authentic ones. The works were painted by the best artists of the period, which cost billions each, so they were not usually taken out of their specially built warehouses. Besides, he also had no interest or hobby in appreciating famous paintings.

That’s why he forgot that there was such a thing, but when he thought about Shay, it came to his mind naturally.

If anyone saw them, they would surely enjoy working.

Lacius thought so and glanced at the woman beyond the wine glass. 

Theobalt smiled at his master.

It was a peaceful night after a long time.

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