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SDMTG Chapter 1

Episode 1 Chapter 1: When I woke up in a melodramatic family, I started on a narrow line. “If that’s the case, we’ll get a

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DMAF Chapter 36

Chapter 36 One month agreement Seeing those eyes, Emperor Yan let go of his chin and took a defensive posture. Yuzhen just glanced at him,

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DMAF Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Dare to Escape Boom!  A loud noise sounded beside the wheel of the carriage, and a weak figure rolled on the ground several

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DMAF Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Smooth Return Their carriage quickly left the country of the Yuling Kingdom. At the time of their stay, Yuzhen was bedridden and never

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DMAF Chapter 33

Chapter 33 I’m Serious Liu Yuzhen felt that someone was touching him which inevitably woke him up even though he desperately needed a rest.  The

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DMAF Chapter 32

Chapter 32 People to Watch Out For When Yan Tenghua closed the pear flower wood door, someone was already sitting and waiting for him in

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DMAF Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Is this a confession? “Don’t touch me, bastard!” After shouting, Liu Yuzhen shrank into the bed, but Emperor Yan took him into his

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DMAF Chapter 30

Chapter 30 The miracle reunion of comrades-in-arms When he woke up again, his whole body seemed to be drained of strength, but it was not

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DMAF Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Miracle Doctor Gui Xiaoqi Yuzhen lay inside the carriage padded with several layers of silk and satin, with his head resting on Emperor

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DMAF Chapter 28

Chapter 28 I Forbid You To Die Yan Tenghua, don’t let anything happen to you! I haven’t taken my revenge on you yet! Liu Yuzhen

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