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 ABPSMB Chapter 6.2

Book of Fate (part 2) Even so, compared to the taciturn master before, Ah Bao preferred the lively and cheerful Feng Xuan now. More importantly,

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ABPSMB Chapter 5.2

Straight Male Aesthetic (part 2) Feng Xuan, who was watching a good show from the sidelines, didn’t expect that he would be called directly. Looking

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ABPSMB Chapter 5.1

Straight Male Aesthetic (part 1) Qi Zhuoyu’s eyes just fell on him directly, dark and clear. Once Feng Xuan answered something that he was not

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ABPSMB Chapter 4.2

Sounding Out Again (part 2) But before he could take a few more glances at Misty Immortal Mansion, the voice of an acquaintance came from

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ABPSMB Chapter 3.2

Sounding Out (part 2) Feng Xuan really didn’t want him to misunderstand himself any more, thinking of him plotting against himself, lest he would suffer

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ABPSMB Chapter 2.1

Love Poison (part 1) Fortunately, the time they looked at each other was not long. The emotional torture caused by the ancient forbidden technique was

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