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Janda yang “Merindukan” Mendiang Suami Antagonisnya

Setelah kematian Fu Sinian, hati Yu Duo hancur berkeping-keping. Sebagai jandanya, dia adalah penerima warisan Fu Sinian yang berjumlah besar. Dia menghabiskan hari-harinya menenggelamkan diri dengan alkohol dan depresi sepanjang waktu. Dia meratapi mendiang suaminya ditemani tas-tas dan perhiasan desainer, serta uang yang bisa ia habiskan hingga tujuh turunan.

Namun hanya Fu Sinian yang tahu kebenarannya – bahwa setelah kematiannya, wanita ini mengadakan pesta, tinggal di mansion mereka, mengendarai mobil sport mahal, keliling dunia, dan menggoda para pria. Dia menikmati hidupnya.

Fu sinian tidak semarah itu hingga jiwanya lenyap; sebaliknya, dia sangat marah hingga dia hidup kembali!

Fu Sinian, yang kembali hidup, menatap Yu Duo yang sedang berkabung dan tersenyum jahat.

“We are on! Watch me make you fall in love with me for real this time!”
“Kita mulai! Lihat aku membuatmu jatuh cinta sungguhan kali ini!”

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Chapter 11 Part 2 He couldn’t help but to feel disappointed. Lu Chenfeng quickly finished a cigarette and stared at the fire spark, but two

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Demon King's Furnace

Demon King’s Furnace

Zhao Yan woke up to find that he had transmigrated into the realm of cultivating immortals and was imprisoned by the demon king as a furnace for cultivation. The demon king is a moody, violent, and perverse villain.

Zhao Yan: He looks like he has domestic violence tendencies…

Zhao Yan: Double cultivation? But I’m an omega, not a furnace.

Zhao Yan: If I can’t help him improve his cultivation, he will definitely kill me. In order to survive, I’m going to run away.
When Xiao Su came back from practicing, he met Zhao Yan who was running for his life in the woods.
Unknowingly, Xiao Su stretched out his hand to help him wipe off his sweat: “What are you doing in such a hurry?”
Zhao Yan thought he was going to make a move, and tears overflowed from his eyes: “Don’t hit me, I won’t do it again…”
Xiao Su: “?”
There is a new furnace that wants to get close to Xiao Su, Zhao Yan who was used to being pampered by the demon king, once again felt a sense of crisis.
Zhao Yan sobs and confesses, “I’m an omega, not a furnace.”
Suspecting that Zhao Yan wanted to use this as an excuse to escape, Xiao Su’s face darkened.
Zhao Yan wiped away tears: “I don’t have any body fragrance, I only have pheromones.”

Xiao Su’s complexion became even worse, and the murderous aura around him surged.
Zhao Yan buried his face in Xiao Su’s chest in fear: “When double cultivating, I can only have babies, I can’t improve your abilities, please don’t kill me…”
Xiao Su raised his brow: “That sounds pretty good.”

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How Can You Pay Back The Kindness I Raised With Obsession?

How Can You Pay Back The Kindness I Raised With Obsession?

She possessed the evil witch in a fairy tale.

She was living a lonely life hated by everyone, but one day she found a brother and sister who ate her candy house and raised them.

“Witch Hazel should be executed for kidnapping!”
“You’re going to be executed for kidnapping the younger siblings of the Archduke!”
“If you execute Hazel, I will starve for the rest of my life!”
‌“Ahhh- Hazel cannot go.”

Thanks to the children, it was good that I became the nanny of them, but my employer…
“The Duke doesn’t marry a witch. Of course, not even a nanny.”

It’s okay because I don’t want to marry either. Even more so with the Grand Duke! I’m just going to raise the kids and leave.

‌On the long-awaited retirement day.
“What kind of potion did you use for me? No, I’d rather you use it because it’s a potion.”

What I brought out is a letter of resignation, but why is the duke giving me a ring?

Guys, calm down.
“Hazel and brother, when is the baby coming?”
“A nephew who resembles Hazel? Yes!”

Are you repaying the kindness from when I raised you with obsession?

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Chapter 11 Part 1 The night sinked into the room like thick ink. Lu Chenfeng sat where the darkness and light intertwined and ripped the

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Chapter 10 Part 2 The door to the platform for viewing cut off the conversations the other customers were having in the front lobby. Quietness

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Chapter 10 Part 1 His body swayed with the bus. Lu Chenfeng sat in the last row next to the window and enjoyed the view

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Chapter 9 Part 2 Lu Chenfeng clicked on the picture, a poster of rules to enter the CGL Jewellery Competition revealed to him. It was

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Chapter 9 Part 1 They returned with the afternoon sun. Lin Chaosheng asked what Lu Chenfeng wanted to eat for dinner so he could ask

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