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TC Chapter 59


Needless to say, Jackal’s expression didn’t look good either, having just heard Asha’s loving story about those children.

As he began to recite the names of the missing children one by one, Asha’s face paled.

Even without hearing her answer, everyone could tell that those were the children she took care of in her village.

Jackal asked the patrolman with a serious look.

“The Emperor could have set a bait to find Asha. Was the person who made the request really a minority?”

“Yes. It had the crest of the Nasson clan. We were contacted through a hawk.”

Jackal’s expression turned more serious.

The Nasson clan, to which Gabe belonged, had asked him for a petition only once.

The Nasson clan seemed to ask for help because they were the closest to the Kelpie clan in the past, but the memory of rejecting the minority village’s request came to mind.

He would have rejected it without looking back.

Jackal had already cut ties with the minority village and had nothing to do with them when they branded him as a traitor.

Rather, it would be better for everyone not to get involved with them.

But seeing Asha’s pained expression, he couldn’t bear to look away.

Jackal turned to Gabe.

“What do you think?”

Jackal asked if he wanted to help because he was a member of the same clan.

But Gabe just shrugged it off and said.

“Do I look like someone who cares about my clan?”


When he answered firmly, without blinking, Gabe grumbled. 

He also left the minority village a long time ago and worked as a thief, so he had no attachment or pride for his clan.

But even if it wasn’t him, all the people of Lycaon also left their clans.

They chose the life of wanderers, although they came from different backgrounds, they were united by a bond stronger than anyone.

After thinking about it, Jackal said.

“Tell them we accept.”


As the other members stood up in surprise, Jackal raised a hand to stop them.

It meant that he would accept no objections.

Asha said, looking at him anxiously.

“If it’s because of me, you can refuse. Jackal, please put Lycaon first.”

“……No. It’s better this way. I think it would be good to take this opportunity to pay everything off and end the relationship. Even if I think about it, it ended very badly.”

Jackal looked at her seriously, remembering the oath he had taken yesterday.

He didn’t say it directly because the members were present, but he thought of Asha as his top priority.

Since the day Asha was brought to the palace, all his priorities have been tailored to her.

He didn’t want to see his sad and worried look anymore.

Since it was the captain’s decision, the Lycaons also did not argue further.

After finishing the meal, they dispersed somewhat carelessly.

Asha went to Jackal’s room to have a serious talk.

But then, on the way, she ran into Yuri.

Realizing where Asha was going, she raised an eyebrow and whispered in her ear.

“Good luck.”


She wasn’t going to go to a battlefield, but Yuri still wished him luck.

Asha blinked in puzzlement, but Yuri winked at her and calmly continued on her way.

“…… Jackal, are you in there?”

When Asha arrived, she opened the door and went in, and she was startled.

Jackal quickly ran to hide under the bed but hit the desk and made a loud noise.

The objects on the desk fell onto his stubby back.

“……I’m…I’m sorry!”

Belatedly realizing that he was undressing, Asha turned around.

Jackal panicked and quickly tried to transform into a horse, but he blushed and only put on his underwear.

Asha seemed to know why Yuri reacted the way she did. 

She seemed to know that Jackal was in the room, tending to his wounds.

     Why didn’t she tell me…… !

Asha exploded in exasperation, then suddenly her eyes went wide.

     Is that what it means to wish me luck?!

It was only then that Asha belatedly guessed what Yuri was thinking and her face suddenly turned red.

Yuri didn’t want to let her know what she meant when she wished her good luck….

Jackal pretended not to be concerned but asked with a very puzzled look.

“What brings you here…….”

“Well… well, I have something to say to you, and I want to take care of you tonight as well. But what happened to you….”

Asha snapped and looked down at her body.

When she asked him why he took off his clothes, Jackal was quick to say as if he was making an excuse.

“I was cleaning myself with a wet towel before treating the wound. If I take a shower, the wound will get worse….”

The two spoke awkwardly, then fell silent.

Asha shook off her witty thoughts and said with a determined look.

“Then, since you’re all washed, I’ll treat your wound.”

To get rid of the awkwardness, Asha approached with a first aid box, looking very motivated.

Jackal was still in his underwear, so he got flustered and said in a hurry.

“Uh? No. I can do it alone..….”

“Don’t refuse. I want to do it…… Kyaaak!”

Asha stepped on something that fell to the ground, slipped, and fell forward.

Asha squeezed her eyes shut, feeling Jackal’s body supporting her, then gently opened her eyes.

But soon, her eyes widened when she saw him below her.

Now she was on top of Jackal’s body on the bed……

Jackal must have been very nervous too, just looking at her with his blue eyes.

Sheppy’s appearance could be seen in him.

But it was then.

“Captain, I’m going to treat your wound…….”

Unaware of anything, Sosa flung open the door and stopped at the door, his eyes wide. 

Jackal and Asha turned their heads at the same time to look at him.

Contrary to last time, this time, Asha was on top of him who was only wearing underwear.

Also, the area around the bed was littered with things that seemed to have fallen from the desk, such as Jackal’s clothes, bandages, and papers.

It was a very wild sight…..

“I’m…so sorry to disturb you!”

Sosa hurriedly shut the door and ran out.

He went back the way he had come sweating and telling himself what a foolish, ignorant bastard he was and hitting his head with the palm of his hand.

Sosa left, and only silence hung in the room.



Another absurd situation occurred again, the two of them blankly stared at each other’s faces from top to bottom for a while.

Asha hurried down from his body with a wave of embarrassment, and Jackal also hurried up and sat on the bed.

The two of them were sitting on the edge of the bed, looking in different directions.

A long time later, Asha joked first to end the awkward mood.

“I think there are only really good people in Lycaon. Everyone is so worried about your injury….”

Jackal smiled and said.

“They don’t know how to knock, and they don’t have any tact.”

Asha was stung by those words and quickly turned around.

“Then, shall we look at the wound?”

She continued to speak awkwardly, so Jackal bit his bottom lip, trying not to laugh.

Asha pretending to be fine while her ears turned red made her look even cuter.

“Then, should I transform into a horse now……?”

Jackal asked quietly, but somehow Asha spoke very firmly.

“No. I’ve already seen everything, but what are you doing after you transform? You’re going to waste your energy.”


That was also true, so Jackal kept his mouth shut.

Asha secretly looked at Jackal’s body, she was excited inside.

He was so cute when he was a horse, but seeing him like this made her realize that he is a wild horse.

Asha carefully untied the bandage that had been tied to Jackal’s side.

Fortunately, the bleeding had stopped and he looked much better than before, but the stitches on his wound were still hideous.

She was making a serious expression without even realizing it.

Jackal calmly said.

“It is a wound of glory to me.”

When Asha looked up, he had a really proud look.

“I was raised as a warrior from a very young age, so I always had scars all over my body. But I think I’ve never been as proud as this time, even after getting injured.”

As Asha tried to argue, the image of Sheppy, who had been hit by an arrow to save her and was running towards his death, suddenly came to mind.

Just thinking about it made her heart sink, and she was about to cry.

But then Jackal gave her a slightly concerned look.

Then he said, wiping the tears from Asha’s eyes with his thumb.

“I was joking. Don’t cry.”

Asha smiled with tears welling up on her face. 

This kind of touch became natural to them.

Asha said sadly.

“If you die because of me… I will return without regret to the moment when I first met you in the winter.”

Jackal looked at her and asked.

“……What if it fails? What if that ability was something you could only use once in your life?”

Asha pondered for a moment. 

Perhaps the condition of regression was ‘death‘, or ‘going to the brink of death‘, was the condition of one’s awakening.

Whatever it was, in the first place, it would have been the ability to activate only in extreme situations where the time of death was approaching.

Asha smiled a little bitterly.

“Then I can’t help it. I am not afraid of death.”

Jackal was speechless when he heard Asha say exactly what she said when he first met her.

But this time, he couldn’t laugh about it.

He knows very well that it is not an easy thing to say, but it was her sincerity. She already made up her mind over and over again…….

     ‘You can’t die……. If Sheppy dies, I’ll die too.’

The words that she had spoken in the cave echoed with pain in his heart.

His heart became so numb that he couldn’t say anything.

However, Asha added, smiling gently.

“But if I die and can’t regress again, it would be kind of sad if we parted…”

Hearing those words, Jackal was heartbroken as if his heart stopped.

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