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TAGWF Chapter 1.14



“Oh, my gosh! 

“T-That, that…!”

The texture of his lips felt good. It wasn’t rough but soft. There were screams and huffing from behind. But I just turned my head and looked directly at them.

Look, these lips are now taken.

When I looked at them with that expression, they all trembled.

‘Oh… this is quite fun.’

Was there a Makjang* spirit inside of me that I’m not aware of? Perhaps I have an outstanding talent for making people go crazy.

*(A slang which means something/someone is so bad that it couldn’t get any worse.)

I smiled happily at my newly discovered talent.

“Oh my God! I stopped without realizing…”

After a while, I quickly pushed myself off of him— well actually far from that, I stuck myself to his arm and behaved coquettishly. My tone and actions were hinting that I deliberately let them witness that scene.

Lacius didn’t pet me as if I was adorable, but he also didn’t refuse. And that was enough to put the ladies watching in a state of great depression.


“Ah, yeah. Y-Yeah, I understand!”

The employee who was in a state of shock after witnessing the unbelievable situation and seeing my beauty up close didn’t move his hands immediately even after seeing the items Lacius put down. Only after Lacius gave him a warning in a low voice did he quickly start to calculate the price. 

And while Lacius was paying for it, I put my arms around his arm and leaned my cheek against his forearm where the muscles felt defined. He, who saw my attitude, showed a moderately embarrassed but not disgusted expression on his face, so it would only appear like a lover who had just fallen in love again.

Weekly magazine and newspaper sales will skyrocket tomorrow.

‘Then shouldn’t they pay me a commission?’

I rolled my eyes.

The princess has already stretched out her hand* to them. However, on the condition that will allow them to publish an exclusive article, wouldn’t it be possible to occupy at least one newspaper? Then in that case Lacius’ life would be more comfortable.

*(Interfere or influence something)

I’m going to get a fixed amount in return for giving them an exclusive report. But I won’t make any money for each article they will sell, um…

As expected, asking for a percentage…

Meanwhile, the payment was completed, and the servant employed at the art store carried the huge luggage to our carriage.

“Let’s get going.”


I raised my chin loftily. 

I kissed him because I wanted to. You guys can’t, but I can.

Before I went out, I didn’t forget to glance at the depressed crazy fans with eyes insinuating those words.

“Here, wipe it.”

After getting into the carriage, I pulled my handkerchief out of my bag and pushed it to him. Then he looked at me with a slightly stunned look on his face.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you going to wipe it off?”

I was only trying to be considerate but ended up being embarrassed instead.

I grumbled and tried to retrieve the handkerchief again. But at that time, Lacius suddenly took the handkerchief.

But he didn’t wipe his mouth right away

Instead, he asked me a question


“What about me?”

“You’re not wiping.”

“Why would I?”

It feels good to steal a handsome man’s lips.

Lacius looked like he’s getting more handsome every time I saw him.

Staring at his thick jawline, sleek eyes, and handsome sharp nose, I finally understood why women wanted to see him again and again.

On top of that, Lacius’ skin was truly fine and soft, either it was because he was working out from a young age or because it was managed well.

I literally gasped in surprise when our lips accidentally touched earlier.

Smiling, I clasped my hands together, crossing my fingers. Lacius looked at me as if I was a freak and turned his head away.

“What’s the next place to go?”

“Dress shop.”

The most exciting thing to do in the world is to squander someone else’s money. Just seeing someone else buy a luxury product is enough for me to be satisfied, how much more if it’s for me?

Plus, I already knew which store to go to. 

There are forty-five dress shops in the capital, but only one place sells the most expensive dresses. It’s the base of villainess no. 1. All the words and actions that transpire there go straight into the ears of villainess no. 1. Nevertheless, it was a place where elegant style was emphasized and also the domain of the Royal princess.

But what I needed was a madame* who could make a dress that suited me and whose influence has not grown yet.

*(마담/Madame- Is a female owner of a bar, coffee shop, etc./ Can also be called manageress or hostess)

A place where I could gather and deliver information about customers coming and going  from the store that could help me win over the high society later on.

A place where workers were skilled but were also on the verge of ruin and bankruptcy due to their competitors while also having a rivalry with a famous store’s madame which made it all even better. 

‘It’s the place the female lead accidentally chose in the original, but…..’

Sorry, I’ll take it first.

“Wel… come?”

Ring~ The bell rang softly.

The madame, assistants, and staff, who were all gathered together welcomed me with open arms, looked at Lacius, who was following me, then tilted their heads in confusion.

What was a noble with such a great title doing here?

They looked like they were itching to ask what the relationship between us was. 

The answer must come from Lacius, so I also looked back at him. The gazes pouring toward Lacius’ made his jaw muscles tighten.  

And soon he came up with a perfect answer. 

“I’m looking for a dress that will suit my fiancée.”


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