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TAGWF Chapter 7.4

His voice was husky and languid. A different appearance from Lacius and Geisha. A decadent and dangerous odor wafted from the room, possibly from the

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TAGWF Chapter 7.3

“It’s a chest cover, but it’s just for covering, so it’s not too tight. It will complement our outfit.” Actually, I’m not sure why I

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TAGWF Chapter 6.18

Let me take a look at what they’ve got. Instead of spouting nonsense, why don’t we engage in a corporate brawl. I will undoubtedly make

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TAGWF Chapter 6.15

After finishing one sandwich, I checked out for the next menu with eagle eyes. Buttery Beef Cheese Sandwich. Perhaps it is the food of this

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TAGWF Chapter 6.14

At first, they doubted their ears, wondering if they had heard it wrong, but the words that followed were clearly directed at them. It was

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TAGWF Chapter 6.13

Peridot struck a blow at the smirking Sir Aragon. She was really annoyed. There have, of course, been several failures in dealing with that wench.

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