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TAGWF Chapter 1.11


I don’t plan on losing the opportunity to earn 10 billion won for now, because I might have to live in this world for the rest of my life. A lot of money is a necessity if I won’t be able to go back to my original world anymore.

And there’s nothing better than passive income* in the world. Even though I’m inside a book, I can be a building owner here!

*(소득/unearned income- The income gained from another source, not by working directly.)

‘In the original story, villainess no.4 was obsessed with Lacius, but I won’t be.’

I arranged my thoughts with the fork in my mouth.

Looking at me, Theobalt covered his mouth and smiled. When his eyes that looked exceedingly happy and satisfied touched me, I suddenly felt abashed.

Haha. I’m actually doing this for money. Feeling a little embarrassed I scratched my cheek awkwardly. 

“Then, make sure you brush your teeth and go to bed.”

“Don’t worry.”

“I wish you good dreams.” 

Theobalt nodded and tried to leave the room.

But I suddenly paused while trying to put the remaining cake in my mouth.

“Hey, Theo.”

“Yes, My lady.”

“Is Lacius all right?”

He looked fine, but I’m asking just in case. Even if the male lead has a buff, he might still suffer from the poison needles.

Theobalt smiled strangely.

“He’s not all right, actually.”

“Just as I thought, then…?”

“Yes, but because he has been on the battlefield a lot, he’ll be fine after getting good rest for about two days.”

But I’m still worried.

I raised my eyebrows seriously.

‘Well, as expected.’

There’s only one way to avoid these kinds of results. It’s to draw a picture that can be entrusted to provide the minimum amount of protection.

The more elaborate the picture drawn by a painting wizard is, the longer they last. Of course, including its effects too. 

Doodles mean that it takes a minute at most, but if you paint something based on a proper sketch, the more realistic it becomes. 

‘I should draw maids first.’

I was a webtoon writer who was not very famous in real life. It was hard to make a living with unpopular works alone, so I also worked as an academy instructor as a side hustle.

For your information, when I was in college, I majored in oil painting.

‘I didn’t know it would be useful like this.’

I should go buy drawing supplies in the next few days. There might be another attack, so I should draw several pictures that can protect me like a talisman.

According to the original novel, if I were to be known as a painting wizard, I can walk on a flowery road. But many people will be interested in me. To prepare for such situations, it would be better to draw a strong escort that will protect only me.

I brushed my teeth while formulating various plans. Then I threw myself onto the cosy bed.

I was in dire need of sleep.

* * *

At that time, Lacius was thinking about his ‘darling’.

Is this what she’s good at?

Theobalt, who gently applied medicine to Lacius’s arm stung by poison, opened his mouth first as if he read his mind.

“Are you thinking about the lady?”

“… I can’t fool Theo.”

“You’ve protected her even though you knew you’d get hurt. I think you somehow like her appearance.”

Lacius remained silent. But that was true.

He is cold-hearted. He basically distrusts humans and pays them no mind. He was always rational and cool-headed, and it wasn’t in his personality to protect people who were not precious to him.

Since he was young, he had only taken care of the people within the boundary line labelled, ‘my people’.

But a moment ago, his body moved first.

Why? Because she’s someone who can get him out of this hellish life? 

But he didn’t have such ‘calculations’ earlier.


Lacius, who had been thinking for a long time, blurted out a single word.

Theobalt did not cast aspersions at his lord’s disturbed mind and focused only on treating him. 

“What a strange woman.”

“Are you talking about the lady’s personality?”


She had almost just died. But how can she say ho… ney and dar… ling* with such a nonchalant face.

*(He seemed to hate even thinking about those pet names.)

First of all, the protagonist of this fake marriage was not just him but also her, so she can choose which titles to use, but she’s astonishingly as bold as brass.

“I think her nervous system is made of steel.”

“That’s a good thing, because we don’t know what else is going to happen.”

“…….. That’s true.”

There are always four to five stalkers around him.

Whether it’s the ladies themselves or someone they’ve hired with money, their purpose is always figuring out where he eats and who he talks to. 

The person who shot the needles today was definitely a wizard.

He had lived with the door and windows closed all the time to prevent something like a sleeping scent or aphrodisiac from flowing in.

Nevertheless, if a wizard connected the space, his precautions would be of no use.

To prevent that, he also tried to hire a wizard, but the number of wizards that could be hired suddenly decreased…

It was a plot by the princess and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Sighing, Lacius wiped his face with his hand.

“You should sleep now, my lord.”

Theobalt, who finished treating him, packed up the medical supplies.

Lacius sat on the bed only after glancing outside and confirming that there were no particularly suspicious activities near the mansion.

It was a tiring day. But something was different today. It was probably because of the unfamiliar sounds of breathing in the mansion.

Before Theobalt went out with the silver candlestick, Lacius asked in a faint voice.

“She won’t back out, right?”

He’s her last salvation. Ten billion was not a light amount at all. Nevertheless, Lacius who was willing to pay her, even if it meant liquidating a large business, still felt as if he was in a tight spot, mentally.

Theobalt answered firmly, concealing a sad expression.

“Yes, and she won’t die.”

“I hope so. And It seems like I was lucky though.”

That woman, Shay, gave off a strong impression from the moment he first saw her. Eyes that were starkly different from those of slaves who went through the same situation before. There was no sign of giving up in her eyes.


He was beguiled.

How should he explain the feeling that he felt at that moment? A spark? His feelings toward that woman were indescribable.

Of course, buying and bringing her here was part of his plan to completely uproot the slave auctions, but saying that there was no ulterior motive mixed in it would be a lie.

The prince who was with him that time asked him to buy someone else, but he insisted on choosing Shay.

Lacius has now become unfamiliar with himself. It was awkward that he’s living with a “woman” in this mansion.

‘I’ll be busy soon.’

He has no clue on who it could be, but one thing is for sure, there’s already someone out there who knows she’s here with him. Not only did he stop their attack, but he also protected her so they would definitely return to attack again.

His role is to protect her until she is ‘ready’.

However, he felt comfortable today, contrary to how he usually felt when he fell asleep every night.

Lacius fell asleep listening to the sound of Shay’s breathing not far from his bedroom.

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