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Unrequited Love

DFEF Chapter 17

Comments On the thirty-ninth floor of a high-rise building, the office of the president of Yu Xue Company. The man in a black suit flipped

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PLEA Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Emily, who had been nervously watching Lucas moving away, suddenly stopped and looked back, and couldn’t help but make eye contact with Valenti.

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PLEA Chapter 4

Chapter 4 When Emily returned to the classroom, fortunately, the class had barely progressed and the teacher was just explaining the practice assignment. The teacher,

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PLEA Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Emily actually tried to stay away from Kira. It was because she didn’t want to be associated with her, who became involved not

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PLEA Chapter 2

Chapter 2 A breeze blew and Emily’s brown hair fluttered lightly. “I must have turned the tree signpost…” Emily sighed, her hair tangled. It was

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PLEA Chapter 1

Chapter 1. First love is like a spring breeze. ‘…What’s going on?’ Emily Adesio blinked her bright, green eyes nervously at the silent tension of

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