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TAGWF Chapter 1.10


* * *

I occupied the bedroom with the best lighting in the mansion. The interior, decorated with neat ivory and Irish blue, was truly stylish.

Lying on a soft bed with new bedding made me feel like I’m being compensated for all the trouble I’ve been through. I was happy.

“Ahhh. “

I stretched out my arms and legs like a lazy cat.

There were so many things that happened as soon as I opened my eyes in this world. I was all over the place, but I finally felt like my head was working normally now.

‘A ten billion won contract?’

Originally, I was planning not to get involved with the male protagonist. However, Lacius looked so tired. He also had a facial expression unique to people who were tired of life itself and just wanted to disappear from the world.

‘No matter how nasty these villains in this world are, I think I could defeat them, but I’m not saying that I will be able to do it for sure…’

I stroked the fluffy pillow with a sigh.

Oh, of course, there would be threats to my life like today.

But I knew how to cope with these threats thanks to my mom’s special education. I know myself that I don’t possess a normal heart*.

*(보통 강심장이/normal heart- the opposite of someone with nerves of steel.)

Even now, I don’t feel like running away at all.

Why would I run away?

“Now, shall we summarise what I remember?”

I yelled vigorously, writing on the notebook I got from Theobalt with a quill.

Villainess no.1, Peridot Crisiona, Duke’s daughter.

Villainess no. 2, Princess Dioles Terran.

Villainess no.3, Macy Amantin, Count’s daughter.

Let’s think about the easy targets first.

First of all, villainess No. 3 is the president of the Lacius fan club, and there is no problem with that.

Looking back on my memory, I don’t think her personality was that bad, given that she didn’t leave a strong impression. She wasn’t the ‘I hate it so I will hire an assassin to kill it’ kind of character. In the original story, she only started unusual disputes with the female lead.

Like ruining her shoes by spilling alcohol on them, inviting her to a picnic that no one would be attending or making her a laughing stock by telling her a dress code that was different from everyone’s.

The worst thing would be when she ordered all of the fan club members to ignore the female lead.

They pretended not to hear whatever the female lead said, making her feel like a ghost, a so-called ‘making her an outcast’ move. And she did the same to Shay, villainess no. 4.

‘Well, it’s not going to work on me at all.’

I’m used to it, so I don’t think she’ll be able to hurt me. I twirled my hair on my finger and nodded.

‘Um, next is villainess no. 2, the princess.’

This was a person who just lives for fun and dies for fun. So whoever you are, you just have to make fun of yourself. It was said that she liked unusual and outlandish things and openly hated people who were timid or had low self-esteem.

Unfortunately, Shay, villainess no. 4, possessed all the qualities that the princess hated irregardless of her outstanding appearance. I liked her because she’s very human…

‘If possible, I should first target the princess and catch her attention.’

Powerful people were always worshipped in every world. Especially in this world where hierarchical systems still existed. 

The princess harasses Lacius because he’s like a peanut* for her boredom. So wouldn’t it be killing two birds with one stone if I turn her attention from Lacius to me?

*(In Korea there’s a saying that peanuts are the only thing to eat when you’re bored.)

Then, the first step in the “daily life” that Lacius wanted will be solved. If there are fewer articles about him in the newspaper, the interest will subside too.

‘But the real problem is villainess no.1.’

There’s no way to get close to Lady Crisiona because she’s a real villainess. She had been eager to use the clueless Shay all throughout the novel!

Furthermore, there were neither morals nor limits to her actions which just meant that there was nothing that she would and would not do.

And that’s all because she’s a duke’s daughter.

Today’s attack was definitely villainess no.1’s doing. Sleep and poison needles. I remember seeing villainess no.1 use it in the original.

“Mm, it can surely end in Geumsal*.”

*(끔살/Geumsal- A character will be killed in one shot/in a blink of an eye. The Geumsal here was referring to her.)

However, to make sure my dear customer’s life is comfortable, I have no choice but to run into those villainesses. Numerous other threats were natural, and I had to keep in mind that I wouldn’t be able to always use painting magic. How can I survive as much as I can while solving Lacius’s request?

Lying on my stomach and bumping my feet together, I fell into agony.

1. Take the strong princess to my side.

2. Make a powerful and super strong friend.

After writing down these two things, there was only one person that came to mind for number 2.

Dame Ziontin Adles.

*(경/Sir/Dame- it’s an honorific title for knights. Dame-Woman, Sir-Man)

The helper of the original story’s female lead and the representative of the female lead’s fanclub.

She was not included in the list of villains, but she was one of the female characters with a fairly big role. She was also a talented person who became a knight, solely by her own skills and merit.

It would be hard to recruit her considering her fastidious personality, but it was better than not trying. Besides, she was also part of the Order of Knights of the male lead.

“My lady, I brought you something for your late-night snack.”

At that time, some incredibly pleasant words came from outside.

When I ran out after hearing the word late-night snack, I saw the butler who was still wearing his daytime attire. Since there were no other servants, he had to take care of all the chores until this time.

I smiled broadly as I received the strawberry cake he brought me. 

“Thank you for taking care of me. Theobalt! 

“It’s nothing. You need to take care of yourself more.”

The butler, who smiled happily at me, soon began pouring tea into the teacup to help me sleep well.

I sniffed the strawberry. Strawberries here are also just strawberries.

“You seem to be a very bright person, my lady.”

At that time, Theobalt opened his mouth gently. I tilted my head while holding the cake. 

“Huh? Is that a criticism?”

“No, it’s a compliment. I’m glad that even after all the twists and turns you’ve gone through you remained a bright person.”

The butler said in a very kind manner, pertaining to the time she was caught and sold as a slave. 

Well, the usual reaction might be to have a hard time getting out of bed, receiving psychiatric treatment, and maybe even developing a phobia of people?

That was probably the normal reaction, but I felt fine. Perhaps.

Or maybe being so hectic might have been my own way of overcoming the strong trauma. I still have yet to see this world as reality, because the incidents continued to pile up without rest.

“I’m glad you’re a positive person. The master has become sturdier than his original personality because of many things. I believe you will be able to help.”

The old butler’s face was truly friendly.

All the servants and maids were removed with only two left behind: Theobalt and Maynard. It only meant that they cared and trusted each other that much.

I lifted the fork I was holding in front of Theobalt’s eyes.

“Look at this, Mr. Butler.”

“Theo is enough.”

“Alright, Theo. I have a fork in my hand, right?”


“From now on, whether it’s a woman or a man, whoever touches my dear custom—I mean my darling…”

With a profoundly bright face, I gave a terribly hard and deadly blow to the strawberries that were stuck on the cake. 

Stab stab.

Over and over again until the strawberries became mushy. Then, I brought them into my mouth and gulped them down.

“I will do so like this.”

This was a much more powerful expression than a hundred words combined.

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