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SEB Chapter 46

In The World Of Running Away With The Ball (6) Lin Xiaotang’s post was pretty straightforward. She planned to spend ten million dollars to recruit

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BOL Chapter 24

Replace Your Life (24) Her boyfriend’s brain is really….. Lu Yue’s body was indeed very beautiful. There were no traces of fat on his body,

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BOL Chapter 22

Replace Your Life (22) Miss Yu, please respect yourself!….. As soon as she got off the plane, Yu Yurou put on a mask, wrapped her

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BOL Chapter 21

Replace Your Life (21) I’m so fucking cheap!… A living person like Tong Ling suddenly disappeared at the banquet, let alone Ye Huan and Ye

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BOL Chapter 20

Replace Your Life (20) What are you going to teach me?….. “Is she okay? You didn’t hurt her, did you?” Song Xingyi couldn’t help asking

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BOL Chapter 19

Replace Your Life (19) Stay away from her! The  banquet of the upper class is a good place to discuss cooperation. The Song family’s banquet

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SEB Chapter 30

In The World Of Modern Stallion Man Who Counterattacks (3) ‘This is too creepy…’ ‘How did this author manage to write so well?’ Even though

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SEB Chapter 29

In The World Of Modern Stallion Man Who Counterattacks (2) Lin Xiaotang wasn’t ready to do anything to Li Fan’s article, she wasn’t going to

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