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TAGWF Chapter 1.12


* * *

A few days later, on a blindingly bright day with the clear and blue sky and the sun tickling my cheeks, I opened my eyes quite pleasantly and came up with a good idea.

‘Let’s go out!’

It’s a sin to stay at home on a day like this. I went to his bedroom by the time the clock pointed to eleven in the morning.

“Lacius, wake up! Lacius!”

“I’m already up.”

“Then let’s go!”

Lacius, who opened the door, looked dumbfounded. 

But even that facial expression only made him look marvelous. Seeing his beauty shining today too, I felt my heart strengthen.

‘Handsome, he’s really handsome.’

He’s not as pretty as I am, but he had a manly charm. In particular, his appearance of wearing a loose shirt was a very pleasant sight to see as soon as I woke up in the morning.

Other women must have been eager to see this, but I coughed loudly and forced my eyes off his chest.

Watch out, that’s someone else’s man. Someone else’s man!

“There are many things I need to buy.”

“I’m going to call someone to the mansion.”

“No, that’s not it. Let’s go out. Go out and show me to the people. It’s to let them know that you’re dating someone.”

I was confident. I already had twenty drawings in my arms that could be used during emergencies. Even if I got kidnapped or detained right now, I’m confident I would get through it. Anyone would think it’s just a bunch of scribbled papers, so there was no need to worry about them being stolen.

My health seemed to have recovered to some extent, so it would be okay to go out to the streets now.

“It’s dangerous. Didn’t you get attacked just a few days ago?”

However, Lacius expressed his disapproval immediately. Perhaps he was planning to bring some merchants here to buy the things I needed, then take me to a party or something in perfect condition and decorated.

I had no choice but to take out the papers and show them to him one after another. Then he immediately shifted his eyes upwards. My skin was slightly revealed as I unbuttoned the top most button that reached up to my neck, and he couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

“Look. Look at this.”

“It’s a drawing.”

“Yeah, that’s on my chest, and… here. Do you want to see my ankle?”

Lacius flinched when I rolled up my dress. Feeling like a wolf eating an innocent lamb, I stuck out my ankle with a coy face.

“Like this, I put one sheet on each wrist and ankle. On my inner thigh too.”

“… What an extremely detailed explanation.”

Lacius looked disgusted. I shrugged and lowered the hem of my dress back down.

“Anyway, don’t worry. I’m protecting myself this way. They weren’t properly drawn so they will only last just a few seconds, but I’m sure we can earn a minute or two from them.”

Maybe because I looked so confident, Lacius remained silent without any more words of rejection. I took the papers back from his hand.

“And this dress is so uncomfortable. It’s hard to put in and pull out the paper around the neck.”

“I’ll buy you a new one.”

“In the latest trend! Sophisticated jewels too, but it should also be high-end.”


“Let’s go!”

I always wondered why most of the villainesses in the novels carry all kinds of jewelry only to look like a fool. And seeing most of those evil women, they actually looked like the most popular idols in my world.

So why is a celebrity, who is sophisticated enough to start a new trend, wearing strong perfume and thick makeup? That’s nonsense.

“I know you don’t like women, but you have to act well.”

“….. I’ll try.”

“If you don’t know what you’re going to do, just try to follow my lead. You can at least do that right?”

I got on the carriage and warned Lacius.

Lacius was desperate, and someone who wants to be saved can do anything.

I believed in his desperation, not in his acting skills.

‘Good. A white dress, which looked very innocent, and hair that was half-tied. This is enough.’

It’s great for the first rumor to spread.

I struggled to think about how to make this request successful. For now, I thought it would be a good idea to turn all eyes that were focused on Lacius, to me.

If he, who was everyone’s Oppa* became someone’s possession, they would go crazy, so Lacius would feel relatively comfortable eventually.

*(Literally means older brother but Oppa is mostly used now as a term women use for the targets of their affection)

“We’ve arrived. The first stop is the art supplies store.”

As soon as the blackout curtains that completely covered the windows rolled up, the sunlight seeped in glaringly. Soon after, an incredibly grand art supply store could be seen.

Since I didn’t know what level of architecture they have achieved in this world, I imagined a shabby store that would normally be in front of a school, and so I ended up forgetting to control my facial expressions and opened my mouth widely.

‘Wow shi— I’m so lucky*!’

*(땡 잡았다/ I got it- An expression usually used when you get a good opportunity/ good luck/ Bought something in a low price.)

For art students, the first, the second, and the third thing they worried about when buying art supplies, was the material cost.

It’s the material cost.

However, I’m now in a different world where I don’t need to worry about the cost of materials anymore. I can buy the finest materials I want with someone else’s money!

I suddenly felt my loyalty to Lacius deepen.

My money bag— no, my precious customer… I’ll take care of you.

“Please give me your hand.”

At that time, a soft voice with a gentle echo, warmly wrapped around my ear. He sounded different using honorifics, different enough for me to forget who he was.

Lacius, who got off the carriage, reached out to me. Behind him there were already people peering in with their heads, wondering what was going on. 

That’s Lacius’ life. I smiled and prepared to carry out my first mission.

“Thank you, Laciu—Oh my!!”

Breathe in. One, two, three!

I pretended to hold his hand—

Then threw myself…

Straight into his arms!

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