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COR Chapter 65

Live On “How is it?” Lu Shen asked. “What do you think?” Wu Lan was a little annoyed, “It’s useless, that stupid woman won’t listen

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JYMMSA Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Itu kalau hantu punya gigi (1) Kota S, September. Musim panas yang kering dan panas akhirnya menyambut hujan musim gugur pertama yang

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COR Chapter 64

Difficult “Women are the most difficult thing on this planet,” Wu Lan said, “they can treat you like garbage.” “Sorry, I don’t have this kind

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COR Chapter 63

Found It! Thud thud thud- Sensing that the voice was getting closer, Bian Shengjian swallowed with some difficulty. “What the hell is that…?” “The shape

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COR Chapter 62

Couldn’t Find When Bian Shengjian opened his eyes, he couldn’t help but gasp. He felt an indescribable soreness from his head to his toes—it wasn’t

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COR Chapter 61

Prey For a moment, only the sound of his beating heart was left in Shengjian’s ears. “…Run.” Lu Shen suddenly said something in a low

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COR Chapter 60

Whale In the spring season of March, ice and snow melted. Willow catkins along the street floated with the warm spring breeze, stained the hair

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COR Chapter 59

Fireworks  “Third Brother, is he the one you’re talking about?” “Yeah, what’s the matter?” Bian Shengjian looked up at him. At this moment, he and

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COR Chapter 58

Ending “So, what tattoo exactly are we going to get?” Lu Shen asked. “…Actually, I haven’t made up my mind yet.” Bian Shengjian said frankly.

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COR Chapter 57

First Snow “What time is it?” Lu Shen asked with his eyes closed. “Let me see.” Bian Shengjian stretched his arms and took a look

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